Tuesday, April 02, 2024

PG&E customers could see lowered, fixed power bills with CPUC's proposal

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- At the historic Orinda Theatre, the past few weeks have been anything but business as usual. 

Owner Derek Zemrak says he made the decision to close the theater on Mondays and Tuesday after receiving a PG&E bill for nearly $6,300, almost double what he normally pays.


  1. I'm from the Bay Area, we used to call PG&E Pacific Gouge and Extortion. They closed down most of the Nuke plants for renewable energy and now the people have to pay.

    1. Wasn’t it legislation, not sure if it went for a vote with the people of CA or not, that shut down nuclear power in CA?
      I was out there for a storm last year. Two days drive out, two days work, two days drive back, all on PG&E’s dime. We put ONE customer back in power…her line came down, the pole was an old one in a creek bed, and us digging a new hole was a day and a half discussion between the environmental people over the placement of a new pole (the old one was in a creek bottom and the line ran through a beautiful oak tree,) CALTRANS because of the road easement the creek was next to, and…some other agency I don’t recall.
      When they finally decided where the new pole would be placed, we had it up and the conductor re-attached in about two hours. It was insane all the rules and regulations etc. probably cost close to a quarter million to get one customer back in power.

    2. My brother worked for SCE. On one job he saw one guy working a backhoe with seven, SEVEN!, different inspectors, all ultimately paid by Edison, watching him work. One for desert tortoises, one for Indian antiquities, one for this, one for that. The state makes the rules and everyone pays the price.

  2. "TURN says it's a move that would likely reduce the rates customers pay for power by anywhere from 5 to 7 cents per kilowatt hour."

    This comes after the CA Public Utilities Commission has approved PG&E rate increases of over 14¢ per kWh since the first of the year. The current Tier One rate will be over 50 per kWh this next billing period. Check and see what you're paying to see how it compares with the rate paid by PG&E customers whose rate has increased by over 100% since 2018.

    BTW, it was announced yesterday that PG&E electricity customers will be receiving a $55 rebate this month on the Cap and Trade fees they paid at the gas pump, which is the same billing period the latest CPUC approved 7.2% rate increase will be on the bill.

    See how this works? They take your money with one hand, then they give you half of it back with the other, thinking that you'll think they care about you while they're ripping you off. A classic Communist technique.

    And in case you hadn't heard, Colorado's Democrat homosexual governor is about to sign four California anti-2A laws passed by their one-party legislature, enacting an assault weapons ban, an 11% tax on guns and ammo and instituting a 10-day waiting period on the purchase of firearms. The cancer spreads.

    Rant over. If I didn't put you to sleep thanks for listening.

    1. "BTW, it was announced yesterday that PG&E electricity customers will be receiving a $55 rebate this month on the Cap and Trade fees they paid at the gas pump..."
      I have a son and daughter-in-law in Oakland, but they drive a Prius and a Tesla.
      I'm LAUGHIN'.

    2. One thing I can say for sure is that your son and daughter-in-law won't be spending their 'free' $55 at an In-n-Out Burger in Oakland.
      May they live safely and be able to escape with their pensions to Tennessee.

  3. Baahahahaha Wait you're serious? Rates will remain the same and now you can pay a charge of $24 extra bucks. Increase electrification? CA can't keep the lights on now, all I see will be increasing brownouts.


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