Saturday, February 23, 2013

Knutz and Greg/Abdul

Here's the latest - and my reply to him. He's bound to catch on soon, huh?
For those of you that are seeing this for the first time, this fucking ayrab is trying to spam me out of some money. You can catch the full string over the last couple day's posts. If you don't feel like wading through all the shit to find the gem, go HERE and then HERE

From: greg oden <>
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 11:23 AM
Subject: RE: Sorry to bother you

Dear Knutz,
Sorry about the lost of Ken, Please try as much as possible to send the money to me by Monday so that i can sort out the bills and also take my flight back home. I don't have much time and the Doctor said i have to deposit the money before anything. Please do this for me and i will be very happy. Greg


Okay man, I'll get the money to you but I need a favor from you first before I do. Nothing in this world is free, you know?
Because I'm wheelchair bound I don't have much of a social life and rely on masturbation for relief. I need naked pictures of your cousin, okay? If she's comatose, you can just prop her up into suggestive poses. And please hide the diseased parts of her body, I'm not a sicko or anything like that. Nothing turns a man off like rotting flesh.

By the way, Keister says hi and she would like to send you naked pictures too along with a small check. I'd advise against looking too closely at the pictures as she went to Mexico for her sex change operation because it was cheaper there. You get what you pay for though. Her vagina is about an inch off center and her clitoris is kind of sideways. But if you're used to oriental women it's nothing you can't get past.
Remember, if I don't get naked pictures of your cousin, you don't get any money. I need some serious jack-off material here.


taminator013 said...

That is about one of the sickest things I've ever read. I can't wait to get a request for money like that so that I can steal your idea.............keep up the great work.

wirecutter said...

Dude, you want to see some sick-ass shit, hit the archives.

Spiro said...

So Funny yet so crazy have not laughed that much for a long time.

hiswiserangel said...

And what are you going to do if you get pics of some naked comatose chick?

wirecutter said...

Post 'em, of course.

Devil Tongue said...

LMFAO, HWA, you asked, there fore the response is leggit and binding!

I actually look forward to having the telemarketers call, they are a riot when they do not speak our language.

timbo said...

Hahaha! Lord I hope we get pics!

Anonymous said...

One of my brothers fucked with one of these bastard`s for about a year one time before they caught on . These fuckers had posted profile pictures that looked like some thing clipped out of a porno magazine . OH ! she desperately needed 7000.00! . Where they came up with that number is anybody`s guess . Ha ! Oscar O.

Sara said...

Ohhhhh man, that's hysterical type sick, lmao!

tripseven said...

That's funny shit WC!

Reminds me when I received a ton of emails phishing me for bank account info daily. I got sick of this crap coming from the same person so I wrote a small program to auto-fill the form on their half-ass-wanna-be-bank-look-alike website with disturbing entries. I set the program in motion and left for work. By the time I got home there were over 10,000 forms sent before my program crashed. Why did the program crash? The website no longer existed...haha MFers!