Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, it has officially happened. I have 1,000,000 visits on this run of sitemeter.
I started the blog back in august of 08 and installed sitemeter then, then took it off after about a year then reinstalled it about a year later under a different account.
I actually passed the One Million mark a couple months ago according to my calculations but now it's official unless the fucking liberals out there want a recount.


My top 3 posts for comments are respectively:
The Big Bad Wolf with 115 comments,
My Hippie Gassing post with 113 comments and
III to III with 73 comments.
All three figures include my replies to other commenters, so I have no idea how many actual reader comments there are. I'm too fucking lazy to count them up.


Here's a shot of my top referring sites:

Lots of III as referrals, I'm proud to say. Thank you Irish, Sam, North, and Craig. I'm proud to counted amongst you folks as well as so many others like CA, MissV, Israel, and Brock.


Here's a list of my Top 10 Most Viewed Posts:

Camel toes, titties and drunk chicks. Why am I not surprised......
The one thing that did surprise me, and still does is the post at the bottom of the list, especially the first photo. You can find it HERE.


And finally, a chart showing my monthly hits for the past year:

You can see I was just loping along at about 24, 000 hits until November when my fucking hits almost tripled. What happened that month, you ask? Why, I gassed that fucking hipping on the second of November is what happened, man. Instant fame and notoriety. My 15 minutes, you know?

The dip last month is because of the two weeks I "quit" blogging, but I'm well on my way to recovering.


Now, the things that I either started or had a big hand in:

The III to III movement - Near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons - if you're not familiar with it, click the button near the top of my sidebar.

Gun pictures - I do believe that I am the first blogger to encourage folks to send in pictures of their guns for publication.

Dogs - same thing here. Does anybody else know of any other blog that will publish pictures of your best friends?

Milfy Mondays - What can I say. A couple of other bloggers have also picked up on it, but I'm honestly fucking dumbfounded as to why that hasn't taken off like Rule 5 did.


Are you bored now? Then scroll on down and check out Milfy Mondays.