Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How much does it cost when California lawmakers push new legislation?

Thousands of bills were introduced by the California Legislature by the deadline last week, but how many will reach Governor Gavin Newsom's desk?

The number: 2,124 bills, is fewer than last year, but still considered "quite a few bills" by McGeorge School of Law Adjunct Professor Chris Micheli. 

California, he said, has a high percentage of bills that become law up to 40% on average, out of 2,300 to 2,500 bills introduced every year. In 2023, the number was the highest in over a decade at 2,600 bills introduced.


  1. My favorite word to describe the optimum state of any governmental body is GRIDLOCK. That way they cannot pass any laws. As we have all seen any laws passed ultimately have the effect of taking away freedom and rights from the citizens.

  2. A more salient question to ask would be "How much does new legislation cost AFTER it's signed into law?"

    ...Personally, I'd like to see a BULLET reach Gavin Newsom's desk... He and "Moonbeam" Brown have DESTROYED THIS PLACE!!!

  3. If the legislature wrote their own bills themselves, not just passing along lobbiest written stuff, there would be only a fraction of the current churning of legislation.

  4. Didn't someone propose If you want to make a new law, you have to remove an old one first?

    1. Cheers, Jerry. Solid try. Sadly, that is my vote.

  5. And every law, no matter how innocent and well meaning, has DEATH by GOVERNMENT as it's final arbiter.

  6. It should be the rule that before a legislator can introduce a new law he/she must find two that must be repealed to gain passage.


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