Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun and games on a Saturday evening

Man, I needed a new thumb drive so a while ago I was headed to the Office Depot to get one and right when I'm slowing down to turn into the parking lot some stupid white motherfucker and his buddy with their hats turned sideways in a jap car turn in front of me from the left lane to go to Marias' Taqueria. I stand on my brakes and honk my horn, barely missing them. Seriously it was so close it blistered the paint on my truck.
As I'm pulling into the Office Depot I look in my rear view mirror and what do I see? A jap car with two stupid motherfuckers following me in. Great. Just what I wanted, a fucking hassle.
Hmmmm, what kind of weaponry do I use? My 45? Pepper spray? The bad-ass tomahawk I bought yesterday? The four foot length of 3/8" chain laying in my floorboard? My E-tool? So many choices......
I decided on the pepper spray for starters and finishing up with the 45 if needed.
I park and the jap car 69s up next to me. The driver rolls down his window and yells "YO! You got a problem, Dawg?"
Dawg? You just pissed me off. I ain't your fucking dawg, young man.
"Fuuuuck you, youngster."
He jumps out of the car and I blast him with a shot of pepper spray. As he's rolling on the ground cussing, his buddy throws down the blunt they were smoking and touches his door handle.
Aha, an act of aggression. I blast him through both open windows from 3 feet away, hitting him in the lower face. Cheap fucking "spray", shooting a stream instead of a spray. Oh, well.
The dumbass immediately rubs that shit right into his eyes.
"Man, what the fuck did you do that for? I wasn't going to do nothing!" He was sniveling big time.
"For having a poor choice of friends, son." I just grinned and pulled a few feet away and looked in the bed of my truck where CharlieGodammit was playing with a bug.
"What the fuck, asshole? Weren't you gonna take take of business, you worthless motherfucker?"
He just looked at me like Hey, you had it under control and pinned his beetle under his paw.
My thumb drive can wait until tomorrow.
Fucking kids, I swear......

Lisas' Rant

I picked up a new follower today and when I clicked on her site the very first post I saw was about bacon scented perfume.
She got a new follower too with that post.
Anyways, she's just getting started but looks like she's our kind of people. Go to her site and give her some encouragement.

Well no shit, dumbass.

A senior Iranian military official says experts have determined the United States and Israel were behind a mysterious computer worm known as Stuxnet that has harmed Iran's nuclear program.
Gholam Reza Jalali says investigations by Iranian experts show that Stuxnet originated from the U.S. state of Texas and Israel.
Jalali heads a military unit called Passive Defense that primarily deals with sabotage. His comments were reported Saturday by Iran's official IRNA news agency.


Let's see, plant a worm that will cause the units to fail or self destruct and possibly letting you kill off your own population or risk the lives of hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of American and Israelis?
Remember Tehran, 1979? 444 days of your bullshit? And that ain't nothing compared to what you've sworn WILL happen if you develop nuclear weapons.

Oh yeah. We learned our lesson.

Viagra powered jizz can kill you

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County health officials say the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease was found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion where scores of people became ill after attending a fundraiser in February.
The Los Angeles Times says health officials presented their findings Friday at an annual conference at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
The legionella bacteria also causes a milder illness called Pontiac fever. Symptoms include fever and headache.
Many people who attended a fundraiser party at the Playboy Mansion came down with a respiratory illness after the DomainFest conference in February.
Officials contacted 439 people and found that 123 had fevers and at least one other symptom with 69 falling ill on the same day. Epidemiologists used social media to contact the conference attendees.

Senator Grassleys' statements on BATFs' crimes

From Gateway Pundit

Senator Grassley Has Damning Documents on Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Gunrunner Project

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) has damning evidence that US ATF officials sanctioned or allowed the sale of assault weapons to straw purchasers. The agency was doing this on purpose. The government encouraged this. Two of the weapons ended up at the murder scene of a US border patrol agent in Arizona, Brian Terry. Obama says he and Holder knew nothing about Operation Gunrunner.

Senator Grassley spoke out on his investigation yesterday on the floor of the senate.
This is an amazing video.

For a full account of this shit, go to Sipsey Street Irregulars (sidebar).

Obamas' Internet Kill Switch

What are the chances of a US Internet Kill Switch? Could it happen? Is it practical? The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT) and The Daily Bell are pleased to bring you a short video presentation titled, Internet Kill Switch.
The video features hard-to-believe yet true events unfolding right now in Washington D.C. to try and suppress the Internet's ability to support the freedom of the press. Will the power elite be victorious in squelching Internet freedom? We surely hope not and will continue to support freedom of the press and the Internet-spawned advance of liberty and free-market thinking. We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to reading your feedback

Viewers, as well, are invited to add their financial support to our Foundation's efforts to spread the word on this and other critical freedom issues. The time to act is now. Educational efforts like those being led by FAFMT via publishing efforts like the Daily Bell and outside free-market organizations it supports are critical to the expansion of freedom-awareness supported by sites and outlets on the World Wide Web.

Today there is substantive Internet freedom. But if Barack Obama and the power elite standing behind him get their way, the authoritarian nightmare planned for all citizens suppressed under the control of a New World Order will move closer reality.

In fact, just yesterday, there were news reports about the Obama administration is moving forward with an Internet ID plan for the US Internet-using public. The administration announced it would support programs created by the private market that would make Internet IDs available to those who wanted to use them.

There's "no reliable way to verify identity online" at the moment, US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said, using malware and identity theft as justifications for funding such a program. "Passwords just won't cut it here." Of course, that's not the real reason to create an ID program. The real reason is to chill free speech. Anyone who believes such an ID system will remain voluntary also likely believes that Obama himself is a wide-eyed Democratic radical and not the corporatist political functionary he so obviously is.

For the rest of the article:

I'm Famous Again update

It appears that Soulstraw is using my blogroll to ferret out "racist" blogs. He hit Frankenstein Government this morning. But I wouldn't trip on it too much, folks - my traffic didn't take a dramatic jump last night and I've recieved absolutely no shitty comments to post, dammit.
Both of his regular readers must have better things to do.
I do want to thank all that commented on his post on my behalf. I don't know how many of you did because of comment moderation but he's published a few of them.
Fuck Obama.

Lt. Col. Allen West for President

Good morning, Mohammed

Stole this picture from Zillas' facebook page.

I'm famous. Again.

Anonymous sent in a comment saying that I made the small time.
Some fucking liberal piece of shit says that I'm a racist because I hate the fucking punk Obama.
Mom would be so proud......
Here's the link. Let him know what you think. He moderates his comments so mine and yours probably won't show up but we can have fun with him if we get too bored.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fell asleep in the tanning salon, did ya?

Redneck Piece of White Trash

Damn, Bella. That's my new theme song.

Cool, they're still killing each other off.

A bomber detonated an explosive device just as police officers were about to start Friday prayers yesterday at their mosque in a compound in West Java, killing himself and injuring up to 25 others, some gravely.
Witnesses told Indonesian media outlets that the bomb was let off just after the iqamah, the call that signals that prayers are about to begin. The perpetrator was male, clad in black and stood facing the congregation, his prayer mat still rolled up in his hand, before he triggered the explosive device, said accounts provided to the website of the magazine Gatra.
He shouted praise to God before the attack, the report said.

Yeah, Joe. He bores the shit out of me too.

Posting a comment from Derek

Something to think about when you can't access a blog from my links.
I'm still having problems posting from my home, sometimes I can and sometimes I have to save my work and post from another location. 


Ken, remember a couple a months ago I alerted you that the .mil and .gov servers at my locale were buggin yours and select sites from your link list. Access denied, blocked pics and videos that crash your PC when you open them. The man is doin some seriously underhanded shit. Just ask Western Shooters and Sipsey Street boys. You too Soylent Green. Just your tax dollars at work....

Mexico builds a wall to keep us out

Ol' Waylon

You can give an Okie some warning, dammit

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- A rocket carrying a national security payload has been successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on California's central coast.
The Atlas 5 rocket blasted off shortly before 9:30 p.m. Thursday. Vandenberg officials said the satellite was carrying a classified payload from the National Reconnaissance Office, which oversees the nation's constellation of spy satellites.
The rocket appeared as a brilliant light streaking across a clear Southern California night sky.


Not just SoCal, fuckers......
I was out chucking empty beer cans at CharlieGodammit awhile ago when I heard the dyke chick 2 doors down hoo-hawing..
I thought her viber-ator had up and gotten away on her.
Hey, it was an honest mistake.....

It's that time of the year again.

Don't forget to pay your taxes....
Muchas gracias!
21 million illegal aliens are depending on you!

From Stevienatt, JimboRambo, Claire, Jamie, Singh, Jim, Kent, AmosMoses, TayroneOakland, James, Ariel, Jose, TexasPatriot, OkieArt, Lovey, Michelle, JungleJim, tonia, JJ, 1RichmondHellsAngel, VNVET and about a million other motherfuckers.

Bombs and shit.

One of the unexpected and much appreciated benefits of my blog is the gifts my readers send me.
All I have to do is mention my needs and I have a friend kicking it to me, generally free of charge as well as shipping and shit.
I've gotten free clothing, free (legal) weapons.
Free militay gear.
One of the best deals was from D, who cleaned all his excess TA-50 from his attic and kicked it down to me.
Seriously, several hundred bucks worth of gear.

Okay. As long as I need shit and you're willing to kick down?
Det cord. Lots and lots of lime green electrically fired det cord.
Electical blasting caps.
Smoke. I got a recipe but military smoke kicks ass.

Kickin' it off right

Okay, it's the beginning of my weekend, (4 tens, gotta love it), I've already hammered back a 12 pack, CGD is at my feet, Hank III is on the stereo singing about wrecking his health and I got laid with bright eyes, laughter and tender kisses right after work.
If it weren't for yard work tomorrow, I couldn't complain.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hate mail

So I'm thinking I should start publishing my hate mail and my replies.
Seriously, I doubt my replies will ever get back to the motherfuckers that send me shit because they're generally sissies and send their shit from dummy addresses, but we can only hope. But at least we can have a laugh at their cowardly asses, huh?
Actual emails and my replies.....

First of a series......

I stumbled on your blog by acciedent and i am sorry i did so.
You are the most intolerant person alive. I hope you die in a car accident.

Me too and I hope that I do a header right into your Smart Car. At least it'll be quick for me with the weight of your batteries. You, on the other hand, will probably die in my gasoline fire. Have fun with that.
Learn to spell.

Swallow, dammit.

Little Johnny was all out of sorts one morning. When his father asked him what the problem was the kid said, "I'm mad at mommy, cause she eats birds."
His father said he didn't know what Little Johnny was talking about.
Little Johnny replied, "I was up late last night and heard noises coming from your bedroom. When I listened at your door, I heard mom say, 'should I swallow it or let it fly'?"

My ex-wife

Okay, as you regular readers may remember a few months ago I introduced my ex to y'all, said she may be commenting and asked you be nice.
This was at a time when she expressed a desire to become friends (only) once again and put the pain of our divorce behind us. I was agreeable - the problems we had were done, I held no bitterness and honestly, I was fucking tired of fighting over shit that was done and over with years ago.
Well, guess what.
In the past few weeks she reminded me of why I divorced her ass. She can be a bit of a bitch. If you've noticed, there are no remarks from her in my postings - not because she hasn't tried, but because I delete the motherfuckers.
She's started her usual bullshit again and I don't have to deal with it. We're divorced and I am my own man, not hers, whether she likes it or not.
So here's the deal. I will post her remarks, not in the comment section but as a regular post and give you my snappy reply. I can do this without violating the law because after all, my blog and comments are a public forum, right?
Hate to drag you into my personal life but it will be entertaining at the very least.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you fucking kidding me?

"We have to live within our means, reduce our deficit and get back on a path that will allow us to pay down our debt," the president said in a speech at George Washington University a few blocks from the White House.


Live within our means? What in the FUCK do you know about living within my means? Any means?
Motherfucker, my bills are constantly one month behind and one jump ahead of a final notice. I shop for clothes at a thrift shop. I buy my tires at a used tire shop. I grow food in my backyard and not because I enjoy doing it. I keep the fish I catch to eat and you have no idea how much that hurts me - I can no longer afford to practice catch and release. I clip coupons. My heat in the house is non-existent (thank God I live in a somewhat temperate climate) and I don't even consider AC until it's above 90 degrees inside. Meat on the weekends is a fucking luxury as is dinner most nights, and yes I have had popcorn for dinner, you bastard. My TV service was cancelled by me months ago and I dearly miss it at times. Coyote hunting? Yeah right. Not so far this year.
And I make 23 bucks a fucking hour here in in Kalifornia. Seriously.
Obama, one week of your lifestyle would give me and my garden-sharing neighbors a life of luxury for a fucking year.

So here's a fucking challenge.
You, the motherfucker that says we should live within our means, I challenge you to come live within OUR means. Come sweat the price of gas. Come live the life of the mother that's ashamed to but still signs her babies up for free lunches at school knowing that's going to be the best meal of their day while her and her man do without. Come call the utility company and ask them to extend your service until you get paid Friday.  Come cook three 1 pot meals a week to last the entire week. Come shave your face (or legs) with hand soap because shaving cream is nice but not a necessity.
Come and refuse an invitation for drinks from a lady you admire and would like to get to know better because you can't afford to pay for the second round. Look at the hurt in her eyes and the disbelief at your bullshit excuse. Then walk away.

You sorry motherfucker.
I've worked my ass off my entire adult life. I've served my country and will gladly do so again if asked. I have drawn exactly ONE  unemployment check in my life.
I will fucking starve before asking for your help and yet you have the fucking audacity to say we must live within our means?

Fuck you, Obama.
Why don't YOU live within MY means?

I'm trying, dammit

I'm having a motherfucker of a time accessing this blog. I can read it but I can't post on it unless I hit it from a very roundabout way via physical location and links. I don't know if I've been hacked or if Blogger is having issues but it took me and hour and a half to post my usual shit for today.
So bear with me. I may have to export Knuckledraggin and start a new blog with a new name/same shit or something, but if you don't hear from me for a day or three, stay off my ass. It ain't my fault.

My hatin' post.

Sumbitch, I didn't mean to start a bunch of shit here, I was just half drunk and CGD got tired of me chuckin' beer cans at him and hid in the bedroom and I needed something to get Bushwack off my ass.
But really, I got a shitload of postive comments from some good ol 'mericans here and even from some that have never commented before.
I only got one shitty comment (and I think he/she was fucking with me) about being a California boy fucking with Okies. Two things here, Damned near everybody in the Central Valley that ain't brown is from Okie stock and everybody fucks with Okies. Seriously - remember the Pollack jokes in the 70s? Substitute Okies.... If you weren't kidding, kiss my White Okie ass, motherfucker.
I did get several fucked up emails and a couple of death threats but that's about par for the course. That's what I get for not being a pussy and making my primary email address public. I'm going to have to start saving that shit and posting it for you, huh?
I will say though that not of my emails were critical - I got several that were supportive and nice.
But hey, thanks for the comments and the encouragement.
You fuckers rock.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, I'm hatin' now.

I'm getting to the point where I have absolutely no tolerance for anybody anymore. I have friends that I would be shocked if somebody pointed out that they were black, hispanic or whatever, but these are friends that have stood by me and I know love me.
But other than those few? I'm serious. I really dislike everybody.
If you're sensitive to racial and ethnic slurs, click off now.
If you're a liberal, click off now.
If you're a RINO, goodbye and stay gone.
Deep breath.
Here goes.

Politicians, Walk your motherfucking talk or keep walking. Hopefully off a cliff. I almost respect a liberal that truly believes and acts on their misguided thoughts. But you're still fucked up and you should've died at birth. If you're a RINO, You should be shot as a traitor. Scott Brown, are you listening?

Hispanics, Even though I know that all illegals don't come from down south, I know that the bulk of the immigration outrage has been directed at you and there's a reason. Most of our illegal immigrants come from our southern border. Period. If you came into this country legally, congratulations and I wish you a great future. But do us all a favor. Assimilate. Learn our language, learn our customs and become American. Not Mexican American, not Salvadorian Americans not whatever Americans. Pledge your allegiance and lives to your new Nation, not the shithole you left behind.

Blacks - quit acting like niggers. Seriously. You wanted integration, you got it, now fucking live it. Fuck your separatist rap music, your made-up african names, and especially your so called "culture" - you've had 150+ years to adapt to our Nations' culture. Deal with it. You're American. I recognize it and it's about time you did too.

Yankees? Keep your ass up north and back east leave us fucking rednecks alone. We like the way we live. We mind our own business, we keep to ourselves for the most part and we don't much give a fuck oabout you or your influences.
And last but not least.:

Motherfuckers that hate Yankees.
Two things here.
Yankees? Them boys fought for our Nation before we were a nation. The Green Mountain Boys were the most famous. Google them sometime and settle in for a full evening of study. We owe EVERYTHING to those Yankees.
And a little later, Damnedyankees - The War has been over since 1865, like it or not. Yes, you can love and celebrate your Southern heritage (as I do) but fuck, let the hatred and prejudices go.
A horrendous number of blacks, asians and hispanics have given their lives in numerous wars to defend this Glorious Nation we ALL love so much. Wanna talk shit? One of the first men killed in our war of rebellion against Britain was a black man named of Crispus Attucks. Sure 'nuff, folks.

Okay. I'm done.
Shake hands.

Roxboro, North Carolina

I see I have a frequent visitor from Roxboro NC.
I had a great friend from Roxboro when I was in the Army back in the late 70s and early 80s. We had gotten back in contact a few years back but then I lost his contact information.
I'd like to get back in touch with my friend and maybe you can help.
Would you contact me at and I'll send you what information I have about him? It would be very much appreciated.


Motherfucker, we loved you when we had you but I have to say that I'm glad you died when you did so you wouldn't have to see what a shithole our Nation has become.
But damn, I wish you had been born decades later so you could've stepped in, kicked some motherfucking liberal ass and put us back on the righteous path.


Wolf dogs

So is there another motherfucker out there that owns a dog with any wolf (any at all) in it?
I'm just curious because I know that I have several readers from Alaska and Canada as well as several dozen from the northern States and they're heavy on hybrids, or so I'm told.
When I got CGD, I was on my own. I had no help from anybody and it was definitely a learning experience and I still could use a little help from somebody that's been through this shit him/herself.

Fuck you, Bushwhack.

I posted something just for you. Get off my ass, man.
I swear, I can't even have an evening of looking at porn, beating off and eating bacon without somebody crawling up my ass.
But it is nice to know that I'm appreciated.

Gotta be, has to be California

Monday, April 11, 2011

And there it is.

No posts tonight.
Not in the fucking mood.
I'm not in the mood for much of anything. If I had a sweetie, I'd send her ass home.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dream on......

Like Libya, asshole?

Camera or not, I'm still pissing there.

I can understand the confusion

-Cousin Chris

That's some straight up White Trash shit there

MANTECA -- A Modesto woman is suspected in the stabbing of another woman during a fight at the Strike Zone bowling alley on East Yosemite Avenue early today.
Angelica Strahorn, 22, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Police said she was booked at the San Joaquin County Jail.
The victim was stabbed three times, then treated for nonlife-threatening injuries at a hospital, police said.
Officers were called to the Strike Zone International, 1251 E. Yosemite Ave., at 12:21 a.m. Witnesses told them two men had an altercation and a woman — the victim — tried to break up the fight.
Then Strahorn got involved, police said. Police said she is suspected of stabbing the woman twice during the fight and a third time near the door of the bowling alley.


Who in the fuck carries a knife as their primary weapon nowadays?
Okies, I swear......

Yeah, right.

I believe I'm going to have some fruit, Bree cheese and a glass of white wine for dinn.....
Fuck that, who am I kidding.
Busch and bacon sandwiches.....

My favorite dress-up shirt

This one ain't for impressing the ladies, it's for the boys. Thanks to Stevie Foodstamps and Unemploid for sending it along to me
That's my Colt Officers' Model in 45 ACP, cocked and locked, baby!

Best MLB play ever - Rick Monday saves our Flag

Ahmed jr, the suicide bomber

Saw this over at Right Truth this morning and had to steal it.
Hey, when we were kids, we all played Cowboys and Indians, right? But who always won? The good guys, our heroes the cowboys, right?
You can see who the hero in their play is - the suicide bomber.
Watch where the bomber (in black) says goodbye to all his friends, then is stopped by the security forces, then throws dirt and dust into the air to simulate an explosion.
Even if this clip was staged by adults (it probably was given the quality) it's still disturbing. These are the kids that our kids will be fighting in a few years.
We can only hope for lots of premature detonations.

Woo-hoo! Party on!!!

Toddler Rushed to Hospital After Reportedly Being Served Alcohol at Applebee's

A 15-month-old boy was rushed to a hospital after he was accidentally served alcohol in a kids' meal at a Michigan Applebee’s, reports.
Taylor Dill-Reese, the boy’s mother, said her son started acting strangely Friday at the Madison Heights restaurant after drinking from his sippy cup what she thought was apple juice. When Dill-Reese tasted the drink, it turns out it was margarita mix, according to
The boy was taken to the hospital, where he was examined by doctors. The family later learned the boy’s alcohol level was .10 – over the legal limit for an adult driver. The boy was later checked out of the hospital.
"Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks," Dill-Reese told the station. "So, he definitely shouldn't have received one."


Hmmmm, noisy kid and a harried waitress.
Accident? I think not.....