Thursday, March 23, 2023

North Carolina Denying the Racist Roots of Its Own Jim Crow Gun Laws

North Carolina – Riddle: When is a Jim Crow law not a Jim Crow law? Answer: When the left says it isn’t. Ironically, one of the people denying it is an NAACP leader who, by all appearances, doesn’t know what a Jim Crow law is.


  1. Screw that dialogue. It was a practical law. Whites back then realized the ways of the feral and wanted nothing to do with them.
    When I go to the range, I go as soon as they open to avoid dummies. If any blacks arrive later, I leave. They are too excitable and unpredictable, especially around firearms. Seen it.

  2. Our town was segregated. There was a white beach and a mixed beach. One year, a black Air Force sergeant decided the rules did not apply to him. He was beaten, quite severely. No arrests, the cops could not find any witnesses. Never happened again. The government later bought all of the property and turned it into a wildlife refuge. The pier and parking lots were gone and returned to their wild beginnings.


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