Saturday, March 19, 2011

Was that a cow that just flew past?

Man, it's been raining and windier than a motherfucker here all damn day and other than a quick trip to hardware store I've been cooped up in this house with CharlieGodammit and I'm not sure who's driving who crazier.
All I know is he's laying in his corner growling at me whenever I move towards him.

Let me tell you how windy it is - I've got a homemade gambril for skinning coyotes hanging off the eaves of my garage. It's made out of some flat steel stock and a couple of dog choker chains, probably weighs 2-3 pounds or more. When I looked at it a few minutes ago it was fucking horizontal.
It's so windy that it's driving the rain under the crack of the doors.
And it's supposed to get worse around midnight.

Yeah Baby!

For the little boy in me

Because you never know when you might need a controlled burn........
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Australian SAS Trooper stabbed

Fucking hilarious......

PERTH - An SAS trooper collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped stop a suspected shoplifter in east Perth.
The 'Toys-R-Us' Store Manager told 'The West Australian' that man was seen on surveillance cameras last Friday putting a laptop under his jacket at the store. When confronted, the man became irate, knocked down an employee, pulled a knife and ran toward the door.
Outside were four SAS Troopers collecting toys for the "Toys For Tots" program. Smith said the Troopers stopped the man, but he stabbed one of them, in the back. The cut did not appear to be severe.
The suspect was transported by ambulance to the Royal Perth Hospital with two broken arms, a broken leg, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions and assorted lacerations including a broken nose and jaw...
Injuries he apparently sustained when he tripped whilst trying to run from the Troopers.


I bet Libya is all freaked out

Wary of the cease-fire, Britain and France took the lead in plans to enforce a no-fly zone, sending British warplanes to the Mediterranean and announcing a crisis summit in Paris with the U.N. and Arab allies. In Washington, President Barack Obama ruled out the use of American ground troops but warned that the U.S., which has an array of naval and air forces in the region, would join in military action.


It's pretty fucking sad when France, the Queen of Surrender, takes the lead in this shit while the United States lays back and watches.

Obama, I cannot believe what you've done to our Nation.
You fucking Pussy....

We once sailed the oceans without fear, we were the guardians of the oppressed. We apologized to no motherfuckers and we damned sure bowed to no one.
You've changed that in 3 short years.
You're so godammned afraid of offending your muslim brothers that we as a nation have embraced our enemies of 9/11. YOU have kissed their fucking asses......

I cannot believe to this day that you actually bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. Not only did you show submission to that muslim, but you also let the world know that you approved of the attack on our Nation.
You should be tried for treason.

Hank III

Fuck me with a Rebel Yell, I purely love Hank III. I don't know why I hadn't heard any of his shit before now, but it was my loss.
Damn, that boy can sing.....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Gotta think about shit like this before I do it

Okay, so maybe mounting a target board the size of a mans' torso in the backyard wasn't such a great idea. I've already burned off a couple of rounds at it when letting CharlieGodammit out.
I can't help it, the motherfucker is just inside the shadows.
But the good news is that I hit the fucker both times at 50 feet........

So? What's a couple of trillion bucks?

WASHINGTON – A new assessment of President Barack Obama's budget released Friday says the White House underestimates future budget deficits by more than $2 trillion over the upcoming decade.
The estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that if Obama's February budget submission is enacted into law it would produce deficits totaling $9.5 trillion over 10 years — an average of almost $1 trillion a year.
Obama's budget saw deficits totaling $7.2 trillion over the same period.
The difference is chiefly because CBO has a less optimistic estimate of how much the government will collect in tax revenues, partly because the administration has rosier economic projections.

Hey, you wanted the fucking job.......

I couldn't believe that The Obamessiah actually said this:

Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”

That and the fact that the chinese population don't have those pesky things called rights so you can run rampant over them and when you're criticized to can have the ne'er-do-wells silenced for good.

I gotta tell you, I seriously wish you were the president of China, you fucking punk.

7 lies in under two minutes

The Washington Nugget sold for $400,000

(CNN) -- Gold is always worth its weight in, well, itself. Sometimes, it's worth even more.
A gold nugget, weighing 100 troy ounces, sold at auction in Sacremento for $400,000 Wednesday night.
"We valued it at around $200,000," said Amy Baker, auction manager for Holabird-Kagin American. "There were 6 to 7 people bidding on it, most of them anonymously. It went to an anonymous (phone) bidder."
Baker said the auction house may be able to release more information on the winning bidder Thursday.
Security is important when you're dealing with a large hunk of precious metal.
"The new owner, I'm not sure when it will exactly be delivered to him," Baker said. "That's confidential."
On Wednesday, gold closed at $1,396.10 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange, making the nearly 7-pound nugget worth about $140,000, if it were melted down.
But since the nugget, found last year in Nevada County, California, is believed to be the largest one left from the state's gold rush, it has special value. An estimated 500,000 people traveled to California between 1848 and 1864 in search of instant wealth.
"It's the last one we know left in existence," Baker said. "There have been larger ones over the years, but they have been melted down."
The nugget will be on display this weekend at the Sacramento Convention Center, she said.
The California Natural Resources Agency says the largest nugget ever mined in the state was found in 1854 and weighed 195 pounds.

Renegade Squirrel

A Vermont neighborhood is being stalked by a renegade gray squirrel.
Several people in Bennington say they've been attacked by a squirrel over the last few weeks.
Kevin McDonald tells the Bennington Banner he was shoveling snow when the squirrel jumped onto him. He says he threw the animal off, but it twice jumped back onto him. A game warden says there have been other reports, too.
One woman is being treated for exposure to rabies, but Vermont Public Health Veterinarian Robert Johnson says there's never been a case of a squirrel passing rabies to a human.
Johnson says it's possible the squirrel was raised as a pet and lost its fear of humans. He says the squirrel might "go ballistic" when it encounters people it doesn't recognize.

Ferlin Husky, dead at age 85

My first reaction when I saw this was "Oh, my God".
I cannot believe Ferlin Husky died. I mean, I can't recall much of what he sang, I don't believe I own a single one of his recordings. But still.......
Think of when Western Music and Western Swing and the Bakersfield Okie sound blended into Country Music - and I'm not talking about the rock with a southern accent bullshit on the FM radio nowadays - and you think of folks like Kitty and Patsy and Gentleman Jim and Ferlin and Hank Sr. and Loretta and The Maddox Brothers & Rose and Merle and Buck and......

And now that takes me back maybe 45 years and a couple of lifetimes ago, back when I was a little fucker.
Me and Pops would be coming back from the Cascades when he was stationed at Fort Lewis in between trips to Viet Nam. He used to kidnap me for the weekend, wake me up early in the morning, drive me up to a freezing mountain stream and stick me in it, all the while talking about how much fun we were having not catching fish.
Fuuuuuck you.
I hated that shit so much that I still do it to this day. And I still don't catch fish but godammit I'm having fun, enjoying nature, getting away from the house, etc, etc.
But other than maybe one or two outstanding memories (concerning near drownings) I don't remember a whole lot about the actual fishing.

What I remember are the trips back home.
I can remember being sprawled out across the front seat of the pickup - they didn't even have seat belts that year - with my head resting on Pops' leg, smelling beer and trout and stale Pall Malls, with dim dashlights, windy mountain roads, his hand rubbing the small of my back saying "That's Ferlin, Boy. Smooth voice, huh?" Then he'd talk so godammed much I couldn't hear the song, probably why I don't have any Ferlin tunes today.
I can actually remember Pops saying on a trip from the Cascades "That's Willie Nelson, new songwriter - wrote 'Hello Walls' and a couple of other songs. Can't sing worth a shit, though."
And Marty Robbins? He drove me insane playing that shit over and over and over - to this day if you play "El Paso" I will fucking head-punch you.
That's the shit I remember. That and having to clean the fish while he took 20 or 30 minutes (depending on many fish I had to clean) to unload the boat, the motherfucker.
That was a long-ass time ago.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Ferlin Husky, a pioneering country music entertainer in the 1950s and early '60s known for hits like "Wings of a Dove" and "Gone," died Thursday. He was 85.
The 2010 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee died at his home, hall spokeswoman Tina Wright said. He had a history of heart problems and related ailments.
With his resonant voice and good looks, Husky was one of the most versatile entertainers to emerge from country music. He was a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, and even a comedian whose impersonations ranged from Bing Crosby to Johnny Cash.
He was one of the first country musicians to bring the genre to television and helped spread its popularity in booming post-World War II California, an important step in country's quest for a national audience.
He said in a 2010 interview with The Associated Press that he was buoyed by his Hall of Fame induction because he worried he'd been forgotten as his health failed over the years.
"The main thing I'm proud of, this is for my family and for the many people who want to see me go in there before I die," he said. "It's a great honor."
Friends seemed more indignant about Husky's long wait than he did. Tracy Pitcox, president of Heart of Texas Records, remembers telling Husky he deserved to be in the hall of fame a few years before his induction.
"He said, 'It would be nice, but it isn't going to impress Jesus,'" Pitcox remembered Thursday. "I just thought, 'Wow, what a nice thing to say.'"
Husky was one of the first country artists to have his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sold more than 20 million records, mostly in the '50s and early '60s, according to his web site. He won many of his awards long before such gala shows were televised and meant so much to careers.

He was born in 1925 near Flat River, Mo. After five years in the Merchant Marine during World War II, he began his singing career in honky tonks and nightclubs around St. Louis and later in the Bakersfield, Calif., area.
"I'd walk into a bar and if they didn't have any music there I'd ask the bartender if I could play. Then I'd pass the hat around," he told the Chicago Tribune in 1957.
He recalled netting 50 or 75 cents each time.
He recorded some songs early in his career under the name Terry Preston, and in some early records he spelled his last name Huskey.
He was signed to Capitol records in the early 1950s and had his first big success when he teamed with 2011 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Jean Shepard on "Dear John Letter," which ranked No. 4 on Billboard's list of top country songs of 1953.
Shepard said Thursday that was the start of a friendship that lasted nearly 60 years. She talked with Husky about a week ago before his health took a turn for the worse.
"We've got to go through the motions now," Shepard said Thursday. "I just dread that 'cause it seems like my heart's going to bust."
She described Husky as a fun-loving friend who was always quick with a joke or a prank. He also was one of the most talented artists she worked with in a long career that brought her in touch with all the legends.
"Ferlin was a great entertainer. He was a great entertainer," Shepard said. "I can't say nothing bad about him. If every man and woman who worked together in the music business or whatever had the relationship that me and Ferlin had, it would be a wonderful thing. It was a loving, loving friendship."
He was also the headline act for a tour that included a young Elvis Presley.
"He was so eager to learn how to entertain an audience, he'd watch everything I did," Husky said of Presley.

Roots relived

muslim monkey

Randy, you're a sick motherfucker.
Love ya, Bro.

Another Ruby Ridge in the making

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An Alaska couple have been indicted on charges of conspiring to murder a federal judge, his family and an Internal Revenue Service employee because they were upset over tax rulings against them.
The indictment signed Thursday against Lonnie and Karen Vernon, of Salcha, also charges conspiracy to possess grenades and gun silencers.
Lonnie Vernon, 55, also is charged with illegal possession of a machine gun and a firearm equipped with a silencer.
Two other Alaskans - citizen militia leader Francis Schaeffer Cox, of Fairbanks, and Coleman Barney, of North Pole - are also charged with Lonnie Vernon in a separate federal indictment alleging the three conspired to possess unregistered grenades and silencers. In that indictment, Cox also is charged with possession of an illegal machine gun and silencer.


Sounds like the BATF needs to bring that murdering motherfuckerr Lon Horiuchi out of retirement to kill Karen and any children she may have with her.
But I'm sure he's been replaced by another eager killer.
Just sayin'........

I gotta quit drinking. So do my neighbors.

Okay, this is a trip.
I was walking back from the liquor store with CGD and saw a couple of my neighbors standing out in the street staring at the sky oohing and aahing. This is not real unusual for my neighborhood being Kalifornia, but Jimmy hollered at me to check this shit out, he needed a reliable (ME?????) witness.
Fuck me to tears, there was a blue light in the sky making some turns like I ain't never seen an airplane do with speed that I have never seen a helicopter do. Not only that but it had a green buddy that wasn't as bright that was hanging around doing the same shit.
It was in the west by southwestern sky, was bigger than a star and was making some serious maneuvers. The general consensus was that it was the motherfucking Japs until I pointed out that they had enough problems of their own at the moment. Luckily, nobody thought of Russia or Sweden or Massachusetts or some other socialist country of trying to infiltrate us or I'd still be out there agreeing with them.
But what really tripped me out was the fact the airplanes from Modesto airfield was taking off and heading towards them the whole time.
In all of my 51 years I have never seen anything like this.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everything has to be a hassle.....

Work was real slow today and when my boss asked if I wanted to go home early, I jumped at the chance. There was something at the house I've been wanting to do for a while but needed a calm day.
Let me start from the beginning.
A few months ago a friends' son shot the family cat with a spring piston air gun thinking it was like a BB gun and would just piss the cat off. Killed that fucking cat dead, man. So Gary needed to get rid of either the air gun or the kid and he called me. I declined the kid but bought the gun for a song, replacing the cheap piece of shit that I had bought just before that.
But what I didn't think about is that California being Kalifornia, it's illegal to shoot any kind of a firearm in city limits. And I gotta tell you, this fucking rifle is LOUD. It's every bit as loud as a 22 Short (remember them?) but not as sharp. And then you gotta think about that pellet slamming into the back fence at 1200 fps. So I haven't been able to shoot for any extended period of time without worrying about the cops showing up.
Just off the kitchen facing my big motherfucking backyard is a breakfast nook. After I reassembled the table CGD destroyed when he had that cat on his back I got to looking around and thinking if I shove this table all the way forward, move this bench back, put my rifle vise and/or some sandbags on the table and then build a target holder 5 feet off the ground about 50 feet out....... Fuck, I can shoot in the comfort of my own home, the noise will be contained inside the house, Hank III will be on the stereo and beer is only 12 feet away.
It was fucking perfect. I set everything up, shot my first set of 3, remembered the screen, took it off then fired another group of 3.
That shit was all over the target. I had a 5" spread at 50 feet. In my defense, the sights that came with the gun were still on it along with a Tasco Red Dot gunsight. My sight picture was way too busy with all that shit going on in it, so I pulled the Tasco off because it was rated at 5 MOA @ 100 yards and tried the stock sights. No better - it has fiber-optic sights that are so big I can cover a 6" paper plate with them at 50 feet.
So, now I have a few choices. I can scope the fucker with a decent scope when I can afford that. Or I can stick with iron sights and use luck when popping jays and magpies or I can take the iron sights off and remount the Tasco. I want to scope it but it may be a couple of months before I can come up with the hundred bucks to do that. So it looks like it's all about the Red Dot for now. The only problem with that is that while the rear sights come off with a screwdriver, the front sight is banded on.
Now I'm wondering if the front sight band is a press fit and can I cut it off fairly easily or is it sweated on and it's going to be a bigger hassle than it's worth? I'm also thinking about just cutting an inch off the barrel along with the sight with my cut-off saw - the barrel isn't crowned, so I don't think it's gonna make any difference as long as I grind off any burrs.
But...... I do have a firing range inside my house, I got beer in the icebox and everything else is light shit.
Eat your hearts out, fuckers.

I can take a hint

I'm sitting at my shooting bench in the breakfast nook and I see CharlieGodammit run out to the yard and start running tight circles for no apparent reason.
What in the fuck is he doing, I wonder as I crack open a beer and watch.
After a dozen turnabouts, he squats right in the middle of the grass he flattened, takes a dump and then does his ground scratching shit before heading back into the house.
Ahhhh. He doesn't like his asshole tickled. Time to cut the grass...........

I'm thinking he's had enough

YouTube has already pulled this video so if you want to post it you better get it here from this player.
If you can't view it on this blog, here's the link that Craig sent in:

Thanks to Craig for sending this in.

Don't mess with Texas

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I was on a roll tonight

Today was Idiot Day at the Savemart. I know this because I was there while they were having the run-offs.

Idiot #1 was trying to tell a butcher that he wanted beef bacon. Beef bacon....... I wasn't going near that one. I didn't need an assault charge. Besides, he was in one of them electric scooters.

Idiot #2 was in the deli line and talking on his phone when I rounded the corner. The first thing I noticed was his apparel - Spiderman Tshirt, hat on backwards, cargo shorts to show off the tattoo (Oooh, he must be tough, he has a tattoo) on his leg and little bootie socks that babes wear. When I got close I could hear his conversation - "You better tell your brother to back off, Susan, before I go talk with him."
I started laughing.
He glares at me and yells "YOU! DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?"
Me? ME??? Who in the fuck are you to be talking to me like that?
So I turned around and said "Yeah. You're a pussy. What are you gonna do about that? Call my fucking sister and whine? Be a man and go kick her brothers' ass."
Everybody within earshot cracked up and Tough Guy went somewhere else for his tofu sandwich.

And finally, Idiot #3. I'm in line and there's 2 women (I think) and a guy (again, I think) ahead of me. Between the 3 of them there are 8 different shades of hair color, approximately 27 piercings and maybe one job.
So I'm in line behind them listening to Mr. Cool talk shit to his 2 women (I think) and thanking God I don't have to wake up next to something like that.
They pay for their shit and stop by the door for lotto tickets, so by the time I get my business done I'm dead off on their heels. As I'm walking behind them towards my truck, the guy (I think) sees my Lanes' Predator Control sign on my tailgate, reads it aloud and suggests to his lady (I think) friends, "Hey, lets call this guy and fuck with him! We can do this all night long."
I tapped him on the shoulder and said "I got a better idea. I'm right here, motherfucker. Why don't you fuck with me face to face?"
The expression on his face was priceless......

You're not so tough, big boy.

Meanwhile, at the San Francisco zoo.....

Straight Up White Trash, God bless 'em

Fuck, women sporting their ink, preggers with her drawers undone, white shades, and probably at a NASCAR race.
The only thing missing is a mullet and I'm betting the photographer has one.

Gotta be.... naw, this is too weird even for California

For "It's just my opinion, I could be wrong"

I came in from work tonight and went to my comments and found this little gem in there from "It's just my opinion, I could be wrong".

Are you the Knuckledraggin ass-hoe that wrote the following on another blog anot the earthquake in Japan? This is Just a warning for you Godless America hating Leftards....more is will be crying out to God to saVE your sorry asses!! And they had no business shoving that Obamacare health bill down our throats! Actually, they should tell everyone in the city of Berkeley that they have free dope down at the pier. It sounds as if you are, and if it was you, then I think you are even a bigger Knuckledraggin Ass-Hole than I originally thought.

Then a few minutes later, he sent this one off.

Yeah you pissed me off with your stupid comment about saying this on another blog. You Knuckledraggin ass-hole!! "This is Just a warning for you Godless America hating Leftards....more is will be crying out to God to save your sorry asses!!"

Well, I hate to disappoint you, but it wasn't me. That sounds like something you'd hear from Westboro Baptist Church and that ain't my style. And I honestly don't think I've ever used the word "Leftards" in my entire life.
One other thing, dumbass. Anytime I post a comment on another blog I do it under my google account so the name Wirecutter pops up.
And I could really give a flying fuck if I pissed you off. Seriously, you sound like a fucking idiot anyways.
Now Sweetpea, go have another beer and calm the fuck down.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God Bless Texas

A hooded robber burst into a Texas bank and forced the tellers to load a sack full of cash. On his way out the door, a brave Texas customer grabbed the hood and pulled it off revealing the robber's face.
The robber shot the customer without a moment's hesitation. He then looked around the bank and noticed one of the tellers looking straight at him. The robber instantly shot him also.
Everyone else, by now very scared, looked intently down at the floor in silence. The robber yelled, “Well, did anyone else see my face?”
There were a few moments of utter silence in which everyone was plainly afraid to speak.
Then, one old cowboy tentatively raised his hand, and while keeping his head down said, "My wife got a pretty good look at you......."


It's true, I'm an outlaw.

I came out from work tonight and there was a "ticket" on my windshield from the security service that my employer uses. It was for not parking in a designated parking space - in other words, I had my wheels 2 inches over the line and therefore was taking 2 spots even though nobody parked within 20 feet of me. Never mind that I got there an hour before dawn, the lights were out in the parking lot due to electrical work in the truck yard and those fucking lines were last painted in 1992 when they first paved the parking lot.
Looks like somebody's in training to become a meter maid.......

Your comments from my post yesterday.....

So I got quite a few comments on my Union Thug bullshit and while I could see some real emotion and a huge difference of opinion ranging from Fuck you to Fuck you too, I have to say that I was pleased to see that everybody was civil. It didn't surprise me, mind you, (we're not a bunch of fucking lefties here) but there wasn't a single comment I felt I had to delete.
Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Comments on the post below, please.

I made a post a few minutes ago about how I wasn't a union thug blah blah blah fart blah and got a couple of passionate replies right out the gate. Those fuckers wouldn't even let me finish my beer.
When I opened my comment moderation, I got hammered by two regular readers from 2 different directions which was major suckage because I ain't that quick after 4 tall boys on an empty stomach and a cat-scratched wolfdog. More about CharlieGodammit later. He seriously got his ass whupped tonight.
But it got me to thinking about what all you other fuckers might think.
Please post a comment on that post and let me know what you think about the post in particular, unions in general and that cocksucker Obama if you're buzzed and can't think of anything else.
All I ask is that you don't be abusive towards other posters. Respect their views, and respect their rights. I'll be real liberal (I HATE THAT FUCKING WORD) in my moderation if you can state opinion without letting emotion get too involved.
I know that I won't be stirring up a whole lot of conflict - let's face it, we're all have the same basic views or we wouldn't be here {fuck all you muslim goatfuckers that are here looking for camel toe pictures} reading all these right wing blogs to begin with.
But my first two comments were from opposite ends and I can see both points.
And I'll even allow the "F" word.

As always - please send all reloading information, dead animal pictures, death threats and feather boa promises to my regular email address.
Fuck Obama.

I ain't a union thug

So will all you motherfuckers please differentiate the difference between public and private sector unions before you start talking shit about Union Thugs?
The only person that I have make a difference between the two was the good ol' boy at Green Mountain Homesteading. Everybody else lumps all union members in the same mold.
We ain't.
I'm a union member and have been all my adult life, first Machinists and then Teamsters. And I'm so fucking conservative that I think Rush is a whiney liberal pussy.
While I do appreciate the fact that I make a good wage and have decent health benefits because of collective bargaining through my union, I do not agree (even a little bit) with my locals' political leanings, nor do I follow their voting "guidelines". Matter of fact, it's a great guideline for me to not follow - when I get it in the mail I study who or what to NOT vote for.
I was over at my folks house the other day and my dumbass California Girl niece started quizzing me about shit she heard on Fox News - shit like was I union thug and did I work for the Teamsters. I could not convince her (again, California Girl niece) that while I belonged to the Teamsters, I did not work for them and no, I was not a union thug by any means.
So will you please let folks know there is a difference? Some of us have to actually belong to a union in order to work at a particular job site. Just because we're there doesn't mean we agree with the politics.

It'll be less than an Xray. Really. Seriously.

SOMA, Japan – Radiation is spewing from damaged reactors at a crippled nuclear power plant in tsunami-ravaged northeastern Japan in a dramatic escalation of the 4-day-old catastrophe. The prime minister has warned residents to stay inside or risk getting radiation sickness.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Tuesday that a fourth reactor at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex was on fire and that more radiation was released.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan warned that there are dangers of more leaks and told people living within 19 miles (30 kilometers) of the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex stay indoors.


And the shit is headed our way. I gotta tell you, when I hear the words "Radiation is spewing" I feel a little less than comfortable.
I want you to think about something:
I don't trust our own government. Why in the fuck would I trust the Japanese government?

Mondays suck

CharlieGodammit barks once as is his habit so I get up and let him out.
He trots the perimeter of his yard to see if anything needs killing then heads back in to the house without pissing, shitting or anything.
2 minutes later he barks again. This time he pulls up short next to the camper shell and starts nosing around. He scoots into the shell and comes out with a kitten. Just about the time I start hollering "NO!" and run towards him, this pissed-off mama cat comes flying from behind the lemon tree, lands on his back and starts kicking the shit out of him.
My wolfdog is running full bore for the back door, freaked out with a wild motherfucking mama cat hanging on for dear life looking like a bull rider on the back of Little Yellow Jacket.
CGD hits the door, rounds the corner and heads for the breakfast nook trying to scrape that demon of his back.
No joy there. The table goes to pieces.
Then the motherfucker heads towards my bedroom with a cat on his back that is spraying cat piss everywhere. Luckily (I think) the door is closed. He bounces off that and heads for the reloading room. He pulls up short there (he ain't allowed in there), blows a U-turn, then hooks it back towards the back door.
Now, my Main Evil Cat decides to get involved. She also jumps on the back of CGD, not to kick his ass but to fight with the other cat. CGD now has two of the devils on his back fighting with each other. He's hauling ass. He heads for the garage with me hot on his heels so I can slam the door behind him. Now the only escape route he has is through his hole in the wall which is just big enough for him to squeeze through and I'm hoping he'll scrape both of them cats off his back on his way out.
No such luck.
The stupid motherfucker goes everywhere but out through his hole. I can hear shit clanging and banging over the dog/catfight everywhere as it's getting knocked over.
He finally pusses out and shoots out of the hole, runs for the house and cowers next to my chair.
My garage is fucking destroyed. I have welders, a welding table and my 30 gallon compressor on its' side. My chop saw is off the bench and on the floor. Shit that I had stored along the back wall is now stored all over the floor.
The kitten that started all this? It was busy getting it's butt licked by CharlieGodammit when I walked back into my house shaking my head in disbelief.
I can't believe he held onto it through all that shit.

Those eyes.....

And who says that tits or ass is all that a man notices.........

Everybody loves a threesome

See? I told you.

Betcha his name is either Claymore or Frag

Because you never know when you might need a bad-ass dog in a firefight.

Everybody loves muddin'

Fuck with me.........

Just think. That could've been me!

Botox Babes

Oh yeah. Real sexy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My future second ex-wife

Ooooh, I bet that smarted.

CAMEL TOE!!!!!!!

Admit it. You checked, huh?

Man, I'll say!


Some things you just gotta do yourself

Somali pirates hold a Blue Light Clearance Sale!

MOGADISHU, March 13 (Reuters) - Somali pirates said on Sunday they would lower some of their ransom demands to get a faster turnover of ships they hijack in the Indian Ocean.
Armed pirate gangs, who have made millions of dollars capturing ships as far south as the Seychelles and eastwards towards India, said they were holding too many vessels and needed a quicker handover to generate more income.
"I believe there is no excuse for taking high ransoms. At least each of our groups holds ships now," pirate Hussein told Reuters from Hobyo on the Somalian coast. He said the pirates were holding more than 30 ships at the moment.
"We have lowered the ransom only for the ships we have used to hijack other ships. We sometimes release these ships free of charge for they generate more (money). But we shall not lower the ransom for the bulk ships we are sure can bring bulk money."

Oh, HELL NO!!! This is my bucket, Tyrone.

Definitely not a visual stimulation

Need to keep the muslims away? Piggy Barricade!

France shoulda thought of this.

At least he's blaming somebody besides Bush

In his Friday press conference to discuss gas prices, President Obama was rather defensive, straining to counter the notion that his administration has been unfriendly to oil drilling, something most people would like to see a lot more of these days.
Where do people get that notion? Perhaps his Interior Department appealing a judge’s ruling that it act on several pending deepwater permits had something to with it.
Obama claimed repeatedly that he is not against drilling, then made the following comments:

There is more we can do, however. For example, right now, the (oil) industry holds leases on tens of millions of acres — both offshore and on land — where they aren’t producing a thing. So I’ve directed the Interior Department to determine just how many of these leases are going undeveloped and report back to me within two weeks so that we can encourage companies to develop the leases they hold and produce American energy. People deserve to know that the energy they depend on is being developed in a timely manner.

In other words, Obama is arguing that the oil companies themselves may be to blame for the fact that there isn’t more drilling. For some reason they’re ignoring making a profit. It’s a bizarro-world inversion of the usual complaint against oil companies — that they are reckless and all-too eager to despoil pristine lands in search of black gold.

For the entire article go here.

Who'd have thought Japan would be the ones to nuke us?

SENDAI, Japan – The estimated death toll from Japan's disasters climbed past 10,000 Sunday as authorities raced to combat the threat of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns and hundreds of thousands of people struggled to find food and water. The prime minister said it was the nation's worst crisis since World War II.

Nuclear plant operators worked frantically to try to keep temperatures down in several reactors crippled by the earthquake and tsunami, wrecking at least two by dumping sea water into them in last-ditch efforts to avoid meltdowns. Officials warned of a second explosion but said it would not pose a health threat.


Well, maybe not much of a health threat to them....... What's gonna happen when they do have a meltdown is that there will be a huge fucking mushroom cloud of steam - highly radioactive steam - shooting up into the atmosphere where it will be carried away from Japan straight to...... the western United States. According to all the data I've seen, it'll take about 6-8 days to reach us. Some of it will be dissipated into the ocean (opening a whole new can of worms) but I can double damn guarantee that we'll catch a shitload of it.
I caught a great article over at Sipsey Street Irregulars about what may happen  plus a couple of great links.
So, if you want to see the jet streams and where the shit will hit go here:

For real time radiation levels in several spots in the US, go here:

For the article at Sipsey Street Irregulars, go here:

Oh, one more thing for you to think about - if you think I'm preaching doom & gloom, think again. They're using seawater to cool the systems, which is an absolute last resort because salt water is so fucking corrosive. So yeah, they're sweating it. So should we.


Japan just got severely fucked up, Libya is in political turmoil, soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for nothing,  our gas prices are going through the fucking roof and what does our Dear Leader do?
(picture stolen from Kicking and Screaming)

The motherfucker goes out and shoots his 61st round of golf since entering office.
Could somebody please explain to the motherfucker that President of the United States is not a 9-5, five day-a-week job? That he kinda sorta needs to stay on top of shit?
I mean it's not that big a sacrifice - after all, it's only for 4 years at the most.


Maybe Babs Boxer should invest in a pair of these drawers......

And the woman on the left should invest in a long sleeved blouse to cover up them old-lady arms.
Not gonna say nothing about the dog on the right....... except where's her leash?

SF Residents Learn To Co-exist With Coyotes

SAN FRANCISCO -- Coyotes are an increasingly visible fact of life in many San Francisco neighborhoods, often straying beyond protected parkland and inspiring both awe and fear in residents.
Wildlife researchers estimate that about a dozen coyotes make their home in the country's second-most densely populated major city, which is surrounded on three sides by water. The first sighting in decades was reported in 2001.
The city's Animal Care and Control agency says reports of coyote attacks on humans are virtually nonexistent, but they have been known to chase unleashed dogs and prey upon the occasional cat.
The animals have made some enemies - mainly those who view them as a hazard to pets and children.
But advocates say coyotes are misunderstood creatures that add a thrilling taste of the wild to the urban landscape.


And what are you gonna do when that so-called dozen turn into several dozen and then hundreds and all your liberal neighbors that won't allow guns or even air rifles in your fair city protest against DFG trappers?
Better watch the kiddies, coyotes can and do attack humans, especially little humans. Ask your brethren down in LA.