Wednesday, April 17, 2024

'I sell dope, shoot guns.....'

A Michigan man who texted that he “sells dope and shoots guns” was caught with drugs and a machine-pistol right after being released from prison, officials said. 

Troy Davonn Morgan, 23, finished serving a federal prison sentence for a gun crime in June 2023 and began a term of court supervision, according to a release.


  1. Can't locate a mugshot but "Davonn" (note 2- "n"s) gives the Chimp away.

  2. middle name Davonn. Didn't need to read any more after that.

  3. Colored fella just doesn't learn.

  4. As soon as I saw Machine Pistol I knew it was some shitty glock with a switch. Who else would shoot their entire load in 2 seconds and just be left standing there with their dick in their hand and a stupid grin on their face.


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