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Pandering to the illegals again

I'm going to put all the shit that pisses me off in the story below in italics.


Obama expands “hardship” waiver for illegal immigrants

The Obama administration on Friday proposed new hardship rules that would make it easier for illegal immigrants to apply for legal status and stay in the country if they have a spouse or parent already living here legally.
Immigrant-rights groups called the move a “tremendous” victory while those who favor a crackdown on illegal immigration said it is another step in what they describe as administrative amnesty.
Homeland Security officials, who announced the change in the Federal Register, said the change only applies when an illegal immigrant has a family member living in the U.S. legally and who would be subject to “hardship” if they were separated from each other.
Under the current system, it takes an average of six months for the government to judge waiver cases, and illegal immigrant applicants are required to go home during that period. The new rule means the illegal immigrant can stay in the U.S. during the adjudication period.
“The goal is to reduce the time of separation and alleviate the extreme hardship to a United States citizen, as the law currently intends,” said Alejandro Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Nowhere to cut spending? Bullshit!!!

Check all this shit out.
Be patient, it takes a little bit to load.

Thanks to Don for sending in the link.

More from the emails, and Sammy's pissed

I swear to god I have a life...
...I really do...but your blog seenms like a legit outlet for pointing out the fed's bullshit, warts and all,
instead of puking the "post-spin" shit that circulated the most widely.
This pissed me off.
Strikes me as EXACTLY something that the guv would've done to the peasants in Mother Russia back in the day.
Is this where we're headed, do you think?
Y'know, I wonder how many lists I'm gonna wind up on before this shit's over...
Anyway, like I said, this is gay as hell and the biggest fear to me is the "Fuck you, we'll do to you what we want and voting means dick because we can make the results look like whatever we want them to be." attitude. The 2000 Ohio election proved it, but I still thank god Gore didn't wind up in the WH. But I digress.
Here she is:
My prayers to those poor folks.
Thank you for your blog, brutha.
"Arf!" to Charliegodammit

From the emails

why do you fuck up a good threeper site with jokes and pictures? stay on subject please.
mike iii

My snappy reply:
Just trying to maintain a good sense of humor, Brother. Looks you need to spend a lot more time on here. Life ain't all doom and gloom.

Seriously though, this was a humor site long before it was a Threeper/Political/Fuck Obama site - go back and check the archives and you'll see there were NO politics on here at all in the beginning. Nothing but jokes, pictures, thoughts and funny stories about my life.
It wasn't until we started getting shit rammed down our throats that I started getting vocal about my political views.

I Pledge Allegiance.....

- Stretch

The 1000 yard coyote

Greybull Precision
Thanks to Irish of The Feral Irishman for sending me the link.


Damn, that's a long shot.
I shoot a crappy ol' Bushnell 3x9 on my 22-250 and I can count the times on 1 hand that I've taken it off 3 power. Missed both times, too.
My shots are pretty much limited to 300 yards tops, due to terrain and my own shooting abilities and at 300, the bullet only drops an inch and a quarter with a 200 yard zero, so I can pretty much just hold dead on to that range. Besides, that 22-250 starts to bleed off pretty rapidly after that.

Resist. Always resist.


"Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense"……..Winston Churchill, Oct 29, 1941

I do not know the author of the following article but he has a point. Surrender is not an option and this article make a good case for that position.

The Phases of Surrender

The first phase of surrender is failing to be armed, trained and committed to fight. We are prepared to surrender when we are unprepared to resist.

The second phase of surrender is failing to be alert. You must see trouble coming in order to have time to respond. The warning may be less than one second but it will be there and it must be recognized and acted upon immediately.

The Third phase of surrender is giving up your weapons.

The last phase of surrender is up to the monsters who have taken control of your life and perhaps the lives of your loved ones. The last phase of surrender is out of your hands.

Surrender during war

During the American Revolution 12,000 Colonists captured by the British died in captivity on prison ships, while only 8,000 died in battle. Had the 12,000 who surrendered continued to fight many would have survived and they could have done great damage to the British and likely shortened the war.

Civil War prisoners were treated so badly that some 50,000 died in captivity. More Americans have been killed by Americans than by any foreign army in any war. Six hundred eighteen thousand (618,000) Americans died in the Civil War.

As many as 18,000 captured American and Filipino prisoners died or were murdered at the hands of the Japanese during the six days of the "Bataan Death March." Had most of these soldiers slipped into the jungle and fought as guerrillas they could have tied up elements of the Japanese Army for months or years and perhaps more of them would have survived the war.

Of the Americans who actually reached Japanese prison camps during the war, nearly 50,000 died in captivity. That is more than 10 percent of all the American military deaths in the entire war in both the Pacific and European theaters combined.

In addition to the 50,000 captured Americans who died in Japanese prison camps an additional 20,000 were murdered before reaching a prison camp. If those 70,000 Americans had continued to fight, they could have provided time for the United States to build and maneuver its forces, perhaps shortening the war and saving even more lives. Some of them would have likely survived the war. If they had all died in battle their fate would have been no worse.

During the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge American soldiers were massacred by the German troops who captured them.

During the Vietnam conflict many American Prisoners Of War were tortured daily for years by the Communist North Vietnamese. Many Americans died during the process. Only Officers (Aviators) held in North Vietnam were ever repatriated. Enlisted Americans captured in South Viet Nam were routinely tortured, mutilated and murdered by the Communists. As a combat soldier and knowing my fate should I be captured, I was committed to fighting to the death. I made specific plans to force the enemy to kill me rather than allow myself to be captured.

In recent years, American troops captured by Islamic terrorists groups have virtually all been tortured and murdered in gruesome fashion. If I were fighting in the Middle East, I would make a similar vow and plan to fight to the death. Under no circumstances would I allow myself to be captured by our Islamic enemies.

Death by Government

R.J. Rummel, who wrote the book, "Death by Government" states that prior to the 20th Century; 170 million civilians were murdered by their own governments. Historians tell us that during the 20th Century perhaps as many as 200 million civilians were murdered by their own governments.

Some of the Nations where the mass murder of civilians occurred during the 20th Century include Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, The Congo, Uganda, Armenia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Nigeria, Laos, China, Cuba, Manchuria, Iraq, Iran, Biafra, Rwanda and many others. The slaughter of civilians by governments appears to be as common as not.

Most of these slaughters were only made possible by disarming the victims before killing them. Had these people resisted, their fate would have been no worse and perhaps better. Resistance is much more difficult after the government has already taken the means of resistance away from the people. Planned genocide has been the primary reason for weapon confiscation throughout history.

Jews and others who surrendered to the Nazis were murdered in slave labor camps by the millions. Had all the Jews in Europe resisted when the Nazis started rounding them up they could have made the Nazis pay an enormous price for the holocaust. The fact that Hitler confiscated guns in 1936 made resistance far less feasible.

Had the Jews in Germany resisted, the outcome may have been the same but the world would have learned about the holocaust years earlier and may have intervened. Most people would prefer to die fighting and trying to kill their oppressor, than be taken off to a death camp and starved to death or murdered in a gas chamber.

William Ayers, former leader of the Terrorist organization The Weather Underground, and close friend of Barack Obama, told his followers in the Weather Underground, “When we (Communist Revolutionaries) take over the United States, we will have to kill 25 million Americans.” He was referring to those who would never submit to a Communist takeover. Those who would refuse to deny and reject the Constitution would have to be murdered. If this sounds impossible, remember that Genocide by Government was the leading cause of death in the last Century.

Surrendering to Criminals

The Onion Field Murder in California was a wake up call to Law Enforcement Officers everywhere. On March 9, 1963, two Los Angeles Police Department officers were taken prisoner by two criminals. The Officers submitted to capture and gave up their weapons.
They were driven to an onion field outside of Bakersfield.
One Officer was murdered while the other Officer managed to escape in a hail of gunfire. The surviving Officer suffered serious psychological case, having been unable to save his partner. As a result of this incident, the LAPD policy became, “You will fight no matter how bad things are.” “You will never ever surrender your weapons or yourself to a criminal.”

Consider the Ogden, Utah record store murders. Read the book if you do not know the story. The manner in which the criminals murdered their young victims cannot be described here. Resistance might have been futile. Compliance was definitely and absolutely futile.

The courts in this country have ruled that the police have no legal obligation to protect anyone. Why do Law Enforcement Officials always tell civilians not to resist a criminal, while they tell their Officers to always resist and never surrender? Police administrators fear being sued by a civilian victim who gets hurt resisting. Furthermore, the police, like all government agencies derive their power by fostering dependence.

According to Professor John Lott's study on the relationship between guns and crime, a victim who resists with a firearm is less likely to be hurt or killed than a victim who cooperates with his attacker. His book is titled "More Guns, Less Crime."

The Doctor and his family in Connecticut complied and cooperated, meeting every demand of the home invasion robbers to whom they had surrendered. The Doctors wife and daughters were tortured, raped, doused with gasoline and burned alive. How did surrender and cooperation work out for them?

In another home invasion robbery, a kindly couple with 9 “adopted, special needs children,” surrendered to the robbers. The victims opened their safe and did not resist in any way. When the robbers where finished ransacking the home and terrifying the children, they shot both parents in the head several times before leaving. How did surrender and complete cooperation work out for them?

Handing over your life by surrendering to someone who is in the process of committing a violent crime against you is a form of suicide. Some survive but many do not. The monster gets to decide for you.

We have heard brutalized victims say, "The robber said that he would not hurt us if we cooperated." Why would you believe anything that someone who is committing a crime against you says? He will be lying if he speaks. As we say in law enforcement, “If a criminal’s lips are moving while he is speaking, he is lying.” Criminals by definition are dishonest and should never be trusted or believed.

You have no doubt heard friends say, I would not resist a criminal, after all why would he kill me? This is stupid and naive. In law enforcement, we call these people “Victims by Choice” (VBC). There could be a long list of reasons why a criminal would kill you despite your cooperation.

You may be of a different race, thus a different tribe. Only members of his tribe are actually human in his mind. He may feel hatred toward you because you have more than he does. Gratification from being in a position of total power is reason enough for some.

Criminals are sometimes members of a Satanic Cult who worship death such as the “Night Stalker” in California. Eliminating a potential witness is often cited as a reason to kill a victim. Sometimes criminals simply enjoy causing suffering and death. There are people who are in fact, pure evil. I have heard criminals say, “I killed her just to watch her die.”

A victim who begs for mercy can give his attacker a tremendous feeling of power which many criminals seem to enjoy. You cannot expect mercy from someone who does not know what mercy is.

We  each have a duty to ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, our community, our city, our state and our country to resist criminals. Reasoning with a thug who believes that his failures are because of people just like you is not likely to be helpful. Pleading with a terrorist who has been taught from birth that his salvation depends on murdering people like you is a doomed plan. Resist!

Resist! His gun may not be real. After you are tied up it will not matter. His gun may not be loaded. After you are tied up it will not matter. He may not know how to operate his gun. After you are tied up it will not matter. Resist!

Statistically if you run and your assailant shoots at you he will miss. Statistically if you run and he shoots and hits you, you will not die. Bad guys shooting at the police miss 90 percent of the time. The odds are on your side. Better to die fighting in place than to be tied up, doused with gasoline and burned alive. There are things worse than death. Surrender to a criminal or a terrorist and you will learn what they are. Resist!

If you resist with a commitment to win you may well prevail, especially if you are armed and trained. If you lose it is still better to die fighting in place than to be taken prisoner and have your head cut off with a dull knife while your screams gurgle through your own blood as we have witnessed on numerous videos from the Middle East, brought to us by the “Islamic practitioners of peace.”
Some who have refused to surrender.

History is filled with brave people who refused to surrender. Some of these men and woman have won their battles despite what seemed to be insurmountable odds. Others have gone down fighting and avoided being tortured to death. Some fought to the death to help or save others. Many have fought to the death for an idea or a belief.

When General Santa Ana (also the President of Mexico at the time) ordered 180 "Texacans" to surrender the Alamo, Col. Travis answered with “a cannon shot and a rebel yell.” Eventually General Santa Ana was able to build his troop strength to ten thousand. The Mexicans then swarmed the defenders and killed them all.

The battle of the Alamo delayed the Mexican Army long enough for Sam Houston to build his Texacan Army, which met and defeated the Mexican Army and captured General Santa Ana. General Santa Ana traded Texas for his life and the sacrifices of the Alamo defenders changed history.

Frank Luke was a heroic aviator in WWI. Shot down and wounded he refused to surrender when confronted by a German patrol. He killed 4 German soldiers with his 1911 Pistol before being killed. Luke was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

When his unit was pinned down by German Machine Guns and all of the Officers and non commissioned officers in his company were killed or wounded, Alvin York never considered surrendering. Instead, he attacked hundreds of German soldiers killing about 25 with his rifle and pistol and then captured 132 others by himself!

Most of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto (Poland) surrendered to the German Army. They were taken off to death camps and murdered. Between 400 and 1,000 Jews refused to surrender and armed with only a few pistols, revolvers and rifles, they held off the German Army for three months before dying in battle.

During the “Battle of the Bulge,” the 101st Airborne was surrounded by the German Army and ordered to surrender. Faced with overwhelming odds, the Commanding Officer of the 101st sent this reply to the Germans. "Nuts." The Americans refused to surrender and they stopped the German advance. Most of the Americans troops survived.

On Sept 2, 2010, 40 armed criminals took over and robbed a train in India. Some of the robbers had guns, others used knives and clubs. When they began to disrobe an 18 year old girl for the purpose of gang raping her, one of the passengers decided to fight. He was a 35 year old retired Gurkha soldier. He drew his Khukasri knife and attacked the 40 robbers. He killed three of the robbers and wounded 8 more despite his being wounded in this 20 minute fight. The remaining criminals fled for their lives leaving their stolen loot and eleven comrades dead or wounded on the floor of the train. The eight wounded robbers were arrested.

How does one man defeat 40? How does he summon the courage to fight such odds? He utilized all of the Principles of Personal Defense: Alertness, Decisiveness, Aggressiveness, Speed, Coolness, Ruthlessness, and Surprise. He was skilled in the use of his weapon. Most importantly, He refused to be a victim and allow evil to triumph!

If this one inspirational soldier can defeat 40 opponents using his knife, it would seem that we should all be able to defeat a group of armed criminals by using our firearms if we are professionally trained as was this heroic Gurkha soldier.

Final thoughts

How will you respond if you are confronted by evil as some of us have been in the past and some of us will be in the future? If you have not decided ahead of time what you will do, you will likely do nothing. Those who fight back often win and survive. Those who surrender never win and often die a horrible death. Have you made your decision? Remember, no decision is a decision to do nothing.

Avoiding da hood

Microsoft has been granted a patent for its “avoid ghetto” feature for GPS devices.

A GPS device is used to find shortcuts and avoid traffic, but Microsoft’s patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an “unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures.”
Created for mobile phones, the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route.

Damn, that would cut traffic considerably in Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta....... fuck, any city with a population over 20,000. Thanks for that, Obama.

Nothing important, Moochie. Just junk mail.

In a scathing letter sent to Barack Obama this morning, Senator Marco Rubio said that under the President’s first term in office, “more and more people have come to believe that America is becoming a deadbeat nation.”

Rubio went on to pledge that he would challenge any further increase in the debt ceiling, arguing that “we [Congress] need to make it routine to actually spend no more than we take in.” In the letter obtained by HUMAN EVENTS, the Florida Senator said that President Obama’s upcoming request to increase the debt ceiling by a whopping $1.2 trillion will cause the nation’s public debt to surpass the $16 trillion mark.

“I will oppose your request to continue borrowing and spending recklessly.”
To see the letter, go HERE.


Don't know why he'd pay attention to Rubio, he never heard a fucking thing the American people tried to tell him.

That's right, I'M A WINNER!!!!!!

Finally, somebody realizes my talents for what they are. I'm not just some anonymous Charlie Manson looking motherfucker that skulks around in the middle of the night shooting coyotes. I am now an officially recognized internationally known  blogger and Charlie Manson looking motherfucker that skulks around in the middle of the night shooting coyotes.
 And here it is:

Welcome to the first annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere! Conservative Bloggers may be the Chopped Liver of the Right, but in my eyes they are the finest cuts of the very best red meat, and now it is time to recognize the bestiest of that best. Here are your winners of the Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere who kicked ass all over the interwebz in 2011:

Best Blogs from Kick-ass U.S. Military Vets: Knuckledraggin my life away and The Anti-Liberal Zone

And there it is, folks, in black and white and red. Indisputable proof. And I didn't even have to pay Mare to mention me.

Seriously, it is nice to get some recognition. I do appreciate it very much. Thank you, Mare, You Rock.

For the rest of the list, go to here to Zilla of the Resistance. While you're there, check out the rest of her blog and if you like what you see (and I know you will) drop a buck or two in her tip jar.
Mare's one of those people that is suffering because of the economy but instead of laying over and whining about it and waiting for the government to come and make her life all better, she's using the tools she has to fight back.

Awww...... Young love.

Just sayin'

Friday, January 06, 2012

I hate to bust your bubble.....

.....but he's a fucking sissydog.
Here I went and made a nice post about his gift and when me and Miss Lisa were playing cards I looked down and saw CharlieGodammit gnawing on one of his regular rawhides, with that big-ass bone laying directly behind him.
I figured it would be about a 3 day bone, but he's going to have to play some serious catch-up to get that done, even he starts on it when he finishes this one in about an hour.
It'll probably be one of those trips to where that bone lays around the house underfoot for about a week and then one day we'll look up and see CharlieGodammit just finishing it off, licking his chops and burping and farting.
Kinda sorta like what happened to the cat.

If I had been a Founding Father.....

Although I probably wouldn't have been so polite.

Somebody's having a good weekend

I've been at this blogging bullshit for about 3 and a half years now and I've made a lot of changes to the format, content, background, shit like that. One of the most recent additions was a "Buy me a box of ammo or CGD a bone" gadget.
CharlieGodammit has cleaned up, Jack.
Now I don't get a lot of donations (and I'm not bitching, believe me) but fully 90% of the ones I do get come with a note attached: For CharlieGodammit.
Now I realize he's better looking than I am, meaner, and probably smarter too, but I really wonder what is the fucking attraction here for you folks? Seriously?

Then last week a mystery reader sent me an email saying she had a gift for Charlie but needed an address. I finally got over there and picked it up, wondering what in the fuck was in that box and when I got home me and CGD opened it together.
It was the biggest motherfucking rawhide bone I had ever seen.

"Holy shit, is that mine?"

He ain't wasting no time at all, is he?
I don't want to hear a word about the mess in my safe.

Compare the size of the bone to the Mini-14. Yes, it was unloaded when I leaned it against my ruck.

So yeah, this should keep him busy for the next couple of nights.
Thank you, Mystery Friend, whoever you are.

Straight-Up White Trash, God bless 'er

The Freaky Chick and her Midget du joir

I just knew y'all were dying to see another picture of the freaky chick and her midget du joir.
Same chick, you can tell by the cross implanted under her skin.
Thanks to Irish for sending this one in. Great minds think alike.

Paybacks are a bitch

Actually when you stop to think about it, ol' Gurvinder couldn't do any worse than the Obamessiah.

Fucker oughta be shot

Check out his shirt.
Not only should he be shot but the motherfucker that manufactured them should be drawn and quartered and his factory turned into a pigsty.


- Irish

Thursday, January 05, 2012

I'm moving to Virginia!!!

King George County officials have made it clear that it’s fine to shoot coyotes, even with high-powered rifles that aren’t allowed during hunting season.
State game officials also encourage residents to shoot any coyote that wanders into their gun sights. The wild canines aren’t native to Virginia, and they can pose a threat to smaller game animals, such as rabbits, squirrels and wild turkeys, as well as livestock and even pets.
“If you can shoot a coyote, by all means, do it, as long as it’s a safe and ethical shot,” said Mike Dye, a district wildlife biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
“We have no problems with it, absolutely not.”
The growing population—or colonization, as Dye puts it—of coyotes in the Fredericksburg region has been discussed numerous times in recent years. The animals are native to the West, but started showing up in Virginia counties in the 1980s and seemingly have spread throughout the state.

Thanks to Skidmark for this shining star of a story during these dark political times.

I am truly at a loss for words here.

Now they want to use the Constitution?

Carney Defends Cordray Recess Appointment: "Constitution Trumps Gimmicks"
White House press secretary Jay Carney says Senate Republicans gaveling in and gaveling out for seven seconds does not constitute a recess. Therefore, Carney argues, President Obama operated in a legal manner when he appointed Richard Cordray to head the consumer protection board.

"Our assessment is that Congress has been in recess, and had made every indication that it will be in recess for a sustained period of time. And that gaveling in and gaveling out for seven seconds does not constitute a recess with regard to the President's constitutional authority," Carney said at Thursday's briefing.

"Let's take the other, I guess Laura's question, somebody else says the other side, the other extreme here which is that if these gimmicks were all the Senate needed to do to prevent the president from exercising his constitutional authority -- any president -- then no president would ever be able to exercise [it]," Carney contended.

"We're saying this a gimmick versus a Constitutionally-enshrined authority and we feel very comfortable as a legal matter that the Constitution trumps gimmicks. Thanks."

No Dogs Or Politicians Allowed

New Hampshire Restaurant Bans Politicians
(PORTSMOUTH, N.H)  Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch in Portsmouth is so sick of White House “wannabes” they’ve put up a sign out front that reads “No Politicians, No Exceptions.”
“We had some disturbances with politicians coming in and tying up the dining room, slowing down and spreading their agenda and just interrupting our clienteles’ breakfast and disrupting the atmosphere,” a waiter named Andrew told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
“This has happened 5 or 6 times since the summer and we’re kinda fed up with it.”

God, I miss summer.

Not that I hang around beaches, but still.....

You papers, please

DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint

Staff of Florida Social Security office not informed of drill, Homeland Security officials refused to talk to media

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, January 5, 2012

Residents of Leesburg, Florida were shocked to see their local Social Security office turned into a random Homeland Security checkpoint Tuesday morning, as DHS officers armed with semiautomatic rifles and accompanied by sniffer dogs checked identifications of locals.
“With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle, randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building,” reports the Daily Commercial.
The activity was part of Operation Shield, an unannounced drill conducted by the DHS’ Federal Protective Service centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.”
The activity was part of Operation Shield, an unannounced drill conducted by the DHS’ Federal Protective Service centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.”
Thomas Milligan, district manager for the Social Security Administration office, said staff were not informed their offices were about to be stormed by armed FPS officers. DHS officials refused to answer questions asked by local media and left with no explanation at noon.
“Part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FPS is the federal law enforcement agency that provides integrated security and law enforcement services to over 9,000 federally-owned and leased buildings, facilities, properties and other assets,” states the report.
Indeed, the FPS is used for a variety of roles, not just limited to setting up unannounced ID checkpoints.
As part of the reinvention of the Department of Homeland Security to serve as a tool of political repression, the Federal Protective Service is used by the DHS to track the political activities of peaceful advocacy groups.


Smacks of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, doesn't it?
I wonder how long it's going to be before some honest, law-abiding citizen that's not in the mood to be fucked with tells them to kiss his ass and then resists with gunfire when they rush him to make him submit?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Founding Fathers posts

A few days ago I started a series on our Founding Fathers and since then I've gotten a couple of emails asking questions about some of them.

I can't answer those questions. I am not schooled in the Constitution or law in any, way shape or form, not even home schooled. I'm in the process of doing that with the Constitution now and it looks like it's gonna be a l-o-n-g fucking process. Oh well, if I'm gonna talk shit I better be able to back my mouth up.
I really never gave the Constitution a lot of attention (more than most folks, less than others) before but events over the past 3 or 4 years have piqued (fancy word - sorry) my interest in our Nations' beginnings and the men that stepped off for Freedom. Sure, I took US Government and History in high school and I've read a little mostly in the form of overall period history, but I'm really surprised at what I didn't know.
Anyways, a few weeks ago I re-read a book called "The Rifleman" by John Brick that I had read as a kid, and Miss Lisa brought me home a copy of Gingrich's "To Try Men's Souls", both of them great books. Naturally after reading these I started researching some of the people mentioned in the books which got me deeper and deeper. Next thing I know, I'm reading about fuckers I never heard of.

But I came up with an idea for posts: As long as I'm reading this and learning that, why not post what I find and let you folks learn about them too? We can learn together, kind of like a singalong.
Obviously I can't post everything I read about any particular person but I try to find the most clear and concise article I can and post that for you.
I'll do them every few days, no set schedule or particular order, until I run out of them.
But one thing I've been finding out from Day 1 is that the image a lot of us have of them being wise men that magically thought this shit up and then signed off on it and then had a big party before they went and killed indians is just a load of shit.
I mean, I knew they were pretty diverse and had disagreements but man, those motherfuckers argued and bitched and whined and threw hissy fits just like any modern day politicians. They were so fucking democratic they couldn't get a damned thing done. Northern statesmen wanted this, Southern statesmen wanted that, the Central statesmen didn't want either and Virginia said Fuck all y'all, we ain't rollin' with none of you. It took them years to all get their shit together, draft the Constitution and then sign it off before they could have a big party and  go kill indians.
And their personal lives for the most part weren't all that different than the politicians of today. Some of 'em were downright scoundrels.

But there's one glaring difference between these men, our Founding Fathers, and the politicians of today.
The Fathers were men of insight, men with a vision. They came together because they wanted a government that was for the People instead of one that enslaved them - not because they wanted to further their own interests or advance a career. They wanted Liberty by God and they all sacrificed for it. It's up to us to keep it.

Annie Oakley II

Deb from Debbie Does Drivel sent me this story this evening.
After you read the post and watch the video, go over to Deb's and check her out - her blog, not her.

How many people have sent you this story? Sarah McKinley, 18-year-old mom home alone with three-month-old baby, husband died Christmas day from lung cancer. Suspected stalker and another man break into her house, stalker armed with hunting knife, she's on phone with 911 telling them she has a 12-gauge and a pistol and is it OK for her to shoot them. 
Give the gal a medal. Said she'd do it again if she had to. Don't know if I'd have the composure to do what she did. 
I think it might be time to take some shooting lessons and upgrade the BB guns to the real thing. 

Full Story HERE

James Madison (1751 - 1836)

Despite his accomplishments, Madison is perhaps the least known of the nation's Founding Fathers — although his contemporaries had a deep appreciation of his abilities and his contributions. At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, one fellow delegate praised Madison as possessing both the intellectual depth of a scholar and the practical wisdom of a politician, and observed that he was involved in the "management" of every major issue. His peers hailed him as the "Father of the Constitution," and scholars agree that no one had a greater role in shaping American Constitutional theory and in framing the particulars of representative government than James Madison. James Madison's great investigation into the principles and ideas of government occurred at his beloved Montpelier, where he read, thought, and conceived of the foundation of democracy upon which our country still stands.

Early Years
James Madison was born in Port Conway, Virginia, on March 16, 1751. The oldest child in a family of twelve, he grew up on his father's plantation, Montpelier, in Orange County, Virginia. In 1762, James Madison went to his first school, located in King and Queen County, Virginia. At the age of 16, he returned to Montpelier to continue his education with a tutor. In August 1769, James began college at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), graduating in the spring of 1771.
Madison began his 41-year political career in December 1774, when he was appointed to the Orange County Committe of Safety.

Father of our Constitution
He arrived quietly in Philadelphia on May 3, 1787, to attend the Constitutional Convention. The Convention convened to discuss the structure of the U.S. government.
Madison was only 36 years old, but already had an enviable reputation. He gained attention while serving on the committees that drafted the first Constitution of Virginia and the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776. He also served as an elected representative to the Virginia House of Delegates and the Continental Congress. These experiences prepared Madison for his memorable performance at the Constitutional Convention. When the work was done, Madison's name resounded throughout the country, as he was given the title "Father of the Constitution" by his colleagues.
In the 1780s, as the Revolutionary War gave way to an uneasy peace in a new nation, the 13 states found themselves dealing with the difficult question, "What do we do now?"

The first try at government under the Articles of Confederation (1781-1788) was riddled with problems from the beginning. The individual states had their own interests and found it difficult to hand over power to a central authority. Under the Articles, the United States found itself unable to stabilize the currency, regulate commerce among the states, levy taxes, make capital improvements, pay off war debts, and effectively address individual rights issues such as religious freedom.
James Madison was among the first to recognize that a stronger central government would be critical to the new nation's survival. Always the scholar, Madison undertook an exhaustive study of government structures in world history. He researched ancient and modern confederacies, outlining reasons why earlier attempts at democracy and representative government failed. Madison's research convinced him that the Articles would not withstand the onslaughts of state interests. Madison's ideas eventually crystallized into "the Virginia Plan," where the interests of individuals, states, and the national authority were balanced and mixed into "an extended republic." He also sought the counsel of influential Americans whose support was vital if any changes in the government were to take place. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Edmund Randolph were among the prominent politicians to support the "Virginia Plan."

When the Convention finally began in Philadelphia on May 14, 1787, many feared that the young country was near collapse. During the long, hot summer that followed, the 55 delegates hammered out a new framework of government. Madison lobbied strongly for his positions, proposed compromises, took copious notes and, in general, served as a principal participant. In the end, many of Madison's proposals were incorporated into the Constitution, including representation in Congress according to population, support for a strong national executive, the need for checks and balances among the three branches of government, and the idea of a federal system that assigned certain powers to the national government and reserved others for the states.
Madison's work, however, was not complete since the Constitution still faced challenges with the state ratification conventions. Along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, Madison wrote a series of essays, The Federalist Papers, that argued for ratification. The Constitution faced stiff opposition, even in Madison's home state. Virginia's support would be absolutely critical, so he lobbied his fellow Virginians hard for its passage. His efforts were rewarded in June 1788, when New Hampshire and Virginia ratified the Constitution, and it became the law of the land.

Madison as fourth President
At the conclusion of Jefferson's two terms, James Madison won the 1808 presidential election and took the oath of office the following March. Madison's first term was troubled by tensions between England and France that led British ships to forcibly stop U.S. trading ships and seize American seamen. Furthermore, frontiersmen blamed the British for stirring up American Indian resistance to western settlement, and some expansionists had sights on Canada.
Finally giving up on a policy of economic coercion, the United States declared war on Britain on June 18, 1812. After severe American losses on the Canadian front, the British marched on Washington. Madison rode east from the White House to review the American troops and, as fighting broke out, became the only U.S. president to command on the field while in office. His efforts failed and, on August 24, 1814, the British burned the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Upon leaving Washington, the British then launched a naval bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore. The assault failed, but the battle inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the words to The Star-Spangled Banner, which would become the nation's anthem.
Four months later, December 24, 1814, the warring parties settled on terms of peace. In what some have called the "Second War of Independence" (and what opponents dubbed "Mr. Madison's War"), the War of 1812 solidified the United States' place within the international community.
Known for his personal integrity and fair-handedness, Madison scrupulously observed individual and political rights even in the midst of war. As the Capitol and White House were rebuilt, the last years of Madison's second term saw economic growth, westward expansion, and ushered in a nationalistic "era of good feeling."

Retirement and death
When James Madison's second term as president ended in 1817, he and Dolley retired to Montpelier. In retirement Madison stayed active and interested in politics. In 1819 he founded the American Colonization Society dedicated to freeing slaves and transporting them to the West Coast of Africa. Madison served on the board of visitors at the University of Virginia, and briefly came out of retirement at the age of 79 to attend the 1829 Virginia Constitutional Convention. On June 28, 1836, James Madison died at Montpelier at the age of 85 and was buried in the Madison Family Cemetery on the mansion grounds.

Censorship and don't try to tell me different

VIDEO: Famous CNN/Ron Paul 'Censorship' Video: Was It Really 'Interference'?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012 – by Staff Report
You can see that they have the technology to make the feed "go bad " whenever they want. Please Re-post. This should END CNN as a network. Advertisers should boycott them and shut them down. ... 'Make note of this.' CNN says the reason for this was a failed satellite feed. When they come back to the newsroom if you look behind him on the left side there is another caucus feed that is likely using the same sat. uplink that is? grooving along just fine. This is bull--it. – From YouTube User solarpowerhome

Dominant Social Theme: Oops! That interference is tricky stuff.
Free-Market Analysis: So a handsome US vet – several tours in Afghanistan – starts to say on a CNN broadcast that he doesn't believe in an aggressive military stance abroad. He starts to say, in fact, that Israel is capable of taking care of itself when it comes to Iran.
He doesn't finish the statement, though. Instead, static interrupts his points and the interview is cut off. Wolf Blitzer explains that technical interference had prematurely ended the interview. You can see the video below.
Later on, Anderson Cooper circles back around to the incident, saying bluntly that "a lot of people online" probably believed that the incident was manufactured, followed by nervous laughter from all the analysts gathered round. You can see that video here (skittles2055's YouTube user channel, at

The perfect gift for the tight-ass in your life

Where there's a wheel, there's a way

RINO endorses RINO... er, McCain endorses Romney

This alone should convince Republicans to steer clear of Romney.


John McCain will endorse his '08 rival Mitt Romney tomorrow, a top Republican source confirmed to POLITICO.
The Arizona senator fought a bitter nomination battle with Romney four years ago, though Romney has worked to mend the relationship since then. The endorsement was first reported by BuzzFeed.
McCain’s endorsement will help Romney pivot away from Iowa, toward New Hampshire, and turn the page on the caucuses in any case. But McCain also symbolizes much of what the GOP base doesn’t want in its 2012 nominee, so it’ll be interesting to see just how closely Romney hugs the Arizona senator.
The endorsement is also a blow to Jon Huntsman, who has attempted to campaign as a McCain-style maverick and staked his whole bid on the state that made McCain a national figure.

Good Morning!!!

Think first

Straight-Up White Trash, God bless 'er

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

For you tweekers that'll be up anyways

Meteor watchers in North America can expect to see 60 to 200 meteors an hour streak across the sky early Wednesday.
NASA says the Quadrantid meteor shower should be perfect for viewing around 3 a.m. local time Wednesday after the waxing gibbous moon sets.
But the light show won't last long, NASA says only a few hours.
The Quadrantids were first noted in 1825 and got their name from the constellation of Quadrans Muralis, which is no longer considered a constellation by astronomers, according to NASA.
The material that is burning up in Earth's atmosphere during the Quadrantids likely comes from a comet that broke into fragments centuries ago, NASA says.
"After hundreds of years orbiting the sun, they will enter our atmosphere at 90,000 mph, burning up 50 miles above Earth's surface," a NASA press release says.

18 point East baton Rouge Parish buck

A buddy of mine shot this nice 18 point buck off his back porch yesterday.
He used KFC as a scent, then drew him into shotgun range by smoking a doobie.

- Rob

George Mason

“That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent natural Rights… among which are the Enjoyment of Life and Liberty, with the Means of acquiring and possessing Property, and pursueing and obtaining Happiness and Safety.”

-- George Mason. Virginia Declaration of Rights, May, 1776.

The words of George Mason (1725-1792) have inspired generations of Americans and others throughout the world. Mason was among the first to call for such basic American liberties as freedom of the press, religious tolerance and the right to a trial by jury.

George Mason was born in 1725 to George and Ann Thomson Mason. Their first son and a fourth generation Virginian, Mason lived with his family on a Fairfax County Plantation. His father tragically drowned in a boating accident when Mason was ten, and his mother was left to raise George and his two siblings alone.

After studying with tutors and attending a private academy in Maryland, at age 21 Mason took over his inheritance of approximately 20,000 acres spread across several counties in Virginia and Maryland. Four years later, in 1750, Mason married 16 year old Ann Eilbeck with whom he had nine surviving children. Mason adored Ann and was devastated when she died in 1773 at the age of 39. Relying on his eldest daughter to help run the domestic side of the plantation’s operation, Mason remained a widower until 1780 when he married Sarah Brent.

Although highly respected by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Mason did not aspire to join his peers in public office. When he was asked to take Washington’s seat in the Virginia legislature, a slot vacated when Washington was named Chief of the Continental Army, Mason reluctantly agreed. In 1776 he was Fairfax County’s representative to the Virginia Convention and was appointed to the committee to draft a “Declaration of Rights” and a constitution to allow Virginia to act as an independent political body.

Complaining about the “useless Members” of the committee, Mason soon found himself authoring the first draft of the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Drawing from the Enlightenment philosopher John Locke, among others, Mason asserted, “That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights….among which are the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.” This document was the first in America to call for freedom of the press, tolerance of religion, proscription of unreasonable searches, and the right to a fair and speedy trial.

In 1787, Mason was chosen to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, where he was one of the most vocal debaters. Distressed over the amount of power being given to the federal government and the Convention’s unwillingness to abolish the slave trade, Mason refused to sign the Constitution. One of three dissenters, Mason’s refusal to support the new Constitution made him unpopular and destroyed his friendship with Washington, who later referred to Mason as his former friend.

Mason’s defense of individual liberties reverberated throughout the colonies, however, and a public outcry ensued. As a result, at the first session of the First Congress, Madison took up the cause and introduced a bill of rights that echoed Mason’s Declaration of Rights. The resultant first 10 amendments to the Constitution, also called the Bill of Rights, pleased Mason, who said, “I have received much Satisfaction from the Amendments to the federal Constitution, which have lately passed…” Invited to become one of Virginia’s senators in the First US Senate, Mason declined and finally was able to retire to Gunston Hall, where he remained until his death on October 7, 1792.

So simple even a liberal can understand it

Found this over at Blue's Blog today.

These are possibly the 5 best sentences you'll ever read: Unfortunately, most voters don't know this.

1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.

2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them; and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

~~Adrian Pierce Rogers

What you need when the feds come for you

Well, the motherfucker's back.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama will waste little time getting back in front of voters following a 10-day Hawaiian vacation spent largely out of the spotlight.
Air Force One landed just before daybreak in Washington on Tuesday morning after an overnight flight from the island of Oahu. The president is returning from vacation the same day Republican presidential candidates square off in the Iowa caucuses, the first nominating contest of the 2012 campaign.


I wonder what he's going to fuck up now.

That must be Mother Superior

No shit

- Irish

Check out the shoes on that hottie, Ahmed!

Damn! EVERYBODY hates him!!!

01/02/2012 in southern Lancaster County Pennsylvania.


A must-have for every medicine cabinet

- Miss Lisa

First the media turns on him, then his bros

- Flamests, Russ, Melissa, and Monk

Yeah yeah yeah......

Iran will take action if a U.S. aircraft carrier which left the area because of Iranian naval exercises returns to the Gulf, the state news agency quoted army chief Ataollah Salehi as saying on Tuesday.
"Iran will not repeat its warning ... the enemy's carrier has been moved to the Sea of Oman because of our drill. I recommend and emphasize to the American carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf," Salehi told IRNA.
"I advise, recommend and warn them (the Americans) over the return of this carrier to the Persian Gulf because we are not in the habit of warning more than once," the semi-official Fars news agency quoted Salehi as saying.
Salehi did not name the aircraft carrier or give details of the action Iran might take if it returned. However, last week a spokeswoman for the U.S. 5th Fleet said the USS John C. Stennis had left the Gulf.
Go HERE for the rest of the story.


Watch out, Mo. If you keep it up you're gonna get a severe tongue lashing by the Obamessiah.

Look, she's got little yella hairs all over her bottom.

You may have to study on it for awhile, but they're there.
Sorry to distract you from your work.

Here it comes, folks

Mount Rainier shooting opens door for agenda pandering
, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner

Four people shot in Skyway and hours later, the same “person of interest” is allegedly involved in the slaying of a Mount Rainier National Park ranger, and in the aftermath, a debate is erupting over a 2010 law that allowed private citizens to carry loaded firearms in national parks in accordance with the laws of the state in which the park is located.
Congress lifted a ban on carrying loaded guns in national parks in February 2010 amid warnings by critics that the action would lead to gun violence and poaching.—Seattle Times
KING 5 morning anchor Joyce Taylor also tried to make a connection between this case and the City of Seattle’s court battle to overturn Washington State’s preemption law, allowing the city to ban firearms in city park facilities. She continued mentioning the Seattle case as the news switched over to KONG later in the morning.

As this column reported, attorneys for the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association, two other gun rights groups and five plaintiffs have filed a response to Seattle’s request for Supreme Court review of its case. That case, regardless what KING and Taylor might think, has nothing to do with the Mount Rainier shooting or the Skyway incident, in which a man identified as Benjamin Colton Barnes, 24, appears to be the only suspect. A car abandoned at Mount Rainier’s murder scene is registered to Barnes.
Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said that Benjamin Colton Barnes, a 24-year-old believed to have survivalist skills, was a "strong person of interest" in the slaying.—Seattle
The slaying of Ranger Margaret Anderson on New Year’s Day has left her family, colleagues, friends and Eatonville neighbors in shock. Her killer, at this writing, is on foot somewhere in the park, and is believed to be heavily armed. The incident has launched a gun law debate among Seattle Times readers, and it is also being discussed on a popular hiking forum, and the Northwest Firearms forum. There is some interesting rhetoric.
Barnes is reportedly an Iraq war veteran, with possible PTSD issues. Tens of thousands of war veterans have the same issues, but none of them killed anyone over the weekend.
No, but a law requiring sufficient time for background checks, including gun shows, before purchasing the types of weapons in his possession may have been able to restrict his ability to obtain them.—stb2, Seattle Times
For that matter, gun rights activists are quick to note that millions of American citizens own semiautomatic firearms — the so-called “assault weapons” that gun control proponents want banned — and those citizens have harmed nobody, either.
A single individual appears to be responsible for both incidents. The federal law, signed by President Barack Obama in 2009, was in reaction to concerns by firearms advocates that crossing into a national park should not automatically suspend someone’s right of self-defense, nor the Second Amendment, which the Supreme Court has twice in recent years affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms.
There is NO legitimate hunting or self defense reason for a civilian to own the kind of guns he had in that photo, all the more so for a mentally and emotionally unstable person with PTSD.
The rabid gun lovers are against any kind of regulation that might have at least had a chance to prevent someone like this from owning these kind of weapons.
Other countries with better regulations do not have nearly the rate of gun deaths that we do, which is one of the highest in the world.—syrinx, Seattle Times
Since then, untold numbers of citizens have carried firearms in national parks without incident. That a suspect wanted for an earlier shooting some 75 miles away in another county might be involved in a gun battle with police — even in a national park — should not really surprise people. Recall the case of Maurice Clemmons, the convicted felon who murdered four Lakewood police officers in Parkland two years ago. He was killed two days later in a confrontation with a Seattle police officer some 40 miles away.
Gun laws prohibiting convicted felons from possessing firearms, and laws forbidding homicide, did not stop Clemmons. It’s against the law already to open fire on police officers, but that did not prevent Anderson’s slaying.
In America, gun laws mostly ensure that law abiders are restricted in accessing weapons that could be used for self defense and that criminals have an easier time of committing crimes against law abiders.
I see no law that would have stopped this miscreant from accessing firearms and shooting people. On the contrary, he apparently only stopped shooting people at the Skyway scene when someone began shooting back.—Snowdogs reincarnation, Seattle Times
The law allowing citizens to be armed in national parks is not at fault, as this drama began hours earlier and miles away. Indeed, one might argue that it was because of just this type of incident — an armed gunman loose in a national park — that the law was passed. If there was no such law, and loaded firearms were still prohibited in national parks, does anyone seriously believe that would have prevented Sunday’s confrontation?
Watch for this case to become a launch pad for efforts to repeal the national parks gun law, and for a laundry list of other gun prohibition lobby agenda items with the State Legislature preparing to convene in Olympia.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Better keep an eye on Fifi, folks

BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Larimer County want to find the person responsible for a disturbing case of animal cruelty.
Two dogs were found mutilated outside of Berthoud last week.
The dogs were discovered just a few miles apart. They were so badly abused that veterinarians can’t even tell what breed they were.
The first discovery came after an anonymous call on Wednesday. Police found the dog on the side of County Road 4. Police said the dog was skinned and beheaded, and the tail also removed.
Then on Saturday, a second gruesome discovery made along County Road 16 – an almost identical case.
Right now investigators said they have no leads and they said they are not sure if the cases are linked to the dozens of reported missing pets that have come in over the past few days.
“We just get so many animals that come into Larimer Humane Society that are stray every year and at this point we don’t even know the specific breed of the animals,” said Humane Society spokeswoman Marcie Willms.


My first thought was that it was just a coyote hunter disposing of the carcasses after he skinned them out, but you generally leave the heads and the actual tail on when you skin out a coyote.
If it is a coyote hunter, he should at least be courteous enough to take the carcasses far enough off the road so that motorists aren't in any danger from buzzards and other carrion feeding animals.
See, I can be considerate of others.....

CharlieGodammit and his Big Night

New Years Eve and 4th of July are two holidays guaranteed to keep most dogs quivering in the corner because of gunfire and fireworks. Hell, I had a hunting hound one time that I had to medicate during the festivities.
Not CharlieGodammit. About 11:30 I heard him out in the back yard doing his "I Will Fuck You Up" bark - real deep barks spaced about 2 seconds apart, generally sounded when somebody is in the alley or close to his yard. If he's agitated, he'll drop his head, swing it side to side and make this weird moaning, growling noise. That's right before he explodes.
So I look out back to see what he's pissed about and that silly motherfucker is standing out in the middle of the yard, barking at the fireworks, challenging them. He's having a blast.
I opened up the back door and he charged in full speed skidding against the cabinet on the mud porch, ran into the living room, barked at Miss Lisa and then hotfooted it back outside again. He skids to a stop in the middle of the yard, dried Bermuda flying everywhere, and looks back at me with his ears up, eyes bright and a CGD smile on his face - "C'mon motherfuckers, all the good shit is out here!!!!!"

I remember his first 4th of July with me, 2 years ago. I'd had him maybe 3 or 4 months and still hadn't broke him to gunfire yet. Hell, I barely had him tamed down in that time.
So about an hour before dark I pulled my cooler (did I mention I was fucking hammered by this time?) outside, then shortleashed CGD on a choker, grabbed a box of of Doggie Treats and headed for the backyard where I stretched out in a lounge chair with him tight by my side.
He was reacting to the popping and banging and whistles, not starting but just turning his head, and I was thinking Hey, this might be easy.
Then it got dark and the first skyrocket arched overhead and I went airborne as CharlieGodammit jerked me out trying to catch that motherfucker. I finally got free of him and spent the next hour watching that sumbitch run all over that yard trying to catch the fireworks. When there was a lull in the action, he'd run over to the spigot and take on a gallon or so of water and he was off again.
The high point in the evening was when Charlie had his leg hiked up against the fence and the Sheriffs' helicopter came flashing over low level and jinking like a motherfucker to avoid all the gunfire, the pilot no doubt wondering just who in the fuck talked him into this shit. It caught Charlie by surprise but he was up to the challenge. He took off after the helicopter (it was in sight for maybe 1.5 seconds), leaving a spray of piss against the fence for 25 feet before crashing headfirst into the chainlink fence that splits our yard. That calmed his happy ass down for a minute.
I put up with dodging him for about an hour, but then I ran out of beer and started feeling really pukey so I headed for bed. I could not drag that dog inside, he was having so much fun. As I recall, I finally let him in about 2 or 3 when I got up to take a piss.
Motherfucker loves his holidays.

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....


That kid's probably thinking "One more beer and she's mine...... I don't care if she is my mom."

Is Kelly a slut or not? You decide.

Obama's Top 10 Media Fuck-ups according to PJ Media

From PJ Media:

Those of us who follow the news closely often forget that probably 80% of the adult population (seen as 85% some time ago, but likely lower than that thanks to New Media and the Tea Party movement) is relatively disengaged. They are, at best, passive consumers of news who either legitimately don’t have the time to do their own independent research, or don’t care to.
If we had a responsible establishment press dedicated to informing the public in a fair and balanced way, this would not necessarily be a big problem. But we don’t, and it is.
In 2011, passive news consumers were extremely ill served, as the leftist legacy media seemed to almost completely abandon any pretense of objectivity or fairness left over from its disgraceful collective performance in 2010.
Why did this happen? Beyond the normal factors, 2011 saw White House thuggery directed at a press corps already inclined to reflexively parrot its positions reach previously unseen heights.
To name just three examples:
  • In March, Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers, sent to cover a fundraiser involving Vice President Joe Biden and Florida Senator Bill Nelson, was confined in a closet “to keep him from mingling with high-powered guests.” Sentinel editors “dropped the story.”
  • In April, the White House banished San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci “for using a video camera to capture an event.” The paper was “threatened with more punishment if they reported on it.” Chronicle Editor at Large Phil Bronstein called the White House’s subsequent attempt to deny it all “a pants-on-fire moment.” Press coverage elsewhere was scant.
  • In May, the White House Press Office “refused to give the Boston Herald full access to President Obama’s Boston fund-raiser” because it objected “to the newspaper’s front page placement of a Mitt Romney op-ed.” The shutout was virtually ignored.
In a mid-May editorial, Investor’s Business Daily called out the press for failing to stand up for it own, and correctly characterized the White House’s actions as baby steps “toward state control of the media, using the carrot of access against the stick of exile.”
Nothing has changed. In December, a Washington Post item noted that “when a reporter gets something wrong or is perceived as being too aggressive, the pushback is often swift and sometimes at top volume” (including heavy doses of profanity). What do you guys expect when you just sit there and take it — something you would never do under a conservative or Republican administration?
It’s reasonable to believe that the constant threats of White House pushback and especially of access denial significantly drove this year’s extraordinarily negligent coverage of the administration’s scandals, corruption, policy failures, and misleading statements. What follows are just ten out of dozens of this year’s worst examples of media malfeasance. Except for the final two, which are clearly this year’s most egregious, they are in no particular order. In most cases, there was no press coverage, or no further coverage, of the items cited.
For the list of Obamas' Top 10 Media Fuck-ups, go here.


Personally I think his biggest fuck-up was ever appearing on camera in the first place.