Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Busy little fucker, ain't he?

CHICAGO — A Venezuelan migrant has been charged with shoplifting from three different stores on the Magnificent Mile in a single day. He has been arrested in Chicago two other times since August under different names. 

Police arrested Gregorio Yorman Adrianza-Romero, 25, on Friday after employees accused him of shoplifting from Ralph Lauren, 750 North Michigan, Victoria’s Secret, 734 North Michigan, and Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 North Michigan, according to complaints filed with the court.


Aaand the judge cut him loose.


  1. we haven't seen anything yet. this kind of shit is going to get a lot worse once they find out that they can get away with it. crime of all sorts will go up here soon. count on it.
    and if their magic cards stop working- getting free money, they will steal anything and everything they can. and from what I have seen so far, the clowns in power will let them.
    I think the idea is to drive crime rates up to get the "people" to demand martial law to put a stop to the crime wave. and that has never worked out well for the "people"
    but as old George used to say, people are stupid ! dave in pa.

  2. Got "cut loose". Senor Gregorio Yorman Adrianza-Romero is a victim of white supremacists colonization. It's a cultural thing and Da Judge be down with that

  3. Democracists are letting millions of crimmigrants roam freely. But they can't work without papers and a TIN. How else can they get by other than handouts and stealing. People will do whatever they have to do to eat. FJB and fuck every last one of the people that voted for him too.

  4. No laws enforced anymore there...

  5. He's just getting his Christmas stealing done early for his bae.

  6. But, but, Mitt Romney/et al said we are only getting "the best and brightest" from Mexico/Central/South America!!!

  7. There's so many perks to being an illegal alien that I'm considering identifying as one.

  8. He’s just being a good immigrant and integrating with the local community.


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