Friday, January 27, 2023

VDH Commentary: Identity Politics Absurdities and the Ridiculousness of Reparations

The last time racial reparations made the major news was on the eve of September 11, 2001 attacks. The loss of 3,000 Americans, which for a time fueled a new national unity, quickly dispelled the absurdities of the reparation movement, and turned our attention toward more existential issues. 

Now the idea is back in vogue again. Here are 10 reasons why the nation’s – and especially California’s – discussions of reparatory payouts are dangerous in a multiracial state, and why reparations are not viable either in an insolvent state or a bankrupt nation at large.


  1. Hey! My father had a girlfriend who was really really mean to him in high school. Can I make her grand daughter put out for me in compensation?

  2. Right-handed people are deserving of reparations.
    No lefties.

  3. My family came here in the late 1800's and are of polish descent. I heard tales from my grandfather that the poles were kept down and not allowed any jobs except for the most decrepid with horrible pay and living standards...all because of our polish heritage. In fact, my grandfather was forced to change our polish sounding name to something that sounded italian, just so he could get a job in construction, since the italians were in charge of the construction racket and excluded poles from getting jobs. How much do I deserve for now having an italian sounding last name, which is an insult to my polish heritage. This happened 60 years or so AFTER the end of the Civil War, so my harm is certainly more recent. Someone owes me money dammit. Where are my reparations?

  4. when the reparations dont pan out can we expect a blm series of riots?

  5. Apply judicious servings of CRT and voila! Thru the lens everything comes into sharp focus.

  6. I want reparations for the Inca.

  7. "Reparations"

    Self-identified "us" urp. Self-identified "us" squeal, about the urp. Self-identified "us" want us, all, to have a coversation, with the squealing, about urping.

    And we allow them, all... the urpers, the squealers, and the conersationalists... so sleep safely among us.

    It's a bold plan. Let's see how it turns out.

  8. VDH always is effective in making a fool out of stoopid libs, isn't he?

  9. My g-g-grandfather fought to free those ungrateful bitches and was wounded and disabled. Shouldn't I get a cut of that money?


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