Monday, February 12, 2024

Damn, even the New York Times turned on him

Joe Biden is incapable of assuring voters he can handle another presidential term, his team has 'no plan' on how to deal with his senile behavior, and he should simply 'not be running for re-election,' according to New York Times authors.

Anxieties from the liberal Times' editorial board and opinion writers show how worried they are that ailing Biden may not be able to beat 'bad man' Donald Trump this year. 

The back-to-back opinion pieces knifing the elderly president, 81, over the weekend comes after a Justice Department report ripped into his handling of classified documents and portrayed him as a forgetful old man. 


  1. NYT doesn't turn on anyone on the left. They have been told from above that there is going to be a change and are therefore prepping their audience for the inevitable.
    Saintly articles about Joe's successor are being written as we speak.

    1. It will be interesting to see the timing. Will they wait until after the last primary so that the replacement can be picked in the proverbial smoke-filled backroom? Or will they actually have a few primaries? I'm betting on the smoke-filled backroom, but I could easily be wrong.

    2. I believe you are partially right. But seems to me this will be basement 2.0. We just have to "wait and see whats in it once its passed" like a turd in the yard...

    3. Ask Obama, he knows. Or has been told.

  2. FJB is a bowel full of old man wisdom. That bowel just gets fuller with age.
    FJB is full of it.

  3. I think the democrats want the republicans to impeach joe on amendment 25. But I hope they dont fall for it so the dems can blame repubs and say Trump is the same. Joe has not made a decision in 10 years. Dems want another candidate to be nominated at the convention without a primary. That points to big mike. Only thing repubs should impeach joe on is bribery or stolen classified documents as VP (or earlier).

  4. Notice how the media ties age with pedo joe's senility?

    Its not age. I know several octogenarians who are quite lucid and articulateMy own mother is nigh ten yrs older than the poppy pedo. She's sharp as a tack.

    Jobama has been decrepit for decades. To portray the kiddie diddler as example of that age group is laughable. Quite ridiculous.

  5. They know they have to get rid of Slow Joe ... but what about the California Ho? After all she is the HISTORIC FIRST BLACK FEMALE vice president. The only way around that is to nominate some one who is blacker. The 'female' part will be ignored.
    I'm certain it will be Michelle 'cause David Axelrod said she isn't interested. If Axelrod speaks he's lying.

  6. The New York Times turned on Biden because they know of someone worse to replace him.


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