Thursday, June 01, 2023

Commentary: A Rent Control Renaissance Is Underway in the U.S. and It’s Sure to Make the Housing Shortage Worse

If one needed any more proof that rent control laws suppress investment in new housing, then it is not necessary to look any further than this recent survey from the National Apartment Association. They found that “Over 70% of housing providers say rent control impacts their investment and development plans; actions include reducing investments, shifting plans to other markets, and canceling plans altogether.” 


  1. All of this is a lie. Land developers are building rental units all over the place in missoula. And the are charging outrageous prices for rent.

    1. no one with any sense at all would live in Missoula any way.

  2. There absolutely is NO housing shortage because if there were our benevolent government would not bring in millions of illegals.

  3. Two quotes -

    The first law of economics is, scarcity is real; the first law of politics is, ignore the first law of economics.

    Economist Assar Lindbeck once remarked that rent control “appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city—except for bombing.”

  4. When has State Control of market prices EVER led to investments in a market for anything?
    It fails every time it is tried....everywhere.

  5. It's pure economics. If the government artificially lowers the price of rentals by rent control, then the supply of rentals will decline to match the rent controlled set point.


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