Thursday, May 23, 2024

Democrats Deny Non-Citizens are Voting in Federal Elections While Republicans Seek to Prevent It

Democrats claim that non-citizen voting doesn’t occur while Republicans and most states are trying to ensure that only U.S. citizens vote in elections.

As states are adopting constitutional amendments to prevent non-citizens from voting and Republicans are raising the alarm about the issue as more evidence has been presented, Democrats insist that it is not a concern because non-citizens are not voting in U.S. elections.


  1. But they're giving them how-to instructions when they cross!

  2. Where were these legislators 3 years ago?

    These revelations aren't new. Precincts with over 100% turnout should never have been certified. Anything over 50% should have been an automatic recount. Historic turnout used to be in the 30% range.

  3. Note the advertisements switching "US citizen" requirements to "US resident" requirements for promotions.
    The last two YT ads I saw both required residence not citizenship to qualify for their services.
    - Loose

  4. The illegal aliens get to vote as many times as they have relatives back in their home county according to a Biden DEI directive because they'll be here soon.

  5. If it is proven that the left facilitated, assisted, managed, instigated any illegal voting, any and all involved should be tried for treason and executed post hast. Either by the legal system or by the rules of the old west. Folks if you have not started, please I encourage you to get a move on and maintain a list of your local collaborators. And when you see the Green Star Cluster, be ready to perform your duties as The Orkin Man. 22BOH

  6. I've been an election judge in Cook County, IL. The law here says EVERYONE gets to vote. There can be issues, such as not being a registered voter, signature doesn't match, or somebody else voted in your name. You still get to vote. In such cases, the ballot goes into a 'Provisional Ballot Envelope'. Then, some higher up election judge gets to decide if it is counted later on. But I did my job.


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