Monday, December 04, 2023

Will the real fascists please stand up?

The progressive media know the basics of fascism, but they’re having difficulty in identifying the real enforcers of its oppressive liturgy--themselves and the Biden administration.

Within the last weeks, as House leadership finally released much of the 40,000 hours of video of the January 6, 2021 opening of the Capitol building to protesters’ entry, media personalities and the White House have been illegitimately painting constitutional proponents (called MAGA, though not all are) as fascists.


  1. Fascists are not able to identify as fascists even in their own minds. In their convoluted, neurotic views they're Dear Leaders. However, they see and label their opponents as fascists. That's exactly what Bite me is doing to Trump through the MSM.

  2. The book "Liberal Fascism", by Jonah Goldberg (pub 2008) is a great book on this topic. In 15 years, it's gotten only worse.
    - Mr. Mayo

    1. I wonder why Jonah Goldberg doesn’t compare them to the Bolsheviks, given that the radical left of today has the same ideology of the Soviet from a hundred years ago

  3. It’s always entertaining to see Communist revolutionaries out doing the same things that communist revolutionaries have always done, only to be labeled as Fascists.


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