Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blocking internet trolls

Hey, a while back when I was having problems with a commenting troll, one of my regular readers sent me a link to block them.
I need that link again if you'll be kind enough to re-send it.
My ex (who I've blocked from my email adress) has been using this blog to track me and has been using the comment forum to leave nasty messages for me and while I could give a flying fuck if she knows what I'm up to, I just don't care to hear from her anymore.
AT&T blocks her texts and redirects any calls, but my blog seems to be her last resort and while I have commenting moderation to keep her from posting, I want her out of my life so help me out if you please........

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sorry, folks. I'm gone.

Post are gonna be tight for the next couple of days.
I'm on vacation this week and after getting bills caught up, my truck back in shape and some lightweight work around the house done, I realized I haven't had a real vacation in quite some time.
So today I packed up my rifle, git kit and CharlieGoddamit and hit the road to find a coyote to shoot at or for CGD to fight. So far this year it's CGD 2, me 0 and I aim to catch up if he'll let me.
The trip down was leisurely (I'm presently at the Flying J Truck Stop north of Bakersfield and no Deb, I ain't scoring meth), it took me 10 hours for a 4 hour drive and I'm spending the night here if I can find someplace nearby to camp.
Tomorrow we're headed into the desert to hunt, then a drive back up 395, hunting along the way, then over Ebbits Pass and home by Saturday afternoon.
Cousin Buddy is making his annual visit on his way home from the Imperial Valley (no Deb, he didn't score no meth passing through Barstow) where he winters and he's set up a Haggard/Horton family get together for Saturday evening. I don't want to miss that because I'm hoping his cousin Merle will be there - I've never met Merle although we're related in a very roundabout way. And yeah, if he shows up, you can be doubledamned sure I'll post pictures of us together.
So anyways, bear with me, hit the archives and I'll see y'all soon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm in love. Again.

Gotta get some

Thank God......


They're not kidding when they say "Out patients" are they?

Damned smoke nazis

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Police say a Southern California father shot at his adult son for leaving cigarette butts in the backyard.
The Monday morning shooting led to a 90 minute lockdown of a nearby Anaheim elementary school.
Police Sgt. Rick Martinez says 68-year-old John Bennem found the cigarette butts and became angry. The Los Angeles Times says Bennem pulled out a handgun and marched his son into the backyard to show him the butts. 
Martinez says Bennem fired a shot, but it didn't strike the son.
The man surrendered to police after a brief standoff outside the home.
Bennem was booked for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I read a post somewhere the other day on bartering, something I do when I can can, being perpetually short on cash money and I thought I'd post something on my experiences today.
Bartering is nothing more than trading one service (or goods) for something you need want or gotta have. Simple as that. It leaves no records of transactions and best of all, no motherfucking taxes for either party. It can be anything that you can do for something you need as long as both parties are in agreement.
My truck has been getting worse and worse gas mileage and I have my registration due soon, requiring a smog check. Total cost for a full tune-up and smog check will run me about $500 - I've got the money but don't want to part with it if I don't have too. So today I wander down to my mechanics' garage (who I've bartered with before) to see how I can knock down the price.
"Hey Eddie, what's happening?"
"Hey Brudder (Eddie's an Iraqi Christian and a BAD motherfucker, been doing business with him for years), what can I do for you?"
"I need a tune-up and smog check, can you hook me up?"
"Yeah, for you I do it cheap. How's your mudder?"
"Meaner than ever. You need any work done? Something to knock down the price a little?"
"Yeah. I was going to call you next week. I need satellite for my TV hooked up in my house. You do that for me like at my old house? I just charge you for smog that way."
"How many rooms?"
"Four is all. Throw in 250 rounds of 45 ammo and bring in your truck tomorrow. I make it priority."
"You got the gear and dish?"
"Yeah, from my old house. Can you do it this weekend? We move in next week."
"Done. Hug your wife for me. Fuck Obama."
"Fuck Obama, Brudder."
There you have it. My total cost? Less than 50 bucks for the smog certificate and 4 hours of labor.
The beauty of this is you can trade anything from yardwork to house cleaning to reloading to fish and game. Seriously, my doctor cuts my bill in half as long as I bring him some fish after my visit. I painted the window sills on my vets' house for CGDs' shots last month.
With a little imagination you can swap shit you don't have for services, and then trade for things you do have to somebody else to pay for those services.
You'd be surprised at what you can do with folks that you've done business with and are trusted. Build up a little rapport with your tradesmen and give it a shot. Nobody likes to pay taxes and everybody need SOMETHING done.
It can't hurt to at least ask, right?

Recognizes muslim hloidays, ignores the Christian ones.

What a fucking punk.
Can you tell that the spokesman was dodging the question about Wingnut issuing a simple fucking statement about Easter?

- From Green Mountains Homesteading, a great site by a True Patriot.

CharlieGodammit, the Ambassador of 5 Points

I did a shitload of running today and was just about wore out, so I kicked back in my BassPro Camouflage Easy Chair for a nap. Just about the time I was hitting a good nod, CharlieGodammit came running in the back door with Tug in his mouth and dropped it in my lap, ready for a rowdy game.
Tug is 2 feet of 1" hemp rope tied in a figure 8 in case you're wondering. You can guess why it's called Tug.
Anyways, I got up and went out and let CGD yank me all over the backyard for a while until he loosened his grip to get a better purchase, then I snatched it away and teased him with it, making him run in circles, laughing at him and calling him a pussy.
Yeah, it was funny until he got tired of that shit and bit me on the ass, the motherfucker.

A little while later, he brings me his leash. The motherfucker loves to go for a walk around the block especially during the warm months - not for the weather, he doesn't give a shit if it's raining or what, but because in the summer all the kids are playing in their front yards and he gets pettin's from each and every one of them.
I swear to God, it takes me a half hour to walk him around the block because he's got to stop and get attention from all of them. They all know his name and come running over when they see him.
What's cool is that when he sees one, he doesn't yank my arm off, he just stops and sits until they come to him. And what's funny is that he won't allow an adult to come near a kid as long as they're with him. Seriously. I've had parents approach and he'll snarl until I stop them, then turn back to the kid and start washing their little faces again. Yet, let the parents approach without the kid and he's perfectly fine with them.
The little boy next street over has gone from "DOG! DOG!" when he sees us to "CHAWIEGODAMMIT" in just the past month or so. It's so fucking cute.....

Gas coupons? Might as well be.....


A gift from TexasFred

Ooooh, that'll work. Sanctions always work. Ask Iran.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration has begun drawing up targeted sanctions against Syrian President Bashar Assad and his inner circle, officials said Monday, as the White House escalated U.S. condemnation of the increasingly violent crackdown against anti-government protesters in which more than 300 people have been killed.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

That's just mean. Funny as hell, but mean.....

A little lower and a lot deeper next time, okay?

How to behave during an islamic massacre

Stolen from Mr. G at My Daily Kona

You may have asked the wrong person, buddy.

I saw a one legged muslim with no arms at the ATM today.
He asked me to check his balance.........
So I pushed him over.

-Texas Fred

Yeah, riiiiight, Mom.

So I sitting at my folks' house after dinner, burpin' and fartin' with a belly full of pig meat done 900 different ways when Mom looks straight at me and asks "Are you going to come over Friday and watch the Royal Wedding with me, Son?"
I was fucking speechless. I looked at her, not really believing she would ask me such a question and finally said "Ahhhh, no. I believe I'll pass on that one."
Everybody in the room fell out laughing except Dad.
He leaned over and whispered "Fuck, you had me worried. For a second there I thought you were actually considering it."

My God, a Black Wirecutter!

I love this motherfucker!!!!

Remind me to never piss them off

My neighbor across the street had married my pharmicist and shortly moved out because his new family had suddenly outgrown their home.
He rented the place out to a guy that said it was just him, his daughter and a roomie.
Well, guess what.
It turned into 4 or 5 adults living there with a BOY, and a non-stop party.
A couple of months ago, I heard an argument in the street and I jumped out and told the motherfuckers to either put it in the car or back in the house and the next thing I know, the cops are beating on my door saying I threatened them with a gun.
I invited the nice officers inside and explained things to them. They must've believed me, seeing as I didn't go to jail.
Yesterday, when I was picking up my blood pressure meds, Sarah asked how things we're going. I told her about the problems and she gave me her hubby's number, said if there were any more problems, to give him a call. She also mentioned that Bens' brother was on the local force.
Tonight, there was a problem. Loud music, shit being talked in the street, cars blocking driveways. I called Ben and within 15 minutes, cops were everywhere. I walked outside and explained who I was and they asked me to identify the cars that belonged to the neighbors on either side, explained that they had knocked on the door across the street with no answer and they were going to start issuing citations.
Not only that, but had they towed every fucking car that was even slightly blocking a driveway.
I'm glad me and Ben are on good terms........