Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Dominique - Boise, ID

Hi Wirecutter!
Not sure how many actual hits you get from me, I have your site in my google reader but I thought I would chime in anyways.
I'm Dominique. From San Diego... currently living in Boise, ID (Brrrrr!). I can't remember how I made it to your site in the first place but am I ever so glad I did! I can always count on your site to make me laugh. I have actually been known to laugh so hard I wake the dog (or even my husband) up. He, the husband, has taken to looking over my shoulder when I read your site!
P.S. He loves the last few posts with the girly shots... he says "We've been married for almost 13 years... THANK YOU! I get to look at a hot chick and all my wife does is laugh. Double bonus." Anyway, what do I like best about your site? EVERYTHING!! Don't change a thing. Thanks for all the smiles!
Hi Dominique,
My sympathies to you for (Brrrr) Idaho.
Glad you like my site. And I thought there were times when I might offend the ladies......
Tell your husband that I'll do my damnedest to post more girly shots for him. It's hard for me to lower myself to do that, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow.
And please try not to wake the dog - Punkindog gets downright outraged when I disturb his 20 hours of sleep a day.

Karma can be a bitch

From Ron - Australia

Straight up White Trash, God bless her

Passed out in front of a grill wearing a rassling T-shirt and a couple of beer cans behind her.
Yup, White Trash.

For Ted

Leave the boat at home and fish from the bank. And stay away from Angel's Cove or Glory Hole unless you want a long-ass hike down to the water. The hike down ain't too bad but the walk back up is a bitch.
Try Tuttletown at the lower boat ramp, and I do mean AT the ramp. I was standing on the bank and bouncing spinners off the ramp and connecting about every 10 casts. Some I caught, some I missed.
The lures that I mentioned in my earlier post work, as well as inflated worm/marshmallow combos and powerbait, green or rainbow - the bait being fished on the bottom maybe 30 feet from the shore.
The fishing is red hot right now, and one of the guys was telling me that the big bass are starting to follow the trout into the cove. He said one of his partners caught a 19 pound largemouth fancasting a swimbait just off the island nearest the ramp.
Good Luck.

Oooh, what a babe

Drunks - gotta love 'em

Talk about a wienie roast.....

Gotta be California (again)

From Beverly - Phoenix, AZ

Hi there!
My name is Beverly, I live in Phoenix. I stumbled across your site 2 or 3 months ago and have been hooked ever since. Your sense of humor just cracks me up and I love how down to earth you are. I love reading your entries but the pictures you post are second to none, I have no idea where you find them but they bring me a smile to my face every single morning! Thanks!!!
Loyally tuned in,

Thanks Beverly, you have no idea how much of a kick I get knowing that people actually enjoy my postings. I'll try to keep them coming.
Has the weather there cooled down to the low 90s yet?

From Nonamedufus - Quebec, Canada drop dead funny. I love your choice of material and I follow your personal travails with interest. I check in daily and feel a little low when you haven't updated. Get a life? Yeah, I know.
If you've seen you know I've got a wee bit of time on my hands! Keep up the great work Wirecutter, and many thanks for the link. Oh, and remember... Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read...

Part II
Sorry, Wirecutter, I got so caught up in the mutual admiration thing, there, that I forgot to tell you where I'm at. I'm in Aylmer, Quebec somewhat north of you in Canada, eh. Aylmer's about 5 minutes across the river from Ottawa, the nation's capital. These days the temperature's about -10C and the snowfall's about 35cm. I can almost see Sarah Palin's house from here!

Damn, that's fucking cold!!!!!
Love your blog, man.
Stay warm.....


From Chris - United Kingdom

Hi there Wirecutter!
I've commented before on your blog, you've visited mine and frankly I look at yours because it has some funny stuff on it and also some other bits and pieces I find interesting. The pictures are great and I like your sense of humour!
So that's why I visit! Good luck with it.

Chris's blog is
He's got a fantastic sense of humor and I vist his blog regularly.

From Hobo - Alabama

I am 60 years old and am supposed to be a Senior Engineer working for NASA. I am a USMC veteran, a die-hard biker, a California central valley refugee who is now living in Alabama (due only to the job) and have been through some rough times and have reformed (a bit). I believe in a higher authority in life and have a conservative political outlook. Three of my four children are US military (US NAVY; USAF; & US ANG-R). As for a name, call me Hobo, as I used to ride the SP rails up 99 between SoCal up to Sacramento when I was younger and have no roots anywhere. I have lived in Canada and in Mexico and rode to the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico. I rode the length of US 66 during 1966 in a 66.
AKA: Hobo
AKA: Route66rider
Just a quick Thank You for your service to our country, and please pass my thanks to your kids. You raised them up right, Friend.
And you rode the Okie Highway? Right on !!!!!
Sounds like you've had a full and rewarding life.

A shitload of mid-size trout but no BAT

Ted writes:
Do you launch out of Glory Hole or fish from the bank?
Me and Dad headed back to Melones today and had a blast. Last weekend we went to Angels Cove and didn't do shit so today we headed to Tuttletown and caught more fish from the bank than we could count. We were catching them on spinners, Kastmasters, Rapalas and Rebels in a blue/white color.
I usually don't keep fish but they were slamming our lures so hard that we gill hooked 8 and had to keep them.
I think the biggest one was a hookbeak only about 20 inches but was fatter than a football so I calculated his weight to be close to 5 pounds. He got turned back. The smallest one was maybe 12 inches.
Funny, but every boat that came in, came in empty.
I figure all in all we caught about 30 fish in 5 hours, then a cold front moved in. Snow was expected so we called in the dogs, pissed on the fire and headed for the big house. Deb, that's southernspeak for going home.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gotta be California (again)

Kiss and make up

The rest of the world cannot understand how, after bitter election campaigns, American politicians can return to reality.
For instance, Sarah Palin has invited to her great state of Alaska the men who defeated her, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
She has provided a moose hunting trip for their enjoyment and has hired two other prominent men to assist them.
Dick Cheney will instruct them in safe gun handling and Ted Kennedy will drive them back to their cabins in the evening.

What a gal, that Sarah is such a sport and thinks of everything!

Ah, the single life

A friend was checking the past couple day's posts and couldn't help noticing the number of posts with semi nekkid and drunk wimmens.
She told me I need to get laid.
Ya think?

God Bless Texas

Okay, maybe she ain't from Texas, but a man can fantasize, right?

Big-ass trout

Me and Dad are headed back up to New Melones (Mah lone ees, Deb) in search of the elusive Big-ass trout. It's supposed to cold, cloudy and breezy tomorrow, so hopefully we'll nail a couple.
And in answer to Jimbo's email: yes, a 16 inch trout is a little bitty one. A Big-ass trout has to be 24 inches and 5 pounds minimum. The canyon reservoirs around here are over 300 feet deep, so the only time of the year that you can catch BAT are in the winter after the lakes have turned - when the surface temperatures of the water are the same as the deep parts.
Wish Dad luck.

From Daver - Whereabouts unknown

I ain't emailing you, you might be one of them innerweb stalker folk.

Dammit, you were the one person that I wanted to find out where you lived.

From Deb - Camden, Maine

Okay, I'm publishing one out of order just because I love her blog.

In case you forgot, my name is Debbie and I am a Maine-ah.

(Sounds like an AA meeting).

I've been a blog reader and writer since August. I can't stop reading Knuckedragging My Life Away. It is consuming my life. I check in on it almost daily. I am addicted to the photos, especially the white trash ones and ones that involve anything that terrorizes a cat or Oprah.
I hate anything politically case you couldn't tell by the cat/Oprah comment. I do not have a Harley (but I've touched one). I don't live an exotic place like Waco or Brisbane (but I've been to Barstow, CA).
Can I still hang out here with the bad boys?

Yeah, you can roll with us.
Hate to tell you this Deb, but if you've been to Barstow that pretty much qualifies you as Straight up White Trash, God bless you.
Sorry 'bout that.

My fans (Fans? Hahahaha!)

Hey, I got a fairly decent response from folks that read this blog. I'll post a couple of them every day in the order they're received.
As for those that haven't contacted me yet:
C'mon, stroke my ego.

From Andychrist - Waco, Texas

hey wirecutter this is the andychrist snappy name right? im 23 and i live in waco texas... i read your blog everyday you have a lot of funny shit on there. i love white trash pics and the meth head pics... i to am a gun nut so it works out i dont have a blog but heres a pic if you wish to put it up... take it easy
Great looking ride, man. A no bullshit road bike, right fucking on.
I'll try to run down some more tweeker pics for you and tomorrow you'll get a special treat - White Trash posts featuring.......ME!
Later, man.
Ride Safe

From Ron - Brisbane, Australia

Wirecutter, Your post is fairly good among all of the blogs of the net. You, intrinisically tell your life as it is & was, without any bullshit. Which makes a refreshing change for a lot of blogs that come out of America (or is that 'merica' - pun, joke). All things aside though, people can relate to your outlook on life/economy/likes etc without all of the arse covering exercises that other sites and people do. It's an interesting insight into ordinary (real) America and the people who live there, not the political or social image that we get fed on the news. Keep up the good work, it's good to see that people are not that different regardless of where you live.
Ron; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Yes we have the internet all the way down here, you've just got to pull the string hard sometimes.

Thanks Ron. Folks are the same all over.
I gotta tell it like it is, it's the only thing I know.....
I appreciate your reading my blog and if you ever get to the States give me a holler and I'll take you to San Francisco so you can see my "California" posts in real life.

Wanna talk about extreme sports.....

Thanks, Scotty

Me too, Partner

Straight up White Trash, God bless 'em

Let's see, who doesn't belong.....

Drunk chicks - Gotta love 'em

Awww, she's huggin' her beer bottle. I love her.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who the hell are you?

My sitemeter tells me that I have visitors from all over the United States as well as the rest of the world.
I'm really curious about the folks that like my blog. Would you be kind enough to email me and let me know who you are (first names or nicknames only , please), where you're from and what you like about my site? Do you also have a website or blog? A photo would be cool, but not necessary.
I'll publish your emails and comments unless you ask me not to.
Contact me at

Let's hope that's a DIET coke


My future second ex-wife

High tech toilet

Looks like something I'd do

Jack of all trades

Gotta be California (again)

Once again, I'm at a loss for words

Steel toed flip-flops?

Straight up White Trash, God bless him

Look at the size of that sucker's neck!

Read the description, dumbass

Click to enlarge

Oooh, what a babe

God Bless Texas

Come back when it don't smell like pee

Ever see one like this?

Relax, it's a baby Panda.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Been licking electrical outlets again?

Beautiful downtown Stockton

A wrecking ball in the trunk will fuck up anybody's day

Just let go, ya dumb fuck

No doubt

Hell, you KNOW it's funny

What do you call a tweeker chick with a yeast infection?
A Quarter Pounder.....with cheese.

I Love Beer

Click to (burp) enlarge

What the fuck?

Straight up White Trash, God bless 'em

Employee of the year

Gotta be California (again)

I'm pretty sure this is a girl......