Thursday, May 23, 2024

Is a California law meant to help victims making it harder to fight sex trafficking?

Child sex trafficking is a major problem that California wants to crack down on, but is one law meant to protect victims making it difficult for law enforcement to fight it?


  1. Let’s see. A law states that minors can’t be prosecuted for prostitution because they can’t consent to sex. But in fact, minors do have sex. Another law states that adults can’t have sex with minors. These things don’t add up. BTW it doesn’t seem to prevent adult well placed democrats from having sex with minors.

    It seems to me that freedom of information, child protection and privacy legislation do more to protect perpetrators more than victims or the public.

  2. Not much hope in seeing Epstein's customers under the spotlight either.

  3. So more cases are sent to the DA, and then the article stops and fails to ask the DA how many have you prosecuted and how many have you won?


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