Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Is the FBI secretly running dark web terrorist recruitment?

A high-level conspiracy of silence surrounding a US terrorism prosecution raises serious questions over whether the FBI possesses technological means to bypass dark web user anonymity, or alternatively manages extremist group recruitment sites in secret, in order to entrap unsuspecting visitors.


Here's the part that I found 'interesting'.

While it only remained open for two weeks after the FBI’s takeover, it’s estimated the Bureau distributed over one million images of child abuse during this time, and the affidavit indicates Playpen was just one of 23 child porn sites where it had the ability to identify users. Cybersecurity researchers believe it to be “a pretty reasonable assumption” that this figure meant the FBI was running around half of the dark web’s child porn sites at the time. 


  1. Who invented the TOR browser? The United States Navy. Of course there's no anonymity.

  2. Well the fbi tried to assinnate a governor. Why not run child porn.

  3. The FBI is behind the majority of "crimes" it "finds". It's a criminal terrorist entity.

  4. That would explain why the FBI doesn't shut them down. The old joke is that there are no 13 year old girls on the internet looking to have sex with old guys, just old guys who work for the FBI, pretending to be 13 year old girls. With this as widely known as it is, pervs and molesters still fall for it.
    Similarly, 50% of the membership of "white supremacist" groups and "militias" are federal agents. The other 50% are paid informants.

  5. Isn't that called entrapment? Sick fucks. Fuck Joe Biden

  6. I have been hollering about exactly this action for nigh on thirty years. It's been BLATANTLY apparent to me for so long, and every single time, after closer scrutiny and FOIA releases, that some US agency or other, especially CIA and FBI, was instigating it. We damn caught Nosbaracktu/Hillary red-handed on 9/11/2012 and STILL people snooze through this stuff.

  7. Its not important who developed it. What matters is that if (and when...) the DoJ runs enough Tor nodes themselves, then they have the ability to correlate incoming traffic (e.g. from your home ip address) to outgoing traffic (e.g. a darkweb site) regardless how many Tor node to node hops are taken between entry and exit.

  8. It's the United States' Judiciary. Singular. Just like the FISA court.

    1) "Your Honor(s), my clients need to see the evidence against them, to refute it."

    2) "With all due respect, your Honor(s), our evidence is double secret."

    3) "We" (regardless of number) "will be the judge, of that. Show Us."

    Post-It note, says, 'Brother pædorapist, we all (even defense counsel) know, we just make this shit up.'

    3) "Double secret!, indeed."

    2) "Thank you, your honors."

    1) "Thank you, your honors."


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