Saturday, November 03, 2012

The pot(us) calling the kettle black

DUBUQUE, Iowa--In one of his final campaign speeches in Iowa before Election Day, President Barack Obama hit the major themes from his normal stump speech but also took a quick shot at Mitt Romney for the health care law he championed while governor of Massachusetts.
Obama has made it a staple of his campaign address in recent weeks to accuse Republicans of refusing to compromise during his first term. Speaking to about 4,000 supporters in a public park here on Saturday evening, he added a brief reference to Romney's health care law, which he says was the model for the federal overhaul Obama signed in 2010.
"They engineered a strategy of gridlock in Congress, refusing to compromise on ideas that in the past Democrats and Republicans supported," Obama said. "Suddenly, Republicans didn't support them anymore. Including, by the way, the health care bill that my opponent designed in Massachusetts.
"And what they're counting on now is that you'll be so worn down by all the squabbling in Washington, so tired of all the dysfunction that you're just going to give up, walk away and leave them in power."
The accusation of hypocrisy on health care reform isn't a new one for Obama--he has mentioned it many times throughout his presidency--but it is the first time he brought up the Massachusetts health care law in the final days of the campaign.
Romney has in the past defended the law enacted in 2006 but now says it should not serve as a model for federal policy. He has vowed to repeal Obama's national law if elected.
Both Romney and Obama are competing for Iowa's six Electoral College votes. They each visited Dubuque on Saturday but missed each other by six hours.

Schooled again

In line at the market today I was watching this old Okie, must've been in his 80s or 90s in his pressed town bib overalls unload his basket in front of me. Just a few basics - bacon, eggs, salt pork for his greens, Brylcreme, coffee, shit like that - and after he pays and is loading his bags back out into his cart, he notices and holds up a bag of avocados he missed. "Here, these too" he says, holding them up.
Now he could've loaded his bags around them and walked out with nobody but him being the wiser, but he pays the $3.99 for them and takes his penny in change.
"An honest man - now that's a rare thing nowadays" I remark in a rare attempt at being sociable.
He turns to me and asks "What would you have done?"
I shrugged. "Same thing, I reckon."
"Well then, it ain't so fucking rare now, is it?"
Grouchy old fart......

Butt... butt... butt it's Saturday!!!!


A shot of what's to come

-Wisco Dave


How many days ago was the hurricane and you've already got people dumpster diving for food? If you'll look close, these are for the most part, regular folks with jobs and homes.
Yeah, keep making fun of me for prepping, motherfuckers. You'll never  see me down there fighting over scraps like a damned stray dog.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Y'all take heed

I just heard on the news that New Jersey Gov. Suckass Christie just announced that gas rationing is now in effect and the news is showing lines of a mile or more at gas stations.
A charity was holding a relief event and at the end of the announcement the spokesperson confessed that she weren't expecting a big turnout because of the "gas situation".
Fucking society there had a major jolt and a small taste of what life's gonna be like when the government collapses, and yet there are going to be those that will expect the government to come to their rescue after it collapses.

He knows me well

- Bearded Youth

Meet the twins!

And cousins Maureen (left) and Doreen.

Yeah. That's me.


No fucking heart, either

- RDM73

Pokin' the bear again


Yeah, right.

Stupid fucking PC squirrel

It's Friday NIGGAS!!!!!

Gotta be California (again)

This HAS to be California. Matter of fact it seems like I've been hearing some shit out of San Francisco about banning circumcision.
It's gotta be that muslim thing......

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Straight-up White Trash, God bless 'em

Two men were injured when their pickup truck left the road and struck a tree near Cotton Patch on State Highway 38 recently. Woodruff County Deputy Dovey Snyder reported the accident shortly after midnight Monday.

Thurston Poole, 33, of Des Arc, and Billy Ray Wallis, 38, of Little Rock, were returning to Des Arc after a frog-gigging trip. On an overcast Sunday night, Poole's pickup truck headlights malfunctioned. The two men concluded that the headlight fuse on the older-model truck had burned out. As a replacement fuse was not available, Wallis noticed that the 22 calibre bullets from his pistol fitted perfectly into the fuse box next to the steering-wheel column. Upon inserting the bullet the headlights again began to operate properly, and the two men proceeded on east bound toward the White River Bridge.

After traveling approximately 20 miles, and just before crossing the river, the bullet apparently overheated, discharged and struck Poole in the testicles. The vehicle swerved sharply right, exited the pavement, and struck a tree. Poole suffered only minor cuts and abrasions from the accident but will require extensive surgery to repair the damage to his testicles, which will never again operate as intended. Wallis sustained a broken clavicle and was treated and released.

"Thank God we weren't on that bridge when Thurston shot his balls off or we might be dead" stated Wallis.

"I've been a trooper for 10 years in this part of the world, but this is a first for me. I can't believe that those two would admit how this accident happened" said Deputy Snyder.

Upon being notified of the wreck, Lavinia (Poole's wife) asked how many frogs the boys had caught and did anyone get them from the truck?

Mad Max strikes again

Softailrider saw the post about Halloween and CharlieGodammit and sent me this picture in - the aftermath of Max, his 115 pounnd Shepherd. Scared the piss clean out of the kid.

For the story go back to last night's Halloween post and read his comment.

Consider this - blow job or hand job?

- Carl

Here, let me check.

I had one of these when I was a kid - for a minute

Now I figured the US/Mexico border......

I love you too.

Zombie snacks

Take your daughter to work day?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yeah, we got lots of money for this bullshit

The top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is urging Republicans to hold a hearing in the lame-duck session on links between climate change and Hurricane Sandy.
Rep. Henry Waxman’s (D-Calif.) letter to the committee’s chairman, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), makes Waxman the latest of several Democrats to cite the massive storm when calling for tougher action to battle global warming.
Wednesday’s letter argues that regardless of what happens at the ballot box in November, “the election should be a time to return to fact-based policymaking.”
“Hurricane Sandy is exactly the type of extreme weather event that climate scientists have said will become more frequent and more severe if we fail to reduce our carbon pollution. That is why we are writing to request that you hold a hearing on the storm and its relation to climate change in the lame-duck session,” Waxman and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), a top lieutenant on the committee, wrote.
This is why we're broke. Actually bullshit like the House Energy and Commerce Committee is why we're going broke.
Motherfuckers, spend your time wisely while you serve us.

A surprising twist? It's fucking Berkeley, dumbass!

In a surprising twist, the Berkeley City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to decline requests from U.S. immigration officials to apply more stringent detention rules to arrested individuals depending on citizenship status.
Advocates in attendance said the council made a landmark policy decision believed to be the most comprehensive and definitive in the nation as far as refusing altogether to cooperate with a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program to detain and potentially deport non-citizens who are arrested.
The decision will, at least initially, have a limited impact given that the vast majority of these individuals ultimately are turned over to county agencies that do cooperate with the feds. Advocates said they believe, however, that the decision will have a ripple effect throughout the state to convince other jurisdictions to take a similar stand.
More at

Paybacks, bitches.


It's a Wirecutter Halloween

Some house down the road is giving out Slim Jims instead of candy, and not the cheap little one biters, either. These are 7-11 sized, man. The last half dozen little beggars to show up had a couple each in their alms baskets so I know it's gotta be close. I'm about ready to go borrow my psycho ex-neighbor's granddaughters and finding out which house it is - We'll be changing those kid's costumes every 15 minutes and running them by again and again for dried beef sticks.

Halloween was a lot more entertaining before Miss Lisa tamed CharlieGodammit down. That motherfucker would hit that security door full force, all 120 pounds, snapping and snarling and freak everybody out - kiddies, Milfs, dads, older siblings, everybody. The first year I had him it happened about 10 or 12 times thoughout the evening before folks started avoiding us. The second year the word was out and nobody came. Parents and kids were crossing the street to avoid our house.
Hey, I thought motherfuckers wanted to be scared on Halloween......
Yeah, so this year he's in the back yard licking his nonads and not even a little bit excited with all the people in the streets. I swear, that woman ruined him.

I thought about giving out habeneros to the beggars for Halloween this year on account they look like little punkins, you know, trying to get into the spirit of things here but Miss Lisa said that probably wasn't a good idea. Lawsuits and shit, you know?
I also thought about putting on my ghillie suit and being a sniper for Halloween but then realized they'd probably hammer me with extra charges for discharging a firearm within 1000 feet of a school if I got caught. Maybe next year.

No!!! Can't let Sandy win!!!!

Texts From Last Night
- Ken

Wirecutter - The Early Years

Putting on my camo for the first time.....


It was bound to happen sooner or later

I overheard a conversation yesterday in the locker room that stopped me dead in my tracks. One of the guys was telling his buddy that he's training a guy that was born after we started work there.
I have been at that job longer than that youngster's been breathing on his own. I was working there the day he was born, when he took his first step, when he started kindergarten, when he started high school, when he graduated high school. I was working there when he got or gave (California, ya know) his first blow job.
I hate that motherfucker already and I've never even laid eyes on him.

Fifty three years old and feeling twice that all of a sudden. I mean, my maturity level is no more that it was in my mid twenties, and in my mind I don't consider myself old, but check this shit out - I remember going out and stomping my ex-brother-in-law into a little greasy spot for hitting my sister when I was 30 years old because Pops was headed out to do it and I didn't want him to hurt himself or break a hip or something so I beat him to the punch. He was elderly, you know? Frail. Almost 50. He was 4 years younger than I am now.

Thankee, thankee

You can see that there's been a pretty steady increase every month, but no leaps and bounds except for November of last year. I gassed the hippie on 2 November and my daily hits tripled. February is a short month so that accounts for the dip you see there and in July I quit blogging, at least for a couple weeks before I got conned back into it.
So thank you - I have now realized every one of my goals - 1 million plus hits and a 100,000 hit month. Now if only the Obamessiah would call and confess to me that he was born in Kenya, is a practicing muslim, Moochelle is actually a fucking transvestite, they ate Bo last month (has anybody seen that dog lately?) and his goal was to bring down the United States......

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon......

Bacon wrapped Tater Tots
- MissK

After all, it's only fair......


Okay, I got nothin' here.....

Rock on, darlin'

Break a leg, motherfucker.

- RDM73


Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Been there done that

How to carve a punkin


Concerning the post below

How many people out there proofread their texts or emails before they send them?
Fuck, that sounds like a poll I should run, huh?


- Hiswiserangel
For bigger, easier-to-read text, go HERE

Wirecutter - The Early Years

Uh..... yeah.

Goooood morning!

Gotta be California (again)

Not now Tyrone, I have a headache.

Hey, everybody's got their favorite bar.