Saturday, February 18, 2012

Confused about the Patriot movement?

It is a time to coalesce the liberty movement into something distinct from Tea Parties. I will not disparage Tea Parties, they are what they are and they have put life to the Constitution, they have breathed life into a long dormant liberty movement. Many have been struggling for decades to be looked upon by our government as the rightful citizens we are, instead of children in need of guidance and scolding.

The liberty movment is distinct and separate from Tea Parties in a vital way: violence is not ruled out. This is not a promise of violence, or a threat, but those in the liberty movement are not put off by the thought of doing what our ancestors did and demand our rights by force of one sort or another. It is not a question of being afforded certain rights or liberties, it is a question of by which means they are achieved
Read the rest here at TL In Exile

Northern California/Oregon PatCom

Bill up in Siskiyou County (that's way the fuck up north on the Oregon border) contacted me last week with the news that he's going to host a PatCom there on the weekend of April 21. All Patriots are welcome to attend.
It's going to be on several acres so camping won't be a problem.
Contact information for Bill is so if you'd like to attend and need details concerning the location, hotels or motels in the area or if you'd like to help out in one way or another, drop him a line.
I will also be posting a survey in my sidebar to use as an RSVP to give him an idea of what kind of a turnout to expect. If you plan on attending, please let him know through the survey.

I'd just like to thank him now for stepping up and hosting this. We sorely need one out here - Patriots are in short supply here in La-La Land and we need to connect with each other.

And I'd sure appreciate all conservative bloggers posting a notice and a link here to help get the word out.

A new addition to our monthly budget - screening material

CharlieGodammit still doesn't have the concept of sliding doors down yet.
The old house had a regular door from the mud porch so it wasn't any problem there, but with our slider here...... well, it's been 3 weeks and he's already blown out one screen door and I've lost count of the times he's just walked right into the sliding glass door, especially right after Miss Lisa has cleaned it, which she does at least once a day to clean off the doggie slobber, nose prints and gopher guts.
I thought about taping a piece of masking tape at eye level for him, but it's just so damned funny to watch him pile up at the door and then back up try it again.
He may be learning though. Yesterday he walked up to the door pawing the air from about 3 feet away until he got through okay.

I'm putting your ass on notice

Okay, check this shit out.
If you make a common product and package it in a way that makes it impossible to open without tools, a lower back injury, and/or a healthy command of cusswords in 3 languages, I will not buy your fucking product.
I am referring to, specifically, those goddamned clamshell packages. Some of them, like the ones that are pressed shut, can be opened with only a little effort but those motherfucking heat-sealed ones can't be opened without completely destroying the packaging, like this cable package that I battled today. No shit, this took 5 minutes and a Buck 110 to open.

Now what in the fuck am I supposed to do after I got it opened and found out that the saleskid sold me the wrong shit?
So if you package your product in a manner that makes it impossible for anybody over 60 to open or in a way that makes it impossible to return in case of defect or mistake, you can kiss my White Trash Okie ass. I ain't buying it.

Occupy Wall Street by Thomas Sowell

Occupy Wall Street by Thomas Sowell

The current Occupy Wall Street movement is the best illustration to date of what President Barack Obama's America looks like. It is an America where the lawless, unaccomplished, ignorant and incompetent rule. It is an America where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly.

It is an America where history is rewritten to honor dictators, murderers and thieves. It is an America where violence, racism, hatred, class warfare and of murder are all promoted as acceptable means of overturning the American civil society.

It is an America where humans have been degraded to the level of animals: of defecating in public, having sex in public, devoid of basic hygiene. It is an America where the basic tenets of a civil society, including faith, family, a free press and individual rights, have been always rejected. It is an America where our founding documents have been now shredded and, with them, every person's guaranteed liberties.

It is an America where, ultimately, great suffering will come to the American people, but the rulers like Obama, Michelle Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, liberal college professors, union bosses and all other loyal liberal/Communist Party members will live in opulent splendor.
It is the America that Obama and the Democrat Party have now created with all the willing assistance of the American media, Hollywood , unions, universities, the Communist Party of America, the Black Panthers and numerous anti-American foreign entities.

Barack Obama has brought more destruction upon this country in three years than any other event in the history of our nation, but it is just the beginning of what he and his comrades are capable of.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is just another step in their plan for the annihilation of America .

"Socialism, in general, has a record of failure that's so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."
Dr. Thomas Sowell (A National Humanities Medal Winner)

Thanks to Swamprat for kicking this down to me.

Good shooting, guys.

Here's a video sent in by Joel that shows the drone from the animal rights activist getting shot down by the good guys. Okay, it conveniently doesn't show it actually getting blasted and it doesn't show it hitting the ground but hey! who am I to doubt it?
He's saying he's going to put more drones up. Let's see, that drone runs about 300 bucks a pop, the shotgun shells used to shoot it down, mere pennies if they reload.
Do the math, ya stupid fucker. You're gonna run out of drones long before they run out of   #7 1/2s.

I also added this video to the original post with a little more commentary.

Get ready. It's coming.

The Coliseum is turning on the lights. Attendants have their popcorn and sodas ready. The stands are packed with distracted and thrilled onlookers awaiting ‘the battle of Gods.’ The watchers know this will be a blood bath and a gooey entertainment fest like never before. Who are the players who will delight the crowd? First we have ‘Christians and Jews’ and those dangerous ‘Constitutionalists’ on one side. Look, they are behaving just like King Obama said - holding their Bibles and being ‘bitter clingers.’ On the other side, are the leaders of Islam, sharia law and global elitism. These are headed by their savior King Obama.

In special, heated box seats I see the UN and Muslim leadership from the 57 Muslim countries. In another box next door, painted in streaks of bright colors are all the unemployed movie stars and wanna be terrorists such as William Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, who obsessively stand with Palestine and anyone attacking Israel. Next to them by the Pop machine are the traitorous sell out media and leftist Political leaders who routinely sell out America and march her toward the new Holocaust – the control and eradication of Christians who support the Constitution and Jews who just won’t go away.

The stage has been set for our demise. 72 FEMA camps have been activated. The NDAA Bill has been voted into law, launched by Marxist posers - John McCain and Carl Levin. We all know this by now, but this gives Obama the power to seize any American using our military at any time. He can grab us without charges, without a trial and hold us indefinitely on anything he can dream up.

None of this is new. The pattern established by Hitler is simply being copied by Obama and his thugs. Remember, Obama is the teleprompter King. He copies his heroes, Saul Alinski, Hitler and other dictators. He also obeys what his handlers tell him, global elitists and Islamic leaders.
Read the rest HERE

Any port in the storm

Looks like that ain't the first time that telephone pole has been used as a buck rub.
Thanks to Allen for these pictures.

Aw, he cares!

The Libertarian Party Opportunity About To Be Lost

Let me remind everyone that in order to be a Libertarian one must, in writing, swear or affirm to the following oath:
I do not believe in the initiation of force as a means to achieve social or political goals.
The Libertarian Party stands alone among serious political parties in the requirement of this oath for membership. You can be a Democrat or Republican while believing that naked aggression is a perfectly-legitimate social and political tactic.
Read the rest HERE
Found the link here at III Percent Patriots

She's at it again.

(Aspen Daily News) — First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Aspen on Friday afternoon and is here with her daughters for a ski vacation.
Few details about her trip were available. Sources said she is staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. She is reportedly skiing at Buttermilk today, where the Crowns, of Chicago, own a home on the Tiehack side.
Several people have known about the “low-key” vacation, with the Secret Service in town for the past few days scoping out places for the family to relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer.
Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo confirmed that he has met with the Secret Service and has loaned seven deputies to help protect the first lady and her family.


Low key vacation my ass. Since when is any opportunity for her to spend our money low key?
261 more days, 261 more days.......

US using drones over Syria

The United States is flying unmanned reconnaissance planes over Syria to monitor the regime's escalating crackdown on dissent, U.S. defense officials told NBC television on Saturday.
The drones are being used to gather evidence on the Syrian security forces' violence against pro-democracy protesters that can be used to "make a case for a widespread international response," the U.S.-based broadcaster quoted the unnamed officials as saying.


You know, I can remember that it wasn't not to long ago that flying in another nation's airspace constituted an act of war.
When did that change for the US? When we started using drones and there weren't any lives (at that moment) at risk? Personally, I feel that invading airspace is no different than invading the ground.
And what fucking business is it of ours if Syria is ahead of the rest of the pack in the mid-east as far as self destruction goes? Motherfuckers want to X each other out, let 'em. Don't make no difference to me, it ain't like we don't have enough shit to worry about here at home.
Okay, I got my morning growl out of the way.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cappin' on Whitney Whatsername


-I found an old black bag full of drugs floating in a bath yesterday. I called an ambulance, but Whitney was dead by the time they arrived.

-What's white, 6 inches long, and won't be sucked on Valentine's Day? Whitney's Crack Pipe.

-When the paramedics arrived they said "Its Houston we have a problem".

-Nintendo are releasing a new game based on the lives of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston. It's called WiiHab.

-What was Whitney Houston doing in the bath tub? Washing her crack.

-Large amount of prescription drugs found in Whitney's room... I bet Jacko's doctor is shitting himself.

-What's the difference between Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse? 204 days.

-What's the difference between Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson? One was a crackhead and one fucked little boys.

-What's black, lies on the floor 'Will Always Love You' and has white stuff around its nose? A border collie.

-Whitney Houston has now been drug free for at least one day.

-Whitney Houston ended her life the same way she ended her songs. On a high note.

Don't fuck with people with guns, dumbass.

Animal rights group says citizens shot down drone
A remote-controlled aircraft owned by an animal rights group was reportedly shot down near Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday.
Steve Hindi, president of SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), said his group was preparing to launch its Mikrokopter drone to video what he called a live pigeon shoot on Sunday when law enforcement officers and an attorney claiming to represent the privately-owned plantation near Ehrhardt tried to stop the aircraft from flying.
"It didn't work; what SHARK was doing was perfectly legal," Hindi said in a news release. "Once they knew nothing was going to stop us, the shooting stopped and the cars lined up to leave."
He said the animal rights group decided to send the drone up anyway.
"Seconds after it hit the air, numerous shots rang out," Hindi said in the release. "As an act of revenge for us shutting down the pigeon slaughter, they had shot down our copter."
He claimed the shooters were "in tree cover" and "fled the scene on small motorized vehicles."
"It is important to note how dangerous this was, as they were shooting toward and into a well-travelled highway," Hindi stated in the release. He said someone from SHARK called the Colleton County Sheriff's Department, which took a report of the incident.
The Colleton County Sheriff's Department filed a malicious damage to property incident report.
According to the report, Hindi told the responding deputy the group's remote-controlled aircraft "was hovering over U.S. 601 when he heard a shot come from the wood line. The shot sounded to him that it was of small caliber."
The incident report went on to state that "once shot, the helicopter lost lift and crash landed on the roadway of U.S. 601."
The deputy noted in the report that he was unable to speak to anyone at Broxton Bridge Plantation following the incident.
Hindi estimated damage to the drone at around $200 to $300.
Hindi said he will seek charges against those who shot down the drone.
"This was SHARK's first encounter with the Broxton Bridge Plantation, but it will certainly not be the last," Hindi said in the release. "We are already making plans for a considerably upscaled action in 2013."

And here's the video (courtesy of Joel) of the motherfuckers whining about their lack of judgement.
No shit, it's titled "Aerial Drone Shot Down at Killing Club".  Killing club, huh? If I didn't know better, I would think he was talking about an abortion clinic.


Seriously, what the fuck did they expect? The hunters were out there engaging in a legal activity which involved shooting at flying objects and this dipshit launches a fucking drone to try and spoil their day?
Fucking idiots.
This took place in Orangeburg, SC in case you were wondering.

Teacher's pet


And she has her Party 'do on.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Standing Guard

This outstanding picture was sent in by Swamp Rat

Miss Sally speaks

Sent in by Tattoo Jim back about 3 or 4 years ago.

Ahhh, Domestic Life!!!!!

When I walked in from work today and kissed Miss Lisa I must've dribbled some tobacco juice, just a little bit, down her chin.
Jesus, you'd think I'd shot her instead, the way she was carrying on.
It serves her right though, after all the times she ambushed me with a kiss and smeared my Copenhagen all over my teeth.
But now she won't kiss me unless she gets a profile view so she can check for that telltale lump under my lip. I don't know why she won't take my word for it that I don't have a chew in.

Again, where are the White kids?

(People Magazine) — Visitors to the White House on Thursday got to see more than just the East Room on their tour.
First Lady Michelle Obama greeted – and hugged – tourists for more than an hour, and their happy faces, shock and tears were all broadcast live on theWhite House’s official website.
“Surprise,” she told the stream of visitors. “Welcome to my house.”
Clad in a black and white printed dress, and with dog Bo at her feet, the First Lady warmly greeted an array of people – from students to senior citizens – and engaged them in short, but personable, conversations about everything from her “Let’s Move!” campaign (“Tell your grandbabies I said to eat your vegetables,” she told one woman) to fashion (“I’ve never seen sparkly Uggs before,” she told another).
Many visitors asked to pet Bo, and Obama indulged, telling them about the dog’s good “temperament” and how they had hired a trainer when he was younger.
One young tourist was celebrating her birthday. “That’s why I came down,” Obama told her. “Have a very cool 13th birthday.”

And yet Rep. Keith Ellison has the balls to say shit like this:

Heil Obama!

President Obama is trying to recruit a 2 million member-strong "Truth Team" to ensure that those speaking out against his administration are appropriately dealt with. I'm not kidding.
The Obama campaign is today beginning a new effort to enlist and educate at least 2 million supporters for a “grassroots communications team” they’re calling the Truth Team... “The goal is to ensure that when Republicans attack President Obama’s record, grassroots supporters can take ownership of the campaign and share the facts with the undecided voters in their lives,” the campaign said in a statement.
The teams will be first launched in 13 “swing states,” including Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.
Cub Reporter Biff Spackle, in another world exclusive, nabbed photos of the Truth Team's new logo:

The one on the right is for their arm-bands.

In all seriousness, have you ever heard of such a thing? And can there be any doubt as to what Obama meant when he twice mentioned -- in very visible public settings -- the need for "a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as our military?

If we don't vote this man out in November, this country is finished.


Is it just me or does that logo with the red, white and black remind you of something? Particularly when it's on a fucking armband?


From the comments:
Just to make sure no one runs off all fired up. This was in the comments from "directorblue" @QueMan - to be clear, Biff's photo of the logo could be fake :-) I think the logo is made up.


Fuck you Irish, why do you want to take our fun from us? No more camel toes for you. Bad Irish! BAD Irish!!!

In response to inquiries about my dog.....

Please be advised I am sick and tired of receiving questions about my dog who mauled Six illegal aliens wearing Obama tee shirts, Four wearing Pelosi tee shirts, Two rappers, Nine teenagers with pants hanging down past their cracks, Eight customer-service-desk people speaking in broken English, Three flag burners, and three Pakistani taxi drivers.



Poor, poor baby.

Oh, I'm gonna hear about this one!


A female Drill Instructor just loses something in the translation.

Getting some pussy

A muslim monkey and an infidel cat.
How do I know that? Because the monkey is fucking something outside of it's species and the cat seems to be enjoying it too much.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wish I could've been there

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) -- Firefighters in Pennsylvania have managed to save 200 pounds of Polish sausage from what they're calling the best-smelling fire they've doused in years.

The New Castle News reports that firefighters responded about 11:30 a.m. Monday when a 20-by-20-foot smokehouse caught fire in the yard of Cash Koszela (koh-ZEL'-uh). He's a retired meat cutter who's been smoking his own sausage for about 30 years.

Firefighters say some grease caught fire when the smokehouse got too hot - about 300 degrees.

Koszela says it will cost about $3,000 to replace the smokehouse. It's actually a tin-lined walk-in cooler fed by smoke piped in from a fire pit.

Assistant Fire Chief David Joseph says, "This is definitely the best-smelling fire we've seen in a long time."

- Stretch


President Obama wants tighter gun control laws, but he does appreciate that armed Secret Service agents protect his daughters every day on their way to school.
“It might come in handy to have these super locks,” Obama joked at Master Lock in Wisconsin, noting that he will soon have two teenage daughters. “For now, I’m just counting on the fact that when they go to school there are men with guns with them.”


Yes, he said that his daughters are more important than your kids.

Eightball, anyone?

- Flamets

Drunk chicks - gotta love 'em

Here we have an oddity of nature - a drunk chick with a camel toe.
Most of the time, as a chick gets drunker her camel toe disappears due to the fact that her pants come off. Now this one has managed to keep her clothes on (or at least put them back on) regardless of the fact that she's hammered as evidenced by the fact that she's blown breakfast all over herself.

Good morning!

No reason I should have to be the only motherfucker looking at this first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Censorship 101

The government and their puppets don't want you to know what's going on, people.

Check out the video post from earlier today titled "She should have been a politician".
The video was working when I posted it, as evidenced by the angry comments on my post, but Miss Lisa called my attention to the video going private when she read my posts today. I tried it and got the same thing.
Why would this video be pulled?

Joel was kind enough to send in the link so those of you that haven't seen the video would know what in the fuck we're talking about.
Here's an excerpt with the link to follow:

Debbie Squires, education official at the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA), has sparked some controversy after telling the House Education Committee in a hearing for a new school choice package, that teachers know better than parents what's best for their children, reports.
Squires elicited a shocked response from Education Committee Chair Thomas McMillin after testifying on the parent's role in school operations.
"[Educators] are the people who know best about how to serve children, that's not necessarily true of an individual resident," Squires said. "I'm not saying they don't want the best for their children, but they may not know what actually is best from an education standpoint."
McMillin responds, "Wow, parents don't know what's best for their child..."
Afterward, MLive's Dave Murray approached McMillin and got this comment:
"I'm surprised I didn't lose it when she said that," McMillin told Murray. "They think they know what's better for children than their own parents, and that's what I find upsetting."

Just in time for the election

American motorists have seen the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline rise above $3.50 a gallon on just three occasions, but it has never happened this early in the year. Analysts say it's likely a sign that pain at the pump will rise to some of the highest levels ever seen later this year.

In 2008, average gasoline prices had hit inflation-adjusted records nationally by the summer, but they didn't climb above $3.50 a gallon across the U.S. that year until April 21, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report. It happened again last year, but not until March 6.

But $3.50 a gallon gasoline is already here in 2012, weeks before refineries typically shut down for springtime maintenance, and weeks before the states switch from their less expensive winter blends of gasoline to more complicated and pricier summer blends.

"This definitely sets the stage, potentially, for much higher prices later this year," said Brian L. Milne, refined fuels editor for Telvent DTN, a commodity information services firm. "There's a chance that the U.S. average tops $4 a gallon by June, with some parts of the country approaching $5 a gallon."


Yep, $5 a gallon gasoline during an election year. And when the Conservatives bring that up, Doofus gets to explain why he fucked off the Canadian pipeline that would've provided cheaper gas and more jobs.
Hey, if it'll get that cocksucker out of office, then I'll gladly pay it.

She should've been a politician

She damned sure has a politician's attitude.

Sent in by Murray

Breaking: Mother kills children with gallon of Rocky Road


Monday, February 13, 2012

Ya gotta be able to use what you got

My personal favorite defense gun has always been a Beretta Jetfire in 22 short. I have carried it for many years including while hiking. I never leave home without it.
Of course the first rule when hiking in the wilderness is to use the "Buddy System". This means you NEVER hike alone, you bring a friend, companion or even an in-law because if something happens there is someone to go get help.
I remember one time while hiking with my brother-in-law in northern Alberta and out of nowhere came this huge brown bear charging us and boy, was she mad. We must have been near one of her cubs.
Anyway, if I had not had my little Jetfire I would not be here today. Just one shot to my brother-in-law's knee cap and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace.
That's one of the best pistols in my collection..
- Randy

Line-item veto

The latest scheme that the House of Representatives came up with to delegate their power-of-the-purse responsibilities is the line-item veto. This essentially allows the President to “rescind all or part of any dollar amount of funding for discretionary spending items in enacted appropriations bills.” The House passed its line-item veto bill (H.R. 3521) on February 8 by 254-173. The Senate is expected to take action on its line-item veto bill soon, most likely by trying to attach the bill to a “must-pass” piece of legislation.

Wait a minute! Doesn’t the Constitution (Article 1, Section 7) grant the power of enacting laws that raise revenue to the House of Representatives? The power the President has is merely to sign it or veto it. He doesn’t get the option to cross anything out to fit his fancy.

A similar line-item veto law was passed when Clinton was president. That one was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. So this time around, the current line-item veto bill includes a provision that Congress has the power to disapprove any presidential line-item vetoes.

Still, even with Congress retaining the power to disapprove line-item vetoes, why would the House want to give up some of its constitutionally vested powers and further upset the checks and balances of power among the three branches of government? Surely this must be a ploy by Democratic congressmen to grab more power for President Obama. However, it was sponsored by Republican Representative Paul Ryan and Democratic Representative Chis Van Hollen, and only opposed by 41 Republicans.
More here from The New American


Fucking politicians are all the same - say one thing to get elected and then do all they can to hold onto their cushy jobs. They're nothing but Obama's coffee bitches, fucking punks.

Yeah. Let me know how that works out for ya.

White House Economic Adviser: 'We Need a Global Minimum Tax'
Gene Sperling, director of the White House's national economic council, said today at an official meeting that "we need a global minimum tax":

“He supports corporate tax reform that would reduce expenditures and loopholes, lower rates for people investing and creating jobs in the U.S., due so further for manufacturing, and that we need to, as we have the Buffett Rule and the individual tax reform, we need a global minimum tax so that people have the assurance that nobody is escaping doing their fair share as part of a race to the bottom or having our tax code actually subsidized and facilitate people moving their funds to tax havens," Sperling said.
The White House adviser then said that more details would be forthcoming, though "not in gory detail."
"But we will say more, perhaps not in gory detail, but in more detail, before the end of the month. And in terms of the revenues, the president is looking for shared sacrifice. This budget is a Democratic budget that has savings in Medicaid, it has savings from new beneficiaries, Medicare in 2017, it has agriculture civilian retirement savings. It has a lot of very tough choices."

People are pissed at iTunes

Sony Music has come under fire after it increased the price of a Whitney Houston album on Apple's iTunes Store hours after the singer was found dead.
The music giant is understood to have lifted the wholesale price of Houston's greatest hits album, The Ultimate Collection, at about 4am California time on Sunday. This meant that the iTunes retail price of the album automatically increased from £4.99 to £7.99.
Houston's The Ultimate Collection, originally released in 1997, was the second top-selling album on iTunes on Monday morning. Apple returned the album to its original price late on Sunday.


What the fuck, people?
When somebody dies, the price of their goods automatically go up. An artist dies, the prices of their paintings shoot through the roof. Fact of life (or death, depending how you look at it), plain and simple, deal with it.
Besides, if you liked her music so much, why didn't you already have the fucking album? Quit bitching and go buy some ammo instead.

Grand theft auto on Obama Way

A vehicle was reported audaciously stolen on Obama Way on Feb. 11 in Seaside, California around 5 p.m.
The Seaside Police Department reported the vehicle theft at 5:17 at the 700 block of Broadway Ave—which is also named Obama Way—and Alhambra St.
The Seaside City Council voted unanimously in March 2010 to double-name Broadway Street as Obama Way. The signs were paid for by a citizen group.
“I thought it was a good idea,” said Councilman Ian Oglesby at the time. “It’s important for our citizens to be able to look at our street signs and aspire to be all they can be.”


I think it would be pretty safe to bet that it wasn't a Chevy Volt that was stolen.
Nobody wants them motherfuckers.

Upper Class Okies, sure. But they're still Okies.....

- Stretch

223 Tracer for 8 bucks a box

Natchez Shooters' Supply has 64 grain NATO 5.56 tracer / # 20 - $7.99 per box
$6.99 for 20 or more

Y'all can thank Murray for this tip

Sounds like they need some 2A enforcement up there

Verbatim post from Irons In The Fire
Thanks to Skidmark for the link

And it will be defined at that supposedly magical legislation that will force criminals to do the right thing or stops them from doing the wrong thing. It is a legal incantation approved by the Harry Potters of a legislative body and once signed by the Sorcerer in Chief of the State, it creates a magical force field on each criminal controlling his actions.
More from the same article:
Dennis Flaherty, executive director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, said the bill could result in dangerous situations for police officers, who regularly enter homes without permission.
So in Minnesota, search warrants and Probable Cause are ignored in a regular basis? Is the Constitution known in the State or is it something vague & vapid?
Dayton said when lawmakers were debating the bill last year, he was “concerned because law enforcement in Minnesota was mostly opposed to it, felt that it gave citizens more freedoms and rights than they had.
Mother of Mary! Is it really that bad up there?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Now that's smooth.....

Holding up his buddy while slipping some babe the tongue.

Bet you money his name is Dick


Black History month

- MSgt B

Official Mexican National Mascot

And as long as I'm being racists towards our Brown Brother to the South, here's one we'll call "Breaking the Border". Catch the link over at Irish's.


But how can this be? Citizens can't own a gun in DC.

One man is dead after a shooting on the western edge of the National Mall.
Authorities received multiple calls reporting a shooting in the area of the Mall shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday.
News4's Derrick Ward reported seeing a number of police and police vehicles at the intersection of Ohio and Independence Avenues. 23rd Street and Ohio Drive are reportedly closed at this time.
At this time, there is no word of the nature of the shooting. D.C. police continue to investigate the crime.
Stay with for more on this breaking story.


Stolen from here.


- Irish