Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gotta be California (again)

Code Pink dressing like giant pu.... vaginas.

When us guys get free pussy on demand, lady.

Sorry. I was not going to be crude, but I couldn't resist. Kinda like farting in an elevator, you know?

Highs in the 80s and low 90s? Light shit, man.

In France, it is known as the canicule. In English, it’s simply called a heat wave. And while speakers of both languages can probably agree that oppressively hot weather typically renders people sluggish and listless, the trauma of France’s last major canicule in 2003 has the country’s authorities in overdrive.
French weather services have forecasted temperatures in the mid to high 30s Celsius (high 80s to low 90s Farenheit) in the coming days, which, after a summer of mediocre weather, has come to some as a welcome reprieve. But while some Parisians plan evening picnics on the edge of the Seine and others eagerly look forward to a weekend on the beach, the ministry of health has been busy taking precautions against the sweltering heat.


I'm happy when it's in the low nineties - once it tops 100 I'm looking for shade and I put my chores and anything I else I have to do til after dark once it goes above 110.
I do remember though, coming home on leave from Germany in the middle of their heat wave back in August of 1980, and when I stepped off the plane here I almost fucking died. Temps in the 90s back in Germany and motherfuckers were dying like flies, and here it was 100 degrees at 9 PM.

Keeping watch

This barn sits near the old townsite of Warnerville, just east of Oakdale Ca. Adobe foundation, scrub oak timbers and constructed with square nails and spikes.
Most of it's been around since the 1880s.

Somebody was quick on the draw

He doesn't look real happy, does he?

He'll be advertising for men next


MARIKANA, South Africa — The police fired on machete-wielding workers engaged in a wildcat strike at a platinum mine here on Thursday, leaving a field strewed with bodies and a deepening fault line between the governing African National Congress and a nation that, 18 years after the end of apartheid, is increasingly impatient with deep poverty, rampant unemployment and yawning inequality.


My excitement for the day

So I'm on Highway 132 on my way home today doing about 75 and there's a white fucking slug up in front of me barely doing the speed limit which is 55, by the way. I slide up behind him and it's a fucking Prius, man - The Official Car of the Liberal and I'll be damned if it wasn't flying an Obama sticker right in my face.
Fuck that shit, man.
You gotta know that 132 is a two lane road with a couple of passing lanes a few miles apart and it's pretty much straight for the most part so you can see forever, there not being any trees around here. Oh yeah, it's also heavily traveled depending on the time of the day.
So anyways, I figured that turnabout was fair play so I pulled out to pass him so he could look at my Fuck Obama sticker on my tailgate for a few miles. Fucking asshole - me, not him. So I pulled out to pass and..... Man, I have no idea where that fucking semi came from..... scared the fuck out of that driver, though. At least he knows his brakes and horn work but I'd hate to be the poor bastard that had to unload that trailer.
Yeah man, all of a sudden I looked up from my can of Copenhagen and holy shit I knew at that moment what a bug must feel like. So what did I do? I reached up to turn the stereo down and did my damnedest to run that Prius off the road. Turn the stereo down? Seriously? What the fuck was that all about? Was I wanting to hear the crunch of all those batteries or what?
By the time I got my shit together and looked in the rear view mirror I had slowed to about 50 but that Prius was way the fuck back and the truck was pulling over to the shoulder of the road.
Fucking liberals......

Friday, August 17, 2012

Only 400 feet? Easy shot, Stud.

The Ogden Police Department wants to fly an unmanned surveillance blimp at a height of just 400 feet over high crime areas of the city to watch for “suspicious activity,” but an initial request for approval was rejected by the FAA on the basis that the program would be a safety risk.
Recently released FAA documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation illustrate how law enforcement bodies across the country are rushing to deploy drones and surveillance blimps with scant regard for the fourth amendment or privacy rights.

SFC Jerry Shriver, USSF - MIA, 1970

Good Morning!!!!!

Why I own a laptop


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pops, III to III

Okay, so everybody knows that one of the reasons I took a break from this blog a couple of weeks ago was because of Pop's health.
It was worse than we thought. We got the results from his biopsy back Monday night. He has cancer, stage 4, no cure.
Now, we all knew it, the signs were all there, but to hear him come out and say it was a real motherfucker. That finalized it, you know?
Julie III came up yesterday as promised. I was expecting about a one hour visit but she ended up staying almost six hours, wouldn't leave until she was satisfied that everything was taken care of and all of our questions were answered. Within 2 hours, she had Mom fire Pop's doctor, had reviewed his charts and ordered more pain meds. Then she got on the phone and called hospice and set all that up. Then she went down and told the radiologist what he was going to do. She was like a redheaded whirlwind, man.
Lisa and I had read up in the type of cancer that he has that morning and saw that he has a life expectancy of 8 short months. Then when Julie asked Pops if he had any questions he asked her how long he was looking at. She didn't want to say, and she used the term 'clinically' a lot, but her answer was 3 weeks without treatment and about 12 weeks with treatment. Then she had to tell him that in her professional opinion, chemo just wasn't an option in his weakened state. She did order a big dose of radiation for the tumor in the bone in his arm to shrink it for pain release, but it's not going to extend his life by much, if any.
I'm pretty pissed - the man has been making weekly visits to his doctors for a few years now due to various health issues, yet his cancer went from undetectable to stage 4 overnight? Give me a fucking break.
So there it is.
So, I took a couple of days off work, yesterday for me and today to get Mom's house set up for hospice to bring him home in a couple of hours, but I have to go back to work tomorrow - I couldn't afford losing two days work as it was but you gotta do what you gotta do - family before bills. Plus I think getting my mind off this and into something else would probably do me good, that and getting back around some men for a change instead of all these damned women. I am holding up well though, even spent an hour online last night helping one of my readers getting set up to reload for the first time in his life which was a welcome change of place.
I do want to say one thing, though. I hope like hell that anybody that has to go through this either as a patient or family member has a nurse like Julie. She has a great personality and bedside manner, she's extremely knowledgeable and professional, but her compassion stands head and shoulders above everything else, proven by the fact that she came down to help a fellow Patriot for no other reason than she wanted to.
I gotta say that is is by far the toughest fucking thing I've ever gone through so far. I mean, we all know the day is going to come when something like this is going to happen but to suddenly (and I do mean fucking suddenly) have it right in front of you is a real bitch.
The one thing that I am so grateful for is the fact that me and Pops have gotten along real well ever since I was in my early twenties. I had the opportunities to learn from him, socialize with him, and be a friend to him as well as a son.
Hey, thanks to all of you for your understanding, support and patience. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. His name is Kirk Lane.

Criminals commiting fraud? Nooooooo.....

PHOENIX -- As the federal government launches a new program that will allow many young undocumented immigrants to stay temporarily in the U.S., officials warn that applications will be closely scrutinized for fraud and that anyone caught lying could face criminal charges and swift deportation.
Wednesday is the first day that as many 1.76 million undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as minors can begin submitting requests for a two-year reprieve from deportation. The policy, introduced by President Barack Obama and known as "deferred action," also will allow them to receive temporary work permits.
Immigration analysts say fraud is a major concern because some undocumented immigrants may be tempted to submit fraudulent documents out of desperation if they don't meet the age and other requirements for the program.
Analysts also point out that a 1986 amnesty law that allowed nearly 3 million illegal immigrants to get green cards was rife with fraud.


I find it hard to believe that the feds think there might be a chance of fraud being committed by a group of people that broke the law to get here in the first place and then have lived lives of fraud and deception the entire time they've lived here. I mean, what are the odds of that happening?
But seriously guys, dump the deportation threat. We know, you know, and they know it ain't gonna happen.

Gotta be California (again)

Yeah. Me too.

What's happening!

I feel ya, Sweetie.

Why do they have to make things so damned complicated?

What ever happened to a plain ol' jizz rag?

Ooooh, all nice and squishy.....

EPA war on coal threatens Tucson's water supply

The above link contains an interesting article about how the EPA is forcing a coal-fired power plant down that supplies power to water pumps that feed water through a long canal system to Tucson AZ.

This is happening all over this country. Murry Energy had to shut down 2 mines 5 years ahead of schedule due to the EPA not granting mining permits. Over 700 people out of work in OH & WV.
Meanwhile Germany & China (5-6 plants a month) are building coal-fired electric generation plants- go figure... will that Co2 stay in those countries?

What this equates to is this: Higher electric rates are on the way. What better way to bring our standard of living in line with the rest of the world by this redistribution of wealth ploy through higher energy costs.
Murry Energy CEO said in an interview that in June 2012 that power utilities were buying energy contracts for the years 2015-2016 at 800% higher per kwh over todays rate. Coal fired power generation costs about 6 cents a kwh today. Commercial solar & wind costs around 22 cents per kwh. You do the math. Not to mention that rolling brown and blacks outs will be commonplace.
Click on the Here, here, here in the article to read more on this.

This is Agenda 21 at work... the Grand Canyon is a UN Biosphere area.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh dear God, no.....

Chelsea Clinton may follow in her parents' footsteps after all. After years of shooting down rumors that she may run for office, the 32-year-old Clinton left the door open to having another Clinton on the electoral ballots.
"Before my mom's campaign I would have said no," Clinton said in an interview published in the latest issue of Vogue magazine. "And now I don't know. . ."
More misery here

I don't wanna be anywhere around when they come off

Progressive Insurance sucks

Saw this over at Irish's today.

At the trial, the guy who killed my sister was defended by Progressive’s legal team.
If you are insured by Progressive, and they owe you money, they will defend your killer in court in order to not pay you your policy.

If you're in the mood to be outraged go HERE  for the full story.


So the State orders us to buy insurance from crooks that will fight you for what you've been paying for? Hey, I always thought that the insurance industry was a bunch of thieves anyway but now Progressive isn't making any bones about it.

The day Granny taught us how to party

TSA 'chat-downs' investigated

The Transportation Security Administration said Monday that the department's inspector general will examine the complaints that Middle Easterners, Hispanics and blacks have been targeted in the program. The New York Times reported Sunday that 32 TSA officers at Logan made the complaints.
The chat-down program at Boston and Detroit airports is at the fore of TSA's effort to focus security on the riskiest passengers, rather than treating all travelers the same.
Under the year-old program, officers pose casual questions to all passengers before they screen their carry-on bags to look for deception or hostility that could lead to more interrogation.


I got news for you - anytime DHS or TSA asks me anything, they're going to get hostility and deception. They may eventually get what they want from me but I'm gonna make the motherfuckers work for it.

More Lefty tomfoolery

From my post about The Big Bad Wolf back in January.

Shooting an animal from a safe distance? You call yourself a man? Go toe to toe with a wolf and let's see if you are still standing afterwards.
By Anonymous on The Big Bad Wolf at 8:21 AM

wirecutter said...
We don't need to go toe to toe with a wolf. We have guns, that's why we're at the top of the food chain, dumbass.
What a stupid fucker.....


I don't know what's been up with the PETAphiles lately - I used to get 3-4 death threats a week along with a half dozen emails berating me for shooting 'helpless' wolves (although I've never seen much less shot a wolf in my life) but this is the first negative comment I've gotten in a month, and my inbox is empty of threats.
Maybe the president of PETA got mauled by a wolf and I just didn't hear the good news yet......

Gotta be California (again)

Epic Cleavage

I couldn't agree more

Damn, first Randy Travis and now Mayhem?

Rollin' with Hank III seems to be taking a toll on these fucking lightweights, huh?


MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (AP) — Mixed martial arts fighter and reality show host Jason "Mayhem" Miller was in jail on suspicion of burglary Monday night after deputies responding to reports of a break-in said they found him naked inside a Southern California church.
Miller was being held on $20,000 bail and was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday, Orange County jail records showed.
The pastor at Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo called authorities when he found evidence of a break-in Monday morning, including books and CDs that were strewn about, white powder on the floors and missing boards from a previously broken window, sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said.
Deputies arrived and said they found Miller naked on a couch.
"When they asked him his name he responded, 'Mayhem,' " Amormino told the Orange County Register.

Monday, August 13, 2012

You tell 'em, Sis..... er.......Cousin. I think.

Why you should always carry matches. Or a knife.

Goooood dog......

It only requires half a brain to play

It is still Milfy Monday, right?


"Too many folks still don't have a sense that tomorrow will be better than today. And so, the question in this election is which way do we go?" President Obama asked at a fundraiser in Chicago on Sunday.

"Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?" Obama asked. "Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?"

"I believe we have to go forward," Obama said. "I believe we have to keep working to create an America where no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is, no matter who you love, you can make it here if you try. That's what's at stake in November. That's what is why I am running for a second term as president of the United States of America."


I would like an America where I keep what I worked for, sharing with whom I choose to share with, asshole. I'm not a Socialist and I refuse to become one, motherfucker.

Using armored vehicles for traffic stops.....

From NC Renegade:

Cops using armored vehicles for traffic detail? I reported over a month ago that I saw vehicles similar to US Army Stryker vehicles on I-95 in Virginia, well here is the rest of the story – they are being *given* to local law enforcement by the DOD/DHS! Here’s some substantiation:
For the entire post and pictures of a traffic stop, go HERE.

I've never heard of a beaver biting back before

PINE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — A Boy Scout leader from New York who was attacked by a rabid beaver while swimming in the Delaware River is recovering.
The Poughkeepsie Journal reports ( ) that 51-year-old Normand Brousseau, of Pine Plains, was swimming in eastern Pennsylvania on Aug. 2 when a beaver swam through his legs and bit him in the chest.
The animal then bit him in the leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso before he managed to grab it and hold its jaw closed.
One Boy Scout pulled Brousseau to shore, where he tossed the beaver away from him. The Scouts then used rocks to kill the animal.
A doctor confirmed the beaver had rabies a day after the attack.
Dutchess County health officials say a rabid beaver attack is unusual.


Oh wait, wrong kind of beaver.....

He should've been shot

.LAUDERDALE LAKES (CBSMiami) — After exchanging his rhymes for crimes, a radio disc jockey who replaced music on a local classical station with offensive rap music decided to “face the music”.
CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald reports Romayne Davis, 32, of Lauderdale Lakes, turned himself in for infiltrating WKCP Classical South Florida’s (89.7 FM) airwaves.
Davis is charged with one count of unauthorized transmission/interference with a public radio station.
SOURCE (and a little more)

Chicago? Are you fucking kidding me?

In campaign remarks yesterday at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, Illinois, President Barack Obama praised his adopted city, where he lived before becoming president of the United States. "Chicago is an example of what makes this country great," Obama said. His audience applauded.


Does anybody have any idea where I can find the weekend crime stats for Chicago?
Whoops, never mind, just found this over at Weasel Zippers:

CHICAGO (CBS) – No one was killed in a rash of shootings in Chicago over the weekend, but at least 21 people were injured.
The Sun-Times Media Wire reports the bloodiest shooting happened on Saturday evening, at a gas station in the 6600 block of busy South Halsted Street in the Englewood neighborhood.
Four men were shot around 6:35 p.m. Saturday, in the drive-by incident the parking lot of a Mobil station, police said.
The four men — all in their 20s and 30s — were all listed in good or stable condition at area hospitals early Sunday, despite two of them suffering gunshot wounds to the chest, police said.

Starting to look forward to Mondays now, aren't you?