Saturday, February 11, 2012

I know, I'm a pig.

Miss Lisa keeps a clean house but she stays the fuck away from my corner, at least until leave to go take a piss or to the gun shop or something manly, then she swoops in and cleans.
Here's a shot of the table next to my Camouflage BassPro Easy Chair. This is about 2 hours worth of shit.
Just a quick glance shows a couple books (one I just finished, the other just started) a couple of different kinds of  hard candy to keep my Copenhagen habit in check, a can of Copenhagen (the candy evidently ain't doing the trick), GPS unit and USB cable for it, hat, my li'l 38, lighter and rangefinder. Oh yeah, my coke that I opened a couple hours ago.

Toilet Training 101

Sent in by Dave

Reminds me of when the third party contractor for my employer hired a shitload of illegals back about 10-12 years ago and had to post these signs:
Don't know why they bothered to post it in english - I don't recall a single bit of soiled paper from the US born citizens, White, Black, Hispanic, or Asians before they hired all those illegals.
Funny thing is, 12 years later they still have the same problem. No more signs though, folks kept stealing them.
For the original post about this picture, go HERE


Stolen from The Feral Irishman

The Chevy Volt

- Lee

Bagel the Beagel and Nutjob the....... nutjob.

Bagel the beagle. Loyal, followed me everywhere, but aloof, wouldn't chase a ball, and watched me from his perch on the couch kill 5 mice with a fireplace poker. When describing Bagel's aloofness to someone recently, she said, "Sounds just like his owner". 
Pfft. Damned right.
Go to Debbie Does Drivel for the rest of this great post.

Hey! A little privacy here, please!!!!!


So the Obamessiah has backed off on requiring that employers provide birth control, saying now that the insurance companies must now provide it.
Minor shit, if you ask me.

Did he backtrack because he realized he may actually be wrong? No, he backed down because he realized that he was about to lose the election over that. Not only did he piss off the Catholics but he woke a shitload of other people up with the realization that #1 he doesn't give a flying fuck about the Constitution and/or he doesn't know a thing about the Bill of Rights and #2, he doesn't care about your religion at all unless you happen to be muslim.
He seemed to forget that while you can chip away at other Rights for whatever bullshit reason, if you start fucking with people's beliefs that have been ingrained since birth, they're going to get pissed.

Given the political leanings of my readers, I don't think I have to go into much depth when I say that this was just the tip of the iceburg. If that motherfucker gets re-elected, he's going to trample what's left of our Bill of Rights. Executive orders and all that. If he can't honor Americans' relationships with God, he damned sure ain't gonna worry about minor shit like freedom of the press, gun ownership, and searches of private property.
What the fuck - he wan't have anything to lose seeing as he won't be eligible to serve a third term (unless he declares a national emergency and that will open up a whole new can of worms) and it will give him and his handlers the ability to change our great Nation into the third world dictatorship that they desire.

So check this out, Obama.
Stay the fuck out of our religion. Stay the fuck out of our lives. You're nothing but a piece of cowshit that I scrape of my boots.
You have brought this Nation closer to an armed rebellion than any other president in our history.
It ain't over yet.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Damned dog's more popular than I am

- Jesus Barbie


I get more email for or about CharlieGodammit than any other subject. Well, except It's Friday Niggas and Camel Toes.

Does Obama have an alibi?

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said today that she suggested the county coroner examine the body of Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua last week because the timing of the 88-year-old prelate's death struck her as "peculiar."
Speaking to reporters in Norristown, Ferman acknowledged that she enlisted county coroner Walter I. Hofman because the cardinal died one day after a Philadelphia judge said he could be called to testify next month at the child sex abuse and endangerment trial of three current and former priests.
"The situation struck me as peculiar and odd," she said.
But Ferman tried to tamp down any speculation that Bevilacqua may have died of foul play. She said she had no information to suggest that.
"This death is not the subject of a criminal inquiry," Ferman said. "It is simply being examined by the coroner to determine what the cause of death is."
Her comments came a day after Hofman said prosecutors asked him to examine the body "to make sure there were no intervening events that could have speeded up" the cardinal's death.


He does have a hard-on for Catholics these days, ya know. Maybe he decided that it was time for a little retroactive birth control.......

CharlieGodammit may have met his match

Hey Ken -
Thought CGD would enjoy this video since his new passion is drinking out of the toilet. The dog in this clip had his bone flushed down the toilet months ago and he's still pissed.
Congrats to you and Lisa on the new house! Looks beautiful in the photos! I want to see photos of CGD's room. Would he like a nice photo of NutJob to hang on his wall?

Y'all can catch Deb and her fantastic sense of humor at Debbie Does Drivel
Oh yeah, Nutjob is her Tasmanian Devil disguised as a dog.

"I don't have time to play this Constitutional bullshit!"

    (CN) - A depressed Army reservist who made a phone call for help says dozens of police responded by surrounding his home and arresting him, vandalizing and searching his place without a warrant, seizing his dog and killing his tropical fish.
Matthew Corrigan, who lives alone with his dog, sued the District of Columbia in D.C. Federal Court.
Confronted with a massive police presence after his plea for help, Corrigan says, he denied officers permission to enter his house, but they entered and trashed it anyway, saying, "I don't have time to play this constitutional bullshit!"
Corrigan says the debacle started on Feb. 2, 2010.
"Corrigan telephoned what he believed to be the 'Military's Emotional Support Hotline' because he was depressed and had not slept for several days," the complaint states.
"The number Corrigan called was in fact the National Suicide Hotline. When he stated that he was a veteran, he was asked if he had firearms, to which he said yes. He said nothing about being suicidal or using a firearm or threatening anyone. After a short conversation, Corrigan hung up, turned off the phone, took prescribed sleeping medication, and went to bed.
"At approximately 4 a.m. in the morning of Feb. 3, 2010, Corrigan awoke because he heard his name being called over a bullhorn. There were floodlights outside his front and back doors and an estimated 8 police officers in the back yard and 20 in the front yard.
"Corrigan turned on his phone and found that Officer Fischer of the 5th District was calling him, asking him to come out, which he did at about 4:50 a.m., locking the door behind him. He was handcuffed and put in the back of a SWAT truck.
"When Officer John Doe I (upon information and belief, Officer John Doe I is Lieutenant Robert Glover) asked Corrigan for the key to his apartment, he informed the officer: 'There is no way I am giving you consent to enter my place.' Officer John Doe I stated: 'I don't have time to play this constitutional bullshit!' and ordered that Officers John Does II-V, members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), enter the apartment." (Parentheses in complaint).
Corrigan says police took him to a VA hospital, broke his front door and entered his apartment without a warrant, where they confiscated his guns, vandalized his place and took his dog to an animal shelter.
"Although the officers had no information that there were explosives in Corrigan's home and the home had been secured, John Does VI-X, the Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team, entered Corrigan's home without a warrant and searched for explosives," the complaint states. "The EOD team opened closed containers and used X-ray equipment to search closed containers.
"After the initial warrantless search, the EOD team brought in a dog to search for firearms.
"During the search of Corrigan's home, John Does II-XV seized three firearms and numerous rounds of ammunition for those firearms and others. The three firearms were a rifle, which was unloaded and trigger-locked in a locked hard-side container under his bed, a hand gun which was in a hard case in a drawer in the closet, and another handgun which was in a zipped bag on the shelf at the bottom of a clothes rack (pillows and blankets were on top and next to the bag). The locked cases were taken but the broken latches were left on the floor. The ammunition was stored in a sealed plastic crate and the rest was in boxes, in their original packing, in a milk crate, which was stored under a sleeping bag in a utility closet.
"Corrigan's eyeglasses were broken and thrown in a corner." (Parentheses in complaint).
Corrigan says he spent three days in the VA hospital, because "having weapons pointed at him upon leaving his apartment triggered his PTSD hyper-vigilance and caused irregular heartbeat."
After he was released from the hospital and determined not to be a suicide risk, Corrigan says, police arrested him and put him in jail, where he remained for almost 2 weeks.
"When Corrigan returned to his apartment 16 days after being seized, he found that John Does I-XV had left the front door unlocked and unsecured, had left the electric stove on, had cut open every zipped bag, had dumped every box and drawer, had broken locked boxes from under the bed and the closet, and emptied shelves into piles in each room. All his tropical fish in his 150 gallon aquarium were dead."
Corrigan seeks more than $500,000 in damages for constitutional violations.
He is represented by Richard Gardiner, of Fairfax, Va. 
Link found at the Scary Yankee Chick's place


And that's pretty much the attitude of every other law enforcement orifice (except one) that I have had the misfortune to encounter. Their whole attitude is that you're either a victim or a crook, no middle ground whatsoever.
Those fucking cops should be fired, every one of the motherfuckers that was on scene and witnessed what happened without intervening.

Straight Up White Trash, God bless 'em

Two fat boys passed out, one with his finger up his nose and the other with his britches headed south.
Yup, them's my people!

Old fashioned parenting

This is a little long, but once you get into it a bit you won't wanna click off. Plus it's got a great ending.
Thanks, Sammy.

Just another excuse to go back.

One thing that I like about Bass Pro is that I can generally do all my shopping within 500 square feet - ammo, guns, reloading and predator calls and such, but it can also be a downfall.
I got off early today and on the way home I decided to stop at the Bass Pro and check out their prices on bulk 223 ammo. By the time I got out of there an hour later I had 2 new coyote calls and a box of Hornady's Critical Defense 38 Special +P ammo for my pocket rocket plus I had priced a couple of scopes, a new rangefinder and some chaps for hunting sagebrush.
I forgot all about the 223 ammo.

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How's my driving? Call 1-800-AMNESTY

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has appointed a former legal-services attorney as its new “public advocate.” The point of the new position is to enable illegal aliens to complain directly to headquarters when ICE field agents refuse to implement the administration’s administrative amnesty. This has become a real problem for the White House; the NYT reported last month that the ICE union has refused to allow its members to undergo the re-education sessions organized by the DHS political appointees. In effect, they consider the Obama de facto amnesty directives to be unlawful orders which they are bound to disobey.
This puts the White House in a political bind because it’s promised the open-borders and ethnic-chauvinst groups that all non-violent illegal aliens would be permitted to stay as long as necessary until Congress votes them legal status. If regular illegal aliens continue to be deported, the enthusiasm of La Raza and its ilk for the president’s reelection may flag. Thus, this new public advocate, who can identify the malefactors (ICE agents refusing to violate their oaths) and enable the Eye of Sauron to turn upon them.
But some jujitsu is in order. Since this public advocate says “I hope you’ll reach out to me with your questions, comments and concerns,” those who have been affected by illegal immigration — especially victims of identity theft, drunk-driving, or other crimes — should give him a call. He’s at or (202) 732-3999.


So yeah, reach out to him. Voice your opinion about the lawbreakers that he serves.

Thanks to Jim for the link.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Yeah. Touch the elephant, dumbass.

Ode To The Welfare State

Click to enlarge or go get your fucking glasses.

Several people sent this one in. Note the date - 1949.

Gotta be in Africa

Lazy man's lay

Pinkies with the Mooch?

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama (C) performs the Interlude dance during an event highlighting her “Let’s Move” initiative attended by over 10,000 youths at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines February 9, 2012. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)


Yes, those really are white folks with Mooch-elle. I couldn't believe it myself until I read the caption.
They're in Iowa. They couldn't scrape up any more black kids in that state, so they had to use white kids as fillers.

Probably tied into the Fusion Center there

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The LAPD is fighting crime from a high-tech war room that gives it eyes all over the city. The surveillance hub is now a model for police forces around the world and KCAL9 got an exclusive tour inside from Chief Charlie Beck.
“We are targets on our own soil,” says Beck. “We have to be ready.”
What began as a grass roots idea following the 9/11 terrorist attacks is now a state-of-the-art real-time analysis critical response center. It’s called RACR, and it’s located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.
“This is a system that cuts through the red tape, that gets information to the people that need it,” says Chief Beck. He calls it “the brains of the department, twenty-four/seven.”
Police in the activity center monitor live feeds of city and traffic cameras, counter-terrorism information, and real-time crime mapping, with cutting edge software.
“If we didn’t have that we would be operating blind,” says Capt. Sean Malinowski, the Commanding Officer at RACR. “Essentially we’re always activated here.”
RACR is a critical crime-fighting tool at the center of every high profile incident in the City of Los Angeles.
“We have some real-time tools that help us analyze crime as it’s happening,” says Malinowski. “And then we feed that information out to the geographic areas and to patrol divisions.”

How'd you like to wake up next to this?


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Random incident my ass

I bet they'd like the public to think it was a random incident but 61 year old men don't, as a rule, commit random acts of violence.
Ten to one, that fed fucked with him someway, somehow, and the ol' boy got tired of his shit and blew his ass down. Or as Kerodin would say, he Stepped Off The Porch.

And they call the Right Wing racist.....

DES MOINES, Iowa (CBSDC/AP) — Thousands of students, several well-known athletes and a number of politicians are expected to join Michelle Obama for an event in Des Moines that will promote exercise and healthy eating.
Besides the first lady, participants at the Thursday event include Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, gymnast Shawn Johnson, figure skater Michelle Kwan and NASCAR champion Carl Edwards.
About 10,000 children will be bused to the event from 45 schools in the Des Moines area.
It will be Obama’s first stop on a three-day national tour marking her Let’s Move initiative, which promotes physical fitness and healthy eating for children. She’s been drawn to Des Moines by Iowa’s Healthiest State initiative. That program aims to make Iowa the healthiest state by 2016.


Where in the fuck are all the White, Asian or Hispanic kids? Wouldn't it be politically correct to have children of all races posing with the wonderful First Lady?

And the launch was successful......

Typical Liberal

Fucking hippie has an opinion about everything and feels he/she has to share it with you.

Thank God he's in a drunken stupor

For more of Johnny, go to

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Our new place has hardwood floors and new carpeting so it was decided that CharlieGodammits' water bowl should be outside. Can't be having that motherfucker dripping all over the carpet and floors, causing spots and shit. Hey, it sounded good to me (might have been my idea, in fact) seeing as he actually is was an outside dog.
I came wandering in from work tonight and it ain't 5 minutes before Lisa hits me with "You know what Charlie's been doing? Drinking out of the toilet!"
"Well Sweetie, he IS a dog."
"Yabbut if the lid and seat are down, he lifts them with his nose and crams his head into the bowl to drink."
"Well Sweetie, he is a SMART dog......"

Brings to mind the time I caught my ex watering my hound with filtered water - you know, the shit you gotta pay for?
"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?" I was pretty sure she'd lost her mind.
"I don't want to give our dogs water from the tap. All the chemicals, you know?"
I was right. Her milk had soured.
"Uh, seeing as I've seen that motherfucker drink out of a cow track with no ill effects, I don't think tap water is going to kill him."
Jesus. Women.....

And they wonder why they don't get any respect

(ABC News) — The normally dignified Blue Room at the White House became a late-night show comedy set last month when first lady Michelle Obama engaged in a friendly game of tug of war with host Jimmy Fallon, according to a photo released by the White House today.
The scene, part of a taping for Fallon’s show, is meant to promote Mrs. Obama’s commitment to physical activity — and good humor — on the second anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” initiative aimed at fighting childhood obesity.
The first lady embarks Thursday on a three-day national tour to celebrate the milestone with stops in Iowa, Arkansas, Texas and Florida.


Her old man puts his feet on the fucking furniture and she plays games for her own publicity in the White House.
Fucking ghetto ni........ nah, I ain't gonna say it.

Old meets New

I woke up in a bad mood.....

....... so I need something to cheer me up.

And you were afraid he'd be looking at porn.....

Monday, February 06, 2012

Uh-oh. They're on to us.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday.These extremists, sometimes known as "sovereign citizens," believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference.
The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard.
Routine encounters with police can turn violent "at the drop of a hat," said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI's counterterrorism division.
"We thought it was important to increase the visibility of the threat with state and local law enforcement," he said.
In May 2010, two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers were shot and killed in an argument that developed after they pulled over a "sovereign citizen" in traffic.
Last year, an extremist in Texas opened fire on a police officer during a traffic stop. The officer was not hit.
Legal convictions of such extremists, mostly for white-collar crimes such as fraud, have increased from 10 in 2009 to 18 each in 2010 and 2011, FBI agents said.
"We are being inundated right now with requests for training from state and local law enforcement on sovereign-related matters," said Casey Carty, an FBI supervisory special agent.
FBI agents said they do not have a tally of people who consider themselves "sovereign citizens."
J.J. MacNab, a former tax and insurance expert who is an analyst covering the sovereign movement, has estimated that it has about 100,000 members.
Sovereign members often express particular outrage at tax collection, putting Internal Revenue Service employees at risk.


We also don't like the feds violating our Civil Rights, telling us how to live, how to raise our kids and how to live our lives.
We don't like being threatened, tracked or monitored.
We don't like having legislative bills that are going to cost us money shoved down our throats.
We don't want to support lazy fuckers that refuse to support themselves.
We don't like politicians that refuse to live under the same rules they force on us.
We don't like politicians that think they are on the same level as God.
The list goes on and on, but it's funny, taxes aren't even close to the top of my list.

Orienteering skills - yea or nay?

I joined the Lazy Bunch the other day and bought an inexpensive GPS the other day. I bought a cheap one for several reasons:
1) I'm a cheap bastard,
2) I'm forever tumbling off rocks and into rivers and
3) I lose and break a lot of gear.

Okay, one of my shortcomings is that I have absolutely no sense of direction at all. Get me out of sight of the sun or moon and I am lost. If I have to go to a hospital to visit a friend, I make sure I'm packing lunch money so I won't starve before I find my way to the exit, ANY exit. For somebody that's into hunting and fishing the way I am, it can be downright embarrassing at times but I can honestly say I've never been seriously lost before - severely confused for a day or two, but never really lost.

So I if am so directionally dyslexic, why did I wait so fucking long to buy a GPS?
Because I own a compass and more importantly, I know how to use the motherfucker. I know where to get maps and I know how to use them, too.
Look, new technology is fun, it makes life a little easier, and it's fun to buy. But the simple fact of the matter is that very same new technology also dumbs you down, to the point that without it you are lost - literally in this case.

So here we have Mr. Militia who's got all the good shit and is ready to go wreak havoc on his enemies and all of a sudden his enemies black out civilian access to the GPS satellites and you can bet your sweet camouflaged ass that'll be one of the very first things that the Feds will shut down. Now Mr. Militia is fucked. He has no idea where he's at and has no idea on how to get where he needs to be. He has just been effectively removed from the field of battle by some pudgy Spec. 4 in Omaha or wherever with the flick of a switch - without firing a shot. All those years of preparations and dreams and hopes of his part in the revolution are gone.
So what does our ill-prepared fighter do? He takes out his compass, looks at it, shakes it a little, and shrugs his shoulders. Doesn't make any difference that he doesn't know how to use it, though. He doesn't have any topo maps so he couldn't triangulate his position even if he knew how to use the compass. At this point, our fearless Patriot is holding a device that only tells him where the 4 directions are. But now he's seriously fucked because he doesn't know that there are actually three Norths - Magnetic, Grid, and Geographical and his compass only tells him where Magnetic North is. Maybe it's a good thing he doesn't have any maps or his poor mind would really be twisted.

I'm not going to try to teach even the basics of orienteering because of time and space restraints, not to mention the fact that I'm not exactly the best at it myself. Sure, I can find my own position by triangulation within a hundred yards or so, but if you want me to call in close indirect fire for you, you're fucked - I'm gonna blow all of us up. I can find my way to and from a point, but I can't pop out of the brush and be exactly where I figured I should be like some folks I've known.
There are several websites and organizations that have excellent instructions and can explain things a lot clearer than I can. Please go visit them and for God's sake, don't just read them, go out and practice them until you feel confident. Shit, there's even a sport called orienteering for folks that have a competive nature to 'em. Great way to spend time with the kids in the woods, ya know?
Getting started is cheap, too. Get yourself a military style compass, some 550 cord or clothesline for a pace cord and some topo maps from your local sporting goods shop or here from the fucking feds.

Here's a couple of sites:
For more tutorials, just google "How to use a compass and map" and watch all that knowledge jump right out at you. Put it to use - learn how to use the shit and refresh that skill periodically.
It'll save your life someday.

Oh yeah. If I got along fine without a GPS for so many years, why did I finally break down and buy one after all these years?
Because, as I said earlier, new technology is fun, it makes life a little easier, and it's fun to buy.
But I guarentee that when I do go out with my new GPS I'll be carrying my compass and a map of the AO as backup.
Who knows, maybe using the GPS and double checking my position using a map and compass will improve my orienteering skills too.

Yeah, it might come back to bite you on the ass (When your fucking government decides to ignore it)

Justice Ginsburg Tells Egyptians: Don’t Model Government on U.S. Constitution

During a recent trip to Egypt, U.S Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (left) had some key advice for the leaders of this Middle Eastern country as it supposedly moves past a long era of oppression and dictatorship into freedom for its people: Don’t use the U.S. Constitution as a model in penning your own governing document.
According to the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, Ginsburg traveled to Egypt in late January to meet with that country’s judges, legal experts, law professors, and others in Cairo and Alexandria, answering questions about the U.S. legal system and Constitution.
During one of her final events in the nation, at Cairo University, she told the faculty and students of the university’s law school: “This is the most wonderful time in which to live and be among the young people who are helping your country and bringing about change during this exceptional transitional period to a real democratic state. Think of the people who lived before you and did not have this opportunity because they lived under a dictatorial regime. And they did not have the opportunity that you have had to be part of this social transformation.”
Alluding to the Constitution of her own nation, Ginsburg counseled her audience to do their best “to achieve the goals of this revolution and to continue to strive to create a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”
Nonetheless, when asked later about the process of drafting a new constitution that would assist the country in guaranteeing the liberty for which its people long, Ginsburg dismissed history’s premier model. “Let me say first, that a constitution, as important as it is, will mean nothing unless the people are yearning for liberty and freedom,” Ginsburg rightly pointed out during a nearly 20-minute interview on Egypt’s Al Hayat TV. “If the people don’t care, then the best constitution in the world won’t make any difference.”
Like a true advocate for personal freedom, she pointed out that “the spirit of liberty has to be in the population, and then the constitution … should safeguard basic fundamental human rights, like our First Amendment, the right to speak freely, and to publish freely, without the government as a censor.”
But then, shockingly, America’s judicial representative counseled the Egyptian people that “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.” Dismissing the document that has ensured the God-given “blessings of liberty” of the American people for over 200 years, Ginsburg instead pointed to countries whose people look to government — rather than the Almighty — as the creator of their rights.
More here at The New American

Devil Cat

Tattoo Jim sent this to me just short of 3 years ago.
See, just because it doesn't show up on my blog right after you sent it doesn't mean that I won't eventually use it.
I bet Jim doesn't even remember sending this to me in February of 2009, do you Jim?

Truer words never spoken


Well, that just screwed up my day.

- Don

We're all enemies of the State now Part I

A recently published “lexicon” distributed to thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) targets citizens concerned about their Second Amendment rights and the steady encroachment of the federal government, categorizing such as “militia extremists.”
The “lexicon,” marked Unclassified/For Official Use Only (FOUO), is dated November 10, 2011, and was sent out by email to law enforcement and homeland security agencies on November 14 by LaJuan E. Washington of the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis.
We have exclusively posted the DHS “lexicon” here.
Its definition of “militia extremists” states:
(U//FOUO) Groups or individuals who facilitate or engage in acts of violence directed at federal, state, or local government officials or infrastructure in response to their belief that the government deliberately is stripping Americans of their freedoms and is attempting to establish a totalitarian regime. These individuals consequently oppose many federal and state authorities’ laws and regulations, (particularly those related to firearms ownership), and often belong to armed paramilitary groups. They often conduct paramilitary training designed to violently resist perceived government oppression or to violently overthrow the US Government. (Page 2 of 3, emphasis added)
So what drives militia extremism according to DHS now is “belief that the government deliberately is stripping Americans of their freedoms.” It is demonstrated by opposing “many federal and state authorities’ laws and regulations, (particularly those related to firearms ownership).” Would writing about those topics (as I am now) fall under “facilitation”? On its face, it’s hard to see how it could be excluded under DHS’s broad definition.
Another indicator, according to DHS, is that militia extremists “often belong to paramilitary groups,” which would mean that there are “militia extremists” who aren’t part of a militia. So if you oppose federal regulations and support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and though you don’t actually belong to a militia, you can still be branded a “militia extremist” by your own government, and presumably be targeted by law enforcement agencies. The “Reporting Notice” found on Page 3 of 3 of the “lexicon” encourages recipients to do exactly that:
DHS and FBI encourage recipients of this document to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to the nearest State and Major Urban Area Fusion Center and to the local FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.
And for those who would scoff that my reading is over the top and claim that DHS would never target anyone who wasn’t knowingly and willingly involved in “facilitating and engaging in acts of violence,” the DHS lexicon adds another category, “unwitting co-optees”:
(U//FOUO) Groups or individuals who provide support to terrorism without knowing that their actions are contributing to terrorism. Such individuals may suspect that they are being used. Not all unwitting co-optees are engaging in criminal behavior.
Amazingly, the “lexicon” appears to directly violate standards published by DHS just weeks before the document was sent out.

In October 2011, DHS published its “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training Guidance and Best Practices,” which was produced by the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and posted on the agency’s website.
Section 2 of that document, titled “Training should be sensitive to constitutional values,” directs:
a) Review the training program to ensure that it uses examples to demonstrate that terrorists and violent extremists vary in ethnicity, race, gender, and religion.
b) Training should focus on behavior, not appearance or membership in particular ethnic or religious communities.
c) Training should support the protection of civil rights and civil liberties as part of national security. Don’t use training that equates religious expression, protests, or other constitutionally protected activity with criminal activity. (emphasis added)
But not only does the “lexicon” target constitutionally protected activity, it specifically targets groups based on race, namely “black supremacist extremists” and “white supremacist extremists.” I have absolutely no problem targeting groups promoting violence based on racial supremacist ideology, but if DHS is going to proscribe the use of such terms and promptly turn around and use such — while in the same breath targeting private citizens for exercising their constitutional rights and freedom of speech in violation of DHS’s own standards — needless to say, that’s a serious problem.
It bears mentioning that an earlier incarnation of the DHS lexicon was the subject of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress for its targeting of “alternative media” and its shockingly broad definition of the “patriot movement.” A DHS spokesman later claimed that the “lexicon” was sent out prematurely.
Which raises the question of why these various “lexicons” published by the federal government exist in the first place.

Going back to the Bush administration, these “lexicons” have seemingly had a singular purpose: purging the use of “Islam,” “jihad,” and “Muslim” from any official discussion of terrorism. No one should be surprised that none of those terms can be found in the current DHS “lexicon,” despite the fact that even by the most generous estimates, more than 40 percent of domestic terrorism has come from within the Muslim community, which accounts for less than one percent of the population. In its place, federal bureaucrats have invented and promoted a patently meaningless and undefinable category, “violent extremism.”
The roots of this go back to the end of the Bush administration and a March 2008 “lexicon” published by the National Counterterrorism Center. Titled “Words that Work and Words that Don’t: A Guide for Counterterrorism Communication,” it began the effort to purge the usage of the terms “Islam,” “Muslim,” and “jihad” from the vocabulary of government officials.
The Obama administration has taken those efforts even further, removing those terms from the 2009 National Intelligence Strategy, the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, the Quadrennial Defense Review, the FBI Counterterrorism Analytical Lexicon, and the DOD Fort Hood report.
And as seen with the criticism of the previous version of the “lexicon,” this is hardly the first time that the DHS Office for Intelligence and Analysis has come under fire for targeting citizens with no connection whatsoever to terrorism.
In 2009, DHS came under fire for a 10-page report, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” which classified returning war veterans as potential threats. When government watchdogs submitted FOIAs for the sources used in preparing the report, they found that conspiracy websites and far-left outfits had been used, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, which branded the American Legion veterans organization as a “hate group.” Information also surfaced that the report had been rushed out over the objections of civil liberties officials. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was forced to apologize to veterans groups and withdraw the report.
Nor is this the first time that homeland security agencies have pushed the boundaries on defining “militia extremists.”
Just a few weeks prior to DHS coming under fire for that “right-wing” report, the Missouri Information Analysis Center, funded by DHS grants, issued a report titled “The Modern Militia Movement,” which branded pro-life groups and those opposed to illegal immigration as potential domestic terrorists. Indicators identified in the report included support for third-party candidates. Political signs and bumper stickers were also suspect, with the Revolutionary War-era “Gadsden flag” specifically called out as a “militia symbol.” The Missouri fusion center later announced it would stop publishing reports altogether.
In light of the recent publication of the DHS “lexicon” that violates their own guidelines, it seems clear that under Secretary Napolitano, DHS officials are intent on continuing to target innocent citizens merely exercising their constitutional rights.
Meanwhile, groups and individuals that federal prosecutors and even federal judges have identified as supporting foreign terrorist groups are actively courted and legitimized by the Obama administration. Leaders from these terror-tied organizations are even being used to help write the DHS department guidelines on “countering violent extremism.”
Is it any wonder then that just last week it was revealed that a DHS-funded study likened terrorism to “ordinary crime” while omitting any reference to the radicalizing effects of Islamic extremist ideology?
Until Congress pushes back on this malfeasance by DHS and holds Secretary Napolitano accountable, it is likely to continue.

We're all enemies of the State now Part II


We're not real happy about it either

Obama bemoans wife being dragged into politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says one of the toughest parts about being president is that his wife has been dragged into the "political realm."
Obama was responding to a question about how he felt when Michelle Obama said she has been inaccurately portrayed as an "angry black woman." While the president did not address that comment specifically, he says his wife is as good a first lady as anyone could imagine, and says he believes Americans have a positive impression of her.
Obama also says the first lady is ready for another four years in the White House, despite her initial reservations about coming to Washington.


I hate to point this out to you, Obama, but she forced herself into politics and her mouth onto us.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The zombie hands are a bit much, don't you think?

Meanwhile, at the San Francisco zoo.....

Ah.......... no thanks.

Headed on downrange

CharlieGodammit and Miss Lisa's little friend

He don't give a fuck who's scratching his ass, does he?

You tell 'em, man.

Found this video here at Battlefield USA.
I couldn't agree more. This guy got his point across very well. Too bad the fuckers he was addressing were thinking about their upcoming weekend instead of our Nation.

This is the future of our Nation?

Shit, he could barely spell his first name, maybe we should give him some credit for getting his 'street' name right.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!!!

A little taste of home

From Debbie Does Drivel

The Patriots and the Giants are set to duke it out tonight. Since I'm from Massachusetts and escaped to Maine, I suppose I should take an interest in the thing if only to keep up with the arm chair quarterbacks at work tomorrow. I will be watching the commercials, though. (VW's Bark Wars cracks me up!)

While you woof down your nachos, sliders and other heart attack causing fare during this year's Super Bowl, take a minute between bites to remember our soldiers in Afghanistan, the arm pit of the world. To make their Super Bowl Sunday a hell of a lot better than what an Afghanistan Sunday is usually like, a non-profit organization called
Pizzas4Patriots (P4P), started by retired Air Force Master Sgt. Mark Evans, is sending about 10,000 U.S. made pizzas to our troops. Pizzas courtesy of P4P are also sent to the troops for July 4th. 
For the rest of the story about somebody's much appreciated effort, go here to Debbie Does Drivel.