Tuesday, March 05, 2024

What to Ask Breeders before Buying Your Chickens

Spring is soon upon us, and it will be time to think seriously about getting some new chickens!

I try to get a few each year so that the egg production can be maintained through the winter, it also allows the older girls to stop producing as frequently or even completely.

As always, it’s highly recommended you read as much as you can about chickens in general.

If you have specific breeds in mind, research them deeply before you decide. Visit several websites, read books- everyone’s experience differs.


  1. First question should always be, has this chicken already been fucked or will I be the first.

  2. From chick to egg producing hen takes about five months.
    A March chick may not produce until August.
    Raising a fryer is quicker, but an egg layer can produce hundreds of eggs for years.

  3. I’d say it depends on what your aim is for chickens. Eggs, meat, or both.

    I really, really loved our black Australorps. Hardy, cold and heat tolerant, lay eggs like crazy, not broody, and very friendly. Best birds we ever had. Filthy fox….

    Currently have two buff orpingtons and one bared rock. My wife wants me to make some Popeyes with one of the orpingtons. Squawks all the time, and gets really broody. She’s a pain in the ass. Also doesn’t lay as often as the other two.

    1. Is that your *wife*'s list of "reasons for beheading"? Really? Seriously?

    2. Doesn't lay as often sounds like a good reason for eating and replacing a hen. For the rest, my experience with chickens has been pretty limited, but from what I can remember of my Grandma's rather large flock, if "pain in the ass" was a reason to kill she wouldn't have had any chickens.

  4. I don't really like chicken eggs much since I got ducks. More nutrients, grow fast and the meat is amazing. $70.00 For 1 at Christmas. And they obey commands. I say all. Ducks go to bed twice and they are on their way


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