Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Turpentine Industry Documentary from the 1940s

 VIDEO HERE  (14 minutes)


  1. Interesting.
    This one is good too. Spirit of the Pines

  2. Pretty cool and informative. I knew it came from pines but did not know the process.

  3. I got a cousin that got the bright idea of drilling a hole at a 45 degree angle that was the size of a 2 liter pop bottle into a pine tree. He screwed a plastic 2-liter into the hole and monitors it till it is almost full then replaces it with an empty one. He has 2 liters of clean pine tar. He was in high school when he came up with this method of getting pine sap. He gathered enough to put himself through college with a duel degree of chemistry and engineering. He now has a plant that processes the naval stores for turpentine, pine oil, amber, and rosin. He was a self-made millionaire before he was 30. That was thirty years ago.

  4. Lowes Lumber has turpentine for $10 a QUART! $40 a gallon. Every gas station used to have this stuff and it was so cheap we washed parts in it.

  5. It's expensive now because the farm equipment doesn't work anymore.

    That and petroleum products, but the days of yore shall return.


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