Saturday, April 02, 2011

No, We Won't.

Let's get this shit started right fucking now.

- Gateway Pundit

God help us all

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is getting ready to make one of Washington's worst kept secrets official: He wants a second term.
Democratic officials familiar with the plan say Obama will file 2012 campaign papers with the Federal Election Commission as early as this coming week.
It's a long-anticipated but formal step that will allow him to start raising money for the campaign, which will be based in Chicago.
The fundraising effort has begun. Obama raised $1.5 million at a Democratic fundraiser in New York City this past week and he'll headline events in the coming weeks in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Obama raised an eye-catching $750 million for his 2008 campaign.
The officials asked not to be identified in order to speak before the re-election papers are filed.

Kalifornia in the spring

I swear, it is so pleasant outside tonight that I am going to kick off my boots and shirt, wrap up in my nearest ponch liner and go to sleep with only my 12 gauge shorty, CharlieGodammit and my security door to keep me safe.
Yeah, right.
But it is nice outside tonight. Maybe I'll just hide behind another door and my 45.
And another door.
Quit laughing.......

Friday, April 01, 2011


I got this couple, or trio or more across the street that's gay. I can deal with that, this is after all Kalifornia. Seriously, I could care less who or what they fuck as long as it ain't me or CGD and I seriously doubt my wolfdog would let them even come close..
And they let me know occasionally when they see something they deem "suspicious" (tattooed people-whoa!) around my property.
But their fucking 70s disco music has to go. It is driving me FUCKING INSANE.
I couldn't even stand that shit in the 70s.....
You may be reading about this in the paper shortly.

An easy Redneck test......

Name the song and artist:
"She got ranned over by that damned ol' train!"
 Cmon, it ain't that fucking hard........
No fair peeking at folks' that beat you to the punch.

My shootin' room

Yeah, I got this fucking tiny breakfast nook off of my kitchen that's been used as a plant room (not those kind) and a storage room. I can honestly say in the 14 years I've lived here, I have never ate a meal or had a cup of coffee here.
A buddy of mine turned me onto a springer not too long ago after his boy shot and killed the family cat with it (it was either the rifle or the boy and I don't tolerate no kids that have no gun sense so I took the rifle) but it's illegal to discharge any type of firearm in city limits and that springer is a lot louder than I thought - think 22 short as far as noise goes.
But then I got to thinking - I got a table and bench in a room that I don't use with a window facing 75 feet of backyard and no full time old lady to object....... You know what's coming, huh?
And here's the view from the bench to the 50' target....

From the target....... photo was zoomed in.
A little closer view......
Of course I have to remember to bring this silly son-of-a-bitch in before I commence to shooting......
Wouldn't want to be accidentially headshooting my wolfdog, ya know.

I can even shoot at night with my spotlight trained on the target......

Seriously, I can crank up Hank III or Waylon or Patsy, crack open a beer and shoot all night long. The house contains the noise of the springer and the newspapers behind the target muffle the WHAP of the pellet hitting the backboard.
Fuck, I'm in redneckin' heaven. Eat your heart out, Derek!

And I seriously want to thank drjim from Every Blade Of Grass for donating the scope. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was in need of one and within a couple of days he had sent me one and above my objections, refused payment. He's good people.

That's some straight up Okie shit, there.

Yup, that's a weed growing on my fucking roof. I just noticed it tonight.
In my defense - okay, my excuse - we've got these huge camphor trees on my street that keep foliage all year long but shed some leaves periodically throughout the year. This winter we got a lot of rain and it's either been too wet or I've been too drunk to climb up and sweep the duff off my roof.
And now spring has sprung and the weeds have popped.
But still, how many other motherfuckers do you know that live in town and have weeds growing on their roof?

Coyote bounty in Minnesota?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There have been cases across Minnesota of coyotes killing other animals, including pets in the Twin Cities. Now a state lawmaker has an idea that, he says, will control the growing coyote population.
“It’s more an incentive,” explained Rep. Andrew Falk (DFL), who represents several Western Minnesota counties. “There are a number of farmers in my district who have had experiences.”
Falk has talked with farmers who say coyotes have killed their cattle. Recently, a family pet in a Twin Cities suburb was also killed by a coyote.
Falk’s bill in the state legislature would actually pay people to kill coyotes. It would allow for a bounty for each one.
County Boards would decide specifics, including how much they’d pay for each coyote and when the bounty would be given. Falk estimates that boards might pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for each coyote.
“Specifically where there is a need, where we have an overabundance of the populations, it gives the County Board an additional tool to hopefully incentivize people to hunt or trap or take the animals by any legal means,” Falk said.
Each county will decide whether they use the idea or not.
“I personally don’t think it’s necessary,” said Craig Bourgeault, who lives in Edina.
Bourgeault’s wife filmed a coyote in their backyard recently. The video shows the animals jumping a fence, running through, and jumping another fence to leave, all the while the family’s dog is barking.
Bourgeault thinks coyotes are harmless and would rather not confront anything.
“They’re not going to attack people. They’re not generally going to bother people,” said Bourgeault.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says more coyotes are appearing in southwestern Minnesota counties. Falk thinks his bill will help deal with the issue.

Thanks to Pat in Arizona for passing this story along.

The Man In The Door

From my friend Gil, a Vietnam vet - US Air Force fighter pilot and FAC.
This was written by a Marine for the Huey air crews in Vietnam, but it's a nice tribute to helicopter crews, no matter what war.

muslims show their ass again

KABUL, Afghanistan — Thousands of protesters angry over the purported burning of a Koran by a Florida pastor stormed a United Nations compound Friday in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 12 people, including eight foreigners.
Two of the foreigners were beheaded, Reuters reported. There were unconfirmed reports that the death toll was as high as 20.
The demonstration in Mazar-i-Sharif turned violent when some protesters grabbed weapons from the UN guards and opened fire, then mobbed buildings and set fires on the compound, officials said. Demonstrators also massed in Kabul and the western city of Herat.

So let me get this straight:
They're pissed off at Terry Jones for burning their book of political doctrine, so they protest and kill at least 8 people that had nothing to do with that book burning?
And as far as the folks that did burn the book? The president of Afghanistan wants them "prosecuted". For what? Freedom of expression? And under what - shari'a law? Fuuuuuck you.

My day so far

Cut the backyard (75' x 50' and knee-high), went shopping, changed my oil, mailed off a package to Cousin Jen, did laundry, did dishes, vacuumed the carpet, scrubbed the tub, did the recycling for the month, went to the ex's bank and deposited her money, got a nice chunk of beef on the smoker, and doctored CharlieGodammits' foot where he cut it yesterday.
And it's only 12:30.
Things still to do? Mount the scope that drjim graciously gave me on my springer, zero it, take CGD to the dog park before he drives me fucking crazy, eat my chunk of meat, do my taxes and get drunk.

Maybe with all that domestic bullshit out of the way I can finally go find a coyote to shoot at sometime this weekend.

Protecting our best interests as always

Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says

An Arizona sheriff says U.S. Border Patrol officials have repeatedly told him they have been ordered to reduce -- at times even stop -- arrests of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the U.S. border.
Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever told that a supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol told him as recently as this month that the federal agency’s office on Arizona's southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods.

To read the rest of this outrageous bullshit, go here

But mountain lions are cute and magnifcent and endangered and need protection from evil hunters

Turns out cougars killed Calif wine country sheep
The Associated Press
NAPA, Calif. -- It turns out a sheep herder and Napa County sheriff's investigators were wrong about the California wine country sheep slaughter.
Cougars killed the animals, not gunmen and lamb thieves.
Three sheep were found dead in the Mount Veeder Vineyard on March 25 and seven lambs were missing. Sheep herder George Richmond, who was hired to graze his flock on vineyard brush, and sheriff's investigators reported the sheep were shot and the lambs were likely destined for Easter dinners.
The San Francisco Chronicle says the U.S. Department of Agriculture concluded Thursday that marauding mountain lions were the culprits. A federal trapper found the missing lambs' carcasses in nearby woods.


I'm thinking this is the first time they've seen lions in Napa County since they can't tell the differance between a lion kill and a gunshot wound, the dumb fucks.
Twenty-some-odd years ago when it was legal to hunt lions in Kalifornia, there was a healthy, sustainable population of cats up in the foothills and mountains where they belonged.
Then the bleeding heart liberals got involved and rushed a measure on the ballot outlawing hunting or running with hounds and not surprisingly, it was passed by all the other bleeding heart liberals here.
As a result, not only has the population exploded but they now have absolutely no fear of man. They're coming down the rivers and creeks and raiding small towns and the fact that the above story says there was more than one lion involved might tell you something. Our lions aren't like african lions - they don't have prides nor do they normally hunt together, they're solitary creatures by nature.
What I think is funny is that Napa County is something like 50 miles from San Francisco. I can't wait to read that a mountain lion was seen trotting across the Golden Gate Bridge with a panhandler in his jaws, headed back to the Marin Headlands with his lunch.

Whew! I'm normal.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So many captions......

Hell, yeah!

Yolo certainly loves her bacon.....


Straight-up White Trash, God bless 'im.

CERES -- A Ceres man angry about an aggressive neighborhood dog was stabbed Wednesday after confronting the dog’s owner.
At about 11 a.m. Wednesday Ceres police responded to a stabbing in the 2500 block of Don Pedro Road, according to Sgt. Jose Berber. The suspect had fled the scene but police found the 33-year-old victim with a stab wound to the abdomen.
He was transported to a local hospital where he underwent surgery and is currently in stable condition, Berber said.
During the investigation detectives determined the fight started because the suspect’s dog had killed a neighborhood cat. The dog is now in the custody of animal control.
The suspect was identified as 49-year-old Louis Lombardi, Berber said.
Police did not locate Lombardi when they searched his home but found a sawed-off shotgun. A woman living in the home, Stacey Sylvetta, 46, was arrested on suspicion of possession of an illegal weapon.
Later in the afternoon Wednesday, Ceres police located Lombardi at a Modesto residence, Berber said. He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and had an unrelated misdemeanor warrant.

CSU, Stanislaus celebrates César Chávez

California State University, Stanislaus, students lead a march from the quad to the event center Wednesday during a re-enactment of the César Chávez "huelga," or strike march, during the 16th annual Chávez celebration at the campus.
The event included performances from Osborn and Moon elementary afterschool program students and a keynote speech by former Assemblywoman Anna Caballero.


My remarks to the Letter To The Editor at The Modesto Bee?
Celebrate a day honoring a foreigner and yet protest an appearance of a VP candidate.... That's a true Berkeley (Joseph Stalin University) spirit, folks.

More emotions, less facts......

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, the 30th anniversary of the day that a would-be assassin wounded President Ronald Reagan and Jim Brady, the gun control advocate was asked how he's different today.
"Not being the same person that I was," Reagan's former press secretary said, speaking from his wheelchair as his wife, Sarah, held a microphone. "I used to be a track person. No more."
"I'm not going to run away from this," Brady said, beginning a daylong effort to renew his campaign for curbs on guns. The Bradys spent Wednesday visiting members of Congress, continuing their decades-long gun-control crusade.
Once again, however, chances are they won't get very far.
For the full article go to: Fuck the Brady Campaign


And that's because your whole organization is based on emotion instead of facts. It was a personal tragedy for you and for that, you have my sympathy, but please take your rhetoric and media views elsewhere. They have no place in Congress or the House where only facts should prevail.

How about less Peter, more Polly. Especially Polly's titties.

A multi-millionaire used a shotgun to silence a neighbors' burglar alarm next door to his £10 million St John's Wood home. Peter Shalson, 54, said to be worth £175 million after selling his coat hanger and packaging business, was speaking outside Southwark crown court where he was spared prison. He said: "This incident was a moment of irrationality. It happened during a period when I was under extreme business stress." Shalson was furious that the alarm was ringing incessantly while his neighbors Norman and Cindy Dawood were away. He said his wife Polly had been kept awake for hours.

He took a shotgun from his collection and fired two shots at the alarm box on the wall. He then forced his way inside through their French doors and smashed the device. He sent his neighbors a text message stating: "All quiet now." When the damage was discovered he initially lied about using a shotgun but finally owned up. Shalson admitted having a shotgun with intent to commit criminal damage and damaging property. Judge John Price ruled that he did not deserve a prison sentence and ordered him to do 200 hours community service and pay £520 in court costs.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christchurch? Hello?

Christchurch, New Zealand gets hit with a devastating earthquake a few months ago that just thoroughly fucks the city of Christchurch up, and it's big news although nobody seems to remember what outstanding hospitality these folks showed our Navy and Marines during WWII. Never heard it mentioned once in the news.  And they weren't just bystanders during the War, they lost thousands of their own also.
Then Japan, the fuckers that drew us into a war with a sneak attack, gets hammered by an earthquake and some water and all of a sudden the attention is all directed at them.
And now I can hardly get any news about New Zealand. What in the fuck is happening with them?
Hey, call me an asshole and cold-hearted, but to be honest about it I am more concerned about our allies and Brothers-In-Arms than I am against our former enemies.
Just sayin'.......

Bacon Salt

Woody came into work the other day and tossed me a spice jar and told me that his Love had thought of me when they were shopping.
A jar of Bacon Salt.
Bacon Salt. No shit.
Man, I spent half the night cooking shit just to try it out. My first thought and recipe was fried taters and motherfuckers, I damned near died it was so good. Then it was fried egg sammiches with the same result. Hard boiled eggs? Yup, yup. It was even good on bacon.
Tonight it was on fried baloney sammiches with ketchup. I almost came in my camo bibs. Then I tried it on homemade flour tortillas and damned near wrote out a will, it was so fucking good.
Then........ on strawberry ice crean. Not so good, the ice cream seriously fucked up the flavor. But 5 out of 6 ain't bad at all, huh?
Fuck me, I would almost sprinkle this stuff on pussy.........

I'm fucked. And you are too if you're reading this.

Sonofabitch, they got me on most of this.....

Camo Cat

My main Evil Cat loves the outside spring weather and lately I've been letting her out when I get home. Normally she stays in her and CharlieGodammits' backyard but last night I heard a catfight and opened my door to see Camouflage chase another cat across the street.
Isn't it Lane Luck that Camo ran the other cat in front of the car when she ran under it? The only car in sight?
When I got to her, she was bleeding from her nose, ears and mouth and her back was broke. Poor Baby, but she still had fire in her eyes.
I gave her a 22 caliber sleeping pill as quick as I could and wished her Godspeed as she went, then buried her between Hillary Clinton and Punkindog.
I know I did the right thing but somehow I've felt like shit all day long.

No Americans on the ground, huh?

President Obama has signed a secret presidential finding authorizing covert operations in Libya, a U.S. official told Fox News, although the administration says it still hasn't decided whether to arm rebel forces there.
Fox News story here

WASHINGTON -- The CIA has sent small teams of operatives into Libya and helped rescue a crew member of a U.S. fighter jet that crashed, and the White House said Wednesday it was assessing "all types of assistance" for rebels battling Moammar Gadhafi's troops.
Battlefield setbacks are hardening the U.S. view that the poorly equipped opposition probably is incapable of prevailing without decisive Western intervention, a senior U.S. intelligence official told The Associated Press.
AP article here

My day

Man, I'm 8 1/2 hours into a 10 hour shift and I get a voice mail from my niece, all fucking hysterical and I can't understand a word she's screaming. I call her and got the same shit so I went and pulled my boss out of a meeting with his boss and told him I had a family emergency and was outta there.
The only thing I could think of was that something had happened to Mom or Pops and could barely keep my speed down to an unticketable level for the 45 minute ride back to Modesto.
The emergency? Her (21 years old) and her brother (19 years old) got into an argument, he called her a bitch so she slapped him and he nutted up and punched a hole in his wall.
Seriously. That was it.
By that time Mom was home and wanted to talk it out between the 4 of us. I told her to let me handle it and sent my nephew to his room and my niece to hers.
Basically what you have are 2 youngsters that are unemployed, living with the folks that raised them (my sister died back in '97) and in each others' face 24/7 and frustrated with life and each other. Hell, I can see both of their points.
I talked to KP and told him to NEVER talk to a woman that way no matter what she said or did, then I talked to Audrey and told to NEVER touch a man in anger no matter what he said or did and I explained to both of them why. Fuck it, if you're pissed, go for a drive. Go kill a coyote or something - both of them looked at me kinda weird at that one -  told them that punching each others' buttons was wrong and allowing your button to be punched was just as fucked up.
All in all I was there a couple of hours trying to smooth things over and calm shit down. Basically what happened was KP was going to crash at a partners' house for a couple of days and let things blow over. Audrey was going to her girlfriends' house for a couple of days
And I'm driving home feeling all proud of myself when a fucked up thought crossed my mind.....
Who in the hell would've thought I would ever be the voice of reason?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A test to determine if you are an alcoholic

If you noticed the bar sign first, you're a drunk.
No fair, it was above the titties......

Never without a date.....

......And it ain't because he can lick his boogers.

That's our boy.......

Lathams' Tom Turkey



Folks, regular readers know that I won't promote a business of charity that I haven't done business with or strongly believe in but I think that here's one we can all feel for.
The Southern Christian Sportsmans' Devotional takes in youngsters that have serious illness and gives them the time of their their lives with a Dream Hunt and /or Fishing Trip.
Not only do they host the child but also their folks' as well.
Eric is a regular reader and a member of this fine charity and I thank him for his part in this ministry and for allowing me to post their work on my site. He describes his organization and friends as a bunch of good ol' boys that want to do right. Nothing more, nothing less.
Now, I want you to look at the smile on Lathams' face and tell me that don't make you smile as well. He has a memory that will always bring pride to his heart and a smile to his face no matter how difficult his life becomes or how much pain he endures. And his mama? It's a nice bonus for her love and devotion to her boy as well.
Hey, I know money is tight for all of us but PLEASE, if you can spare a few bucks here and there, kick it their way, no matter how small the donation.
Hey, I'm gonna get the ball rolling with a pledge of at least $20 a month. Can anybody out there match me? Even one person? It'll help. No need to acknowledge, just go to their website, get their address and help a child out.
-KennyLane (aka Wirecutter)

I need an Okie fix, folks.

I was running kinda sorta early this morning so instead of taking Hwy 132 with traffic into work this morning, I hung a right after I crossed the river and was cruising down Durham Ferry Road, singing along with Drivin' and Cryin', enjoying the morning air and generally just enjoying life. It's not a route I take often but when I do I always wonder why I don't drive it every day.
I was doing about 45 without another car in sight - hell, other than the occasional farmhouse, there were no lights at all - keeping an eye out for critters in the roadway, when all of a sudden I heard a WHACK! on my windshield, about 3 times louder than a pebble bouncing off of it. Now I've never been in a vehicle that's been hit in the windshield by gunfire but that was the first thing that crossed my mind so I hit my high beams, stood on the gas and started weaving erratically from one lane to the other for a couple of miles until I was sure I was clear of the impact zone if it was intentional which I seriously doubt, but who wants to take that chance?
Once I got to work I got out and checked my windshield and bigger than shit there was a small crater about the size of a dime almost dead center - actually a tad low and a couple inches to my right of center. The fucking glass wasn't chipped, it was crystallized and I can actually feel it from the inside.

The only thing I can think of is that I was clipped by a stray round that was almost spent, probably from a coyote, possum or coon hunter. No big deal, shit happens.
So now on top of everything else I can't afford, I have a windshield to replace because once the weather hits 100 or above in a few weeks, that motherfucker will spiderweb like crazy and probably leak if it rains again.
Does anybody have a quick cheap fix that I can try to keep that from happening?
Fuck, my insurance has a $500 deductible and between my regular bills and a much needed tune-up on my truck, that's gonna put me on Top Ramen for the next three months.
Any cheap fixes you folks could give me would be much appreciated. It ain't gotta be permanent (although that would be nice) but if it could just get me through the high heat of summer.......

Monday, March 28, 2011

I know, I'm a puss....

No posts.
I had a bitch of a day, my back hurts, hell, I couldn't even cook dinner after I got in but that was mostly because I stopped and had a few with the boys after work.
Sonofabitch, I almost wish I'd taken Pops' advice and went beyond the 11th grade but I really don't think them college boys are doing a whole lot better right now.
On the good side, CharlieGodammit didn't kill or bite anybody while I was at work today....


Springtime, Bella!

My long-lost daughter

CAMEL TOE!!!!!!!!!


Headed your way

Two reporters missing in Syria

LONDON -- International news agency Reuters says two of its journalists have gone missing in Syria.
Reuters said television producer Ayat Basma and cameraman Ezzat Baltaji, both Lebanese nationals, failed to make it to the Lebanese border as planned on Saturday evening, and could not be reached by telephone.
The agency reported Sunday that a senior editor planned to travel to the capital Damascus to speak to Syrian officials.


It never ceases to amaze me that everybody always seems shocked or dismayed when their reporters come up missing in a war zone or an area troubled by unrest.
I mean seriously, you've got a bunch of pissed off and suspicious young men with weapons.......

Sunday, March 27, 2011

NATO to assume control over Libya

I'm reading here and there that very shortly the US is going to hand over Operation Bootinyernuts to NATO and we're going to be pretty much done with it.
Excuse me? That sounds all well and good except that the US forces in Europe pretty much are NATO. Hell, I can tell you from experience that at least in West Germany in the 70s and 80s, the US Army and Air Force had a stronger military presence than Germany herself did. It wasn't German aircraft taking off from Rhein Main or Sembach or Spangdalem or Ramstein for CAPs. It wasn't German troops that spent the winters out in the field. It wasn't German forces that went on alert once a month or more. It was NATO (interpet that US) troops.
Now I know there was a big drawdown of troops once the Cold War ended - matter of fact, the kaserne that I was stationed at for 3 wonderful years is now an industrial park - but you can't tell me that the German forces are the main players there now.
So we're going to hand over the reins to NATO. Big fucking deal. I can doubledamn guarantee you that we'll still be flying as many missions then as we are now. Maybe even more because you know that France will find a way to surrender or just quit and somebody will have to take up their slack.
Word games, Obama. Word games.
Fuck you.

You can run but you can't hide.....

I found this article at Sipsey Street Irregulars and thought you might find it interesting.


A favorite pastime of Internet users is to share their location: services like Google Latitude can inform friends when you are nearby; another, Foursquare, has turned reporting these updates into a game.

But as a German Green party politician, Malte Spitz, recently learned, we are already continually being tracked whether we volunteer to be or not. Cellphone companies do not typically divulge how much information they collect, so Mr. Spitz went to court to find out exactly what his cellphone company, Deutsche Telekom, knew about his whereabouts.
The results were astounding. In a six-month period — from Aug 31, 2009, to Feb. 28, 2010, Deutsche Telekom had recorded and saved his longitude and latitude coordinates more than 35,000 times. It traced him from a train on the way to Erlangen at the start through to that last night, when he was home in Berlin.
Go here for the full article


I very seldom keep my cell phone with me (usually only when I'm going back and forth to work) and when I do actually have it with me, most of the time it's either off or on silent - not necessarily because I don't want my whereabouts tracked but because the damn thing is a pain in the ass. I don't need a fucking leash.
I'm serious, I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally left it in my locker at work over the weekend and didn't even realize it until I came back to work the following week.
Hell, even when I do have it with me I won't answer it. Leave a message and I may get back to you.......
Fuck, now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder where that sonofabitch is at?

You've been warned


Another "Aw Fuck" moment in time

And people are actually promoting this?

Sunday morning gagger

Check out how her knees are flat from all the time she's spent on them.