Friday, January 20, 2023

Your Final Friday gifdump












  1. #8. Battery change on an EV? That definitely looked like the Energizer Bunny getting away.

  2. #9. Been there done that. Thank God the closest neighbor is a half mile down the road.

  3. #7 - Adjust your bindings prior to any Warren Miller type video attempts.

  4. #3 - just back from the groomer, right?

  5. #8 I used to car pool with 2 other guys 40 miles one way to work. I moved closer to work, and they still rode together, and hit a deer on the way in. They tossed it into the trunk and kept going. They got part way and the deer started to come back to life, kicking and scratching.
    Once they got to work, the only thing they had to try and kill the deer with was a 4 way lugwrench. The one opened the trunk, and the other one had the wrench. The deer just sat there, so he tried to hit it in the head, to kill it. He said that with that screwy wrench, it just grazed the deer, and the deer bolted out of the trunk and down the parking lot and up the sidewalk, past the one foreman who was leaving to go home.
    The foreman kept trying to tell them that it was a deer that ran by him, but they kept telling him it was just a rabbit. The foreman liked to drink when not working, so I don't know if he ever decided if they were just pulling his leg, or if he thought he was seeing things.

  6. #3 looks like he's relaxing after a tough day in the Kissing Booth.

  7. I can't stop laughing at #5; messed that dog up for the rest of his life.

  8. #9 - We use that with our MaltiPoos when they get loose and chase squirrels over our 6 acres. Works every time. Rewarded with treats.

  9. The Golden, well, just like all three I've had. In fact, one was such a dork, she let herself get stolen from me. They're sort of a lovable dumb. Anyone want an Aussie? I have three. Wired, extra wired, and Tasmanian devil. And they're all one dog.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I had a female Border Collie/Kelpie cross that I used to call the Devil Dog. But as much havoc as she created in 16 years I still miss her like the Devil.
      At least she was kind enough to leave behind the chewed up window sills and ripped up pickup headliners she left behind to remember her by. That was all damage from before she had me trained.

  10. # 7 'and the agony of defeat'............

  11. 2 was fun to watch, I can't point and laugh too much since I never learned how to skate.
    4 was an impressive save after hydroplaning like that.
    6 at first I thought it was some type of fireworks.
    8 I want my hasenpfeffer!!

  12. #2: Looks like she's fine. Her face broke the fall.

    #6: If we're on good terms, this is a funny prank.

    #8: I've had dogs that chase everything. Even the ones that were bred to hunt vermin missed a lot more than they didn't. So I know better than to try myself. Good effort though.

    #9: Smart.


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