Friday, March 01, 2024

Good Morning



  1. I would give my black lab baths in a wheelbarrow. He hated it. I even warmed the water. He hated it.

    He also hated the beach, even when the ocean was as still as a mill pond. He hated the lake. Even the garden hose he hated.

    Then at about two yrs old I couldn't keep him out of the water. Even in big surf.

  2. Our dog loves the lake, creek even mud puddles but baths oh no she can’t stand them. I think it’s because the love of the lake etc is she’s going in at her will not mine.
    Farm Wife

  3. That’s a happy dog smile from mama, and a WTF are you doing to me look from the puppy. Who says you can’t tell what dogs think?

    1. More like the lil sprout is thinking, Whatever is going on here I wanna be a part.


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