Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bowie kinves

I'm in the market for a large (14" blade or longer) Bowie knife or Arkansas Toothpick as a wall hanger for my War Room. I want it to be somewhat authentic looking, it has to have a full tang and an older style looking sheath. I need to keep the cost under $100, too. Like I said, I want it to be a decent replica so I'm not interested in finger grooves, a cutlass style handle or a sawtooth feature on the back of the blade.
Does anybody have any ideas?

For Paul, Dammit

Paul has one of the coolest jobs I can think of - captaining a seagoing cargo ship. Men have been trying to conquer the seas since the beginning of time and Nature is still getting the best of them at times, but men like Paul don't sweat the small shit. He's a Man among Men.

Somebody's ready for some pussy

When your opponent is wearing body armor

It's come to my attention lately that a lot of folks are advocating shooting for the head when attacked by somebody that they suspect are wearing body armor. Bad  idea. For one thing, this is going to guarantee your death because you're probably going to miss.
Everybody seems to forget that in this case your adrenaline is going to be raging through your veins like Niagra Falls, your motor skills are going to go to shit when you're in a stressful situation and most of us, myself included, do not have the intense training necessary to overcome those facts.
Shoot for the chest. Body armor is designed to absorb and halt the penetration of the bullet, not the shock and force associated with a bullet strike. If you shoot somebody at point blank range with a 45 ACP, he's going to get hit with 500-600 foot pounds of energy and it's going to stagger them back. We've all seen dashboard videos of LEO getting hit with a gunshot in their body armor and not a one of them was able to simply shrug off the strike and immediately return fire. It either knocks them down or forces them to take a couple of steps back.
Shoot for center mass, then quickly adjust your point of aim and eliminate your threat.

Dressed for success

My everyday attire - Colt 45 Officer's Model in 45 ACP in a Galco hideout holster with a SOG Pentagon Elite PE14 in my right front pocket.

Stephen (aka Tino) meets Sam

I don't see any damned bacon anywhere

I was nowhere in the area. I swear.

LEO: Think about this.

I'm not going to get into why he did what he did or his politics, I'm only going to make a simple observation:
In the Los Angeles area where you hear nothing but whining and bitching from chiefs of police and sheriffs about not having enough manpower due to budget cuts to effectively police the streets, they've assigned details to protect 40 of their own that were on ONE man's manifesto, leaving law abiding citizens on their own.

Now think about when they start raiding houses to confiscate soon-to-be illegal firearms in New York and possibly California and citizens realize they've had enough and take the fight to them.
Yeah. Those motherfuckers are going to be too worried about covering their own asses and families to worry about Joe Citizen that's never been in trouble in his life owning an AR.
To Law Enforcement everywhere: You're going to run out of you before we run out of us. Not a threat, just a simple observation.

Trust? Naw.....

HERE'S A CHOICE STORY,  at the price of an insult to the Marines.

What?  Doesn’t he trust the men he commands? Did he also disarm his Secret Service Posse?
How unlike the 19th century King of Montenegro who used to walk without bodyguards  among his heavily armed subjects, telling foreign ambassadors that “every one of my subjects is my bodyguard”.  How like the 20th century German Leader who disarmed and searched even his field marshals before allowing them into his presence.
- Rurik


Fuck Rurik, I don't blame him. As big an asshole as he is and a traitor to boot, I wouldn't trust anybody around me with a loaded gun either if I was him.
He can validate the SS though, there's only a few of them. Besides, wasn't his old lady banging one of them?

My fucking monitors

So after talking with a few people today, I feel a little better. I got some tips for secure everyday comms and talked with Lisa to let her know what was going on - she knew things were getting out of hand but not to the extent - and told her what to be aware of around the home front. She's a little worried but she knew what I was about when she married me.
My everyday life and habits aren't going to change - I'm still varying my routes home, I'm still armed, my driving habits are still security minded and I damned sure ain't backing down on my stance on Liberty.
I'm still trying to figure out why they tipped their fucking hand, though.

Roger that - Wirecutter's home, proceed with caution

When I read MSM......

I could use that - Lisa called me a horse's ass today

Just a bit too inked up, dear.

Makes you wonder what she's diving for, huh?

Friday, February 08, 2013

Gotta be California (again)

From DoubleTrouble via Irish

Stanley does it again


Now they need to make one for Little Red Cunt Hairs

Big Sis is all over my ass

Over the past few days I've discovered (with solid proof) that my email and phone are being monitored. Messages have been received by me and supposedly sent by me by text and email that when scrutinized turned out to false. When I've asked the sender about the email or text message they deny sending it. It's been going on now for 3 days that I know of.
Why the assholes decided to play the game - they had to know I was going to find out - I have no idea. Why tip their hand? It's not going to stop me or my dedication, all it did was to make me more wary.
But please understand that there will be no more private correspondence via email or phone between me and my friends until I can get encryption keys to them.
I will continue to receive pictures and links via email for my blog, but that's it.

To those that read my blog, please know that you're probably being monitored as well.

To the friend that wants a face to face with me next week - I'll take your call but don't be offended when I ask for information that's known only to me and you and yes, that call will probably be monitored. I will let you know how to let me know the time and place you've chosen for the meet.

I'll end this post with this - my good friends and regular readers know me pretty well. If you see something on my blog or in an email that sounds out of character, question it.
If this blog suddenly disappears, it's not my doing.

Okay, this would be a little freaky.

How cool is this?

Needs more bacon. Much more bacon.

Good Morning!

Um...... OKAY!!!!

Oh man......

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Don't ask if you don't want to know

Man, I gotta go fishing soon.

A free (at time of posting) book we all need

Well, a few of us anyways.

Mysteries of Nature

Must be at a mosque

Back to nature

I've run across shit like this up in the Sierras, from old logging company railroads. Most of the time they peel up the rails and ties leaving just the narrow gauge railbed, but there's a couple spots where they didn't for some reason and nature is reclaiming it. Fucking gorgeous.


Yeah, I'm in one of those moods again.


Why I'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore

You can tell I didn't do that - I would've used crushed peanuts and corn.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Breakfast at Wirecutter's.


Protection for the Wolverine?

DENVER--The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) announced today, in response to a court-ordered deadline, that it is seeking information from the scientific community and the public on a proposal to protect the North American wolverine as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Service is also seeking comment on two proposed special rules designed to facilitate management and recovery of the species should it receive protection.
An estimated 250 to 300 wolverines now occur in the lower 48 states, where the species has rebounded after broad-scale predator trapping and poisoning programs led to its near extinction in the early 1900s. This was in part due to the states protecting the species from unregulated trapping.
Extensive climate modeling indicates that the wolverine’s snowpack habitat will be greatly reduced and fragmented in the coming years due to climate warming, thereby threatening the species with extinction. Wolverines are dependent on areas in high mountains, near the tree-line, where conditions are cold year-round and snow cover persists well into the month of May.
The Service does not consider most activities occurring within the high elevation habitat of the wolverine, including snowmobiling and backcountry skiing, and land management activities like timber harvesting and infrastructure development, to constitute significant threats to the wolverine. As a result, the Service is proposing a special rule under Section 4(d) of the ESA that, should the species be listed, would allow these types of activities to continue.
“This proposal would give us the flexibility to tailor the protections for the wolverine provided by the ESA to only those things that are necessary,” said Noreen Walsh, Director of the Service’s Mountain-Prairie Region. “Scientific evidence suggests that a warming climate will greatly reduce the wolverine’s snowpack habitat. We look forward to hearing from our state and local partners and members of the public and scientific community on these proposals as we work to ensure the continued recovery of the species.”


I'm pretty sure our friend the Wolverine doesn't want or need the government's protection any more than we do. As a matter of fact, it seems to be doing pretty damned good on it's own, even making a comeback in the central Sierra Nevada mountain range.
Maybe that's why we admire that fucker so much - other than it being meaner than hell and not taking any shit off anything.

Except you forgot about the one across the street.....



Get off my ass, Crankyjohn. Here's your damned picture.


An old one from, I think.

Good for you, kid.


Another take on the skeet shooting picture

    The Obama White House is yet again attempting to foist a fraud upon the American people
in the form of the picture purported to show Mr. Obama skeet shooting. It became necessary to produce a picture after Mr. Obama claimed in an interview in the New Republic that "we do skeet shooting all the time,".

    There are enough anomalies in the picture that one could conclude that Mr. Obama is unlikely to be skeet shooting. However there is definitive proof that the entire picture is phony. The “smoking gun” that disproves the picture is ironically the smoking gun.

    The gun in the picture is a Browning Citori 575 that comes with barrel lengths of 30”, 28” and 26”. I’m assuming that they are 30” barrels which would give the gun an overall length of 47” ( ).

    The image of the gun and the image of Mr. Obama are in different scales. To prove this yourself, print the picture and measure the distance from the smoking end along the top of the barrel to where the color changes from blue to silver this is equal to 30”. Next measure from the top of his head down an equal distance which comes a few inches below his crotch. I am at least 5 inches shorter than Mr. Obama and from the top of my head to my belt is 30” Next take your measurement of the barrel and multiply by 2.5 and measure from the top of his down and put a mark on the picture. This distance on the picture is (30” times 2.5 equals 75”) 6’ 3”. Now draw in a set of legs from the bottom of the picture to your mark. Unless Mr. Obama has a set of legs like a circus clown on stilts this should convince anyone that the picture is bogus.

- Norman

Hell yeah!!!

The Right to Bear Arms and Popular Sovereignty
By Charles C. W. Cooke

Brutally put, it makes little philosophical sense for the elected representatives of a government that is subordinate to the people to be able to disarm those people.  As an enlightened state may by no means act as the arbiter of its critics’ words, it may not remove from the people the basic rights that are recognized in the very document to which it owes its existence.  “Shall not be infringed” and “shall make no law” are clear enough even for the postmodern age.  To ask, “Why do you need an AR-15?” is to invert the relationship.  A better question: “Why don’t you want me to have one?”

Thanks to Russ III for the heads up on the link.

My, what a coincidence.

There sure do seem to be a lot of Obama's detractors and folks that know a lot about him turning up dead. Rurik sent me this link with a list and links supporting it, the latest one being Chris Kyle.
Take some time and read it.
Read it HERE.
And for the record: I HAVE NEVER HAD A SUICIDAL THOUGHT IN MY LIFE. EVER. Not that I know anything about the cocksucker.

Gotta be California (again)

I know, I know. Right after the bacon lube post.

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....

I need a 55 gallon drum of that shit, man.

Hey, they ARE gun-free zones, right?

Pissed him off, didn't you?

Irish - The Early Years