Wednesday, March 29, 2023

PBR - The Best of Woopaa

 A career going down forever in the PBR history book. Woopaa has had a huge impact on many bull rider careers.

Watch the best outs of the one and only Woopaa.

VIDEO HERE  (19:36 minutes)


  1. I knew two champion bull riders.
    John St John, 1980 was a friend in Morro Bay.
    Bill Kornell, 1964 my chief pilot for a short time.

    I rode bulls for a brief time but just foe fun and challenge. Never before crowds and no aspirations for fame. But a couple were the same bulls they ride in the arena.
    I told myself never again on the day I seen my friend get his lower jaw kicked through his cheek.

    Everyone knows such harm, even death, can happen. But to see it upfront in all its gory is sickening.

    They breed these bulls to be mean. And quite a few of these 'cowboys' go to bullriding school. I've met city kids who have gone to bull riding school. It sort of boggles the mind.

    Still, I get excited when I hear a rodeo coming up. Some of the very best rodeos I've seen have been Jr riders on indian rez.

  2. I thought PBR stood for Pabst Blue Ribbon. I'm guessing Professional Bull Rider now? Or in the Navy, Patrol Boat, Riverine. In industry, Permit by Rule (environmental term).


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