Thursday, February 22, 2024


On two separate occasions in 2020, Tony Sfeir tricked two men into believing they were talking to a woman online, and invited them over to his Toronto home to have anonymous sex through a hole in a sheet hanging in a doorway. 

The ruse came to an end when the second man pulled the sheet down to find Sfeir cowering on the ground in a black wig, and he was later arrested.


  1. glory hole??? They knew darn well what was going on, the guy probably bit the guys pecker now he mad.

  2. Just another reason to avoid anonymous sex. I don't have a lot of sympathy for these idiots.

  3. And he's still alive ?

  4. Discount anonymous sex has its rewards and sometimes penalties. The odds of there being a 20 year old hot nympho behind that sheet were low, but never zero.

  5. But never zero, for the win!
    Starker was here

  6. I hate when that happens. The fourth time it happened to me, I kinda caught on...


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