Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Chicago: "Fuck your hopes and dreams"

CHICAGO - Chicago's newest migrant shelter has opened up in the West Loop, and it's creating tension between a landlord and tenants. 

The bottom floor tenant at a warehouse-style building at 344 N. Ogden is a retail business. The owner tells FOX 32 that the migrants just moved in starting Friday.


  1. Leftists ruin everything.....

  2. Time for a pivot on the business plan; paintball gun rental and heavy metal recording studio.

    Be like printing money

  3. BWAHAHaha,,,,,
    How many times did you automatically vote for a Democrat?

    1. If you think voting Republican would have made a difference, you haven't been paying attention. Remember what President Truman said - " Show me a rich politician and I'll show you a crook". Nowadays he would eliminate the word "rich".

  4. This story is almost as satisfying as seeing a bad-tempered Gastroenterologist getting a colonoscopy with a 40-inch piece of rusty barbed wire


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