Saturday, February 23, 2013

Filming the cops?

- Miss Lisa

Okay, I always thought that you didn't need permission here in Kalifornia, you just needed to make them aware of it.
I guess I better check the laws a little more thoroughly myself, huh?

He can't read those goddamned Chinese instructions either

Saw this picture of a North Korean on Drudge.
They should be grateful they got a shitload of heathen Chinee to back their ass up. This boy doesn't look like he's real familiar with modern technology.
Not only that but his gig line's fucked up and his pocket crest is crooked.
I hope he dies of lead poisoning.

Wayne's Alaska mounts

Just got this from my brother-in-law Wayne the taxidermist. 
He said "Just finished up the last mount from the the last two trips I took to AK."


Mom's gonna be thrilled

The Ultimate Prepper

Here's the difference

Knutz and Greg/Abdul

Here's the latest - and my reply to him. He's bound to catch on soon, huh?
For those of you that are seeing this for the first time, this fucking ayrab is trying to spam me out of some money. You can catch the full string over the last couple day's posts. If you don't feel like wading through all the shit to find the gem, go HERE and then HERE

From: greg oden <>
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 11:23 AM
Subject: RE: Sorry to bother you

Dear Knutz,
Sorry about the lost of Ken, Please try as much as possible to send the money to me by Monday so that i can sort out the bills and also take my flight back home. I don't have much time and the Doctor said i have to deposit the money before anything. Please do this for me and i will be very happy. Greg


Okay man, I'll get the money to you but I need a favor from you first before I do. Nothing in this world is free, you know?
Because I'm wheelchair bound I don't have much of a social life and rely on masturbation for relief. I need naked pictures of your cousin, okay? If she's comatose, you can just prop her up into suggestive poses. And please hide the diseased parts of her body, I'm not a sicko or anything like that. Nothing turns a man off like rotting flesh.

By the way, Keister says hi and she would like to send you naked pictures too along with a small check. I'd advise against looking too closely at the pictures as she went to Mexico for her sex change operation because it was cheaper there. You get what you pay for though. Her vagina is about an inch off center and her clitoris is kind of sideways. But if you're used to oriental women it's nothing you can't get past.
Remember, if I don't get naked pictures of your cousin, you don't get any money. I need some serious jack-off material here.

The VA letters

I've gotten a ton of emails about VA sending letters to Vets saying they've determined that the Vets can't manage their own money and aren't allowed to own firearms.
Okay, this has been posted all over the Right Wing internet and I'm not going to repost it here. That redundancy thing, ya know?
I will however comment on it and I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

No, I'm not getting one of those letters. I am not a Vet, I was in the peacetime army and I came out with absolutely no more problems than I went in with. I have not registered with VA - I'm not going to clog up the system even more trying to get something I don't want or need. They don't even know who I am.

The VA has always been a tangled mess of bureaucracy . Why? Because they're a government agency. 'nuff said. But, somewhere down the line they've forgotten that there is a thing called due process and while they've forgotten that, somewhere along the line they've picked up the idea that they are a god.

But the final line in the whole mess, especially concerning the part about owning firearms (and this doesn't just apply to the Vets) is that you can only be controlled if you allow yourself to be controlled. Period Dot Period.

More truth to that than you realize

- Russ

I try. Believe me, I really try.

God Bless a Milf

See? Who says romance is dead?

Fuck. Somebody X'ed Tigger out.


This is the Closing of the Border ceremony that happens every night on the India/Pakistani border. Google it sometime but don't be eating or drinking when you watch it.

YES!!! Got her One Year coin!!!

And if she was still alive she'd have sold it for drugs

Friday, February 22, 2013

For Lisa's readers

Okay, for those that have tried to comment on Miss Lisa's new blog, Barbed Wire and Bracelets, but couldn't, be patient. I think Google is having issues. I can comment but can't follow her using my google account, had to sign in under my yahoo thingie.
Keep trying, yeah?
By the way, she's fucking thrilled she had over a thousand hits so far. Thank you. Hell, it took me months to get my first thousand hits.

Some folks keep birds......

Okay, if I saw this in my kitchen you would see shotgun holes right behind it. Lots of them. Bats creep me out.

For the backstabber in your life...... wait, bad idea.

I think they're pissed you quit, man.

I wonder how far I can string ol' Abdul/Greg along?

Well, I actually got a reply back from my spam buddy Greg. His reply and mine back follows:

Hi Ken,
Am so happy to hear from you and thanks a lot for your response, I can only receive Money via western union or Money Gram and it is the fastest way for me. Regarding on how to get the funds to me, Please go to a nearby store that operate western union or Money Gram outlet and send the funds to me with this address below:

Greg Oden
Address: Ebusuud Street 18 Sirkeci, Fatih,
City: Istanbul
Postal Code: 34210
Country: Turkey

Get back to me with the transfer details and also attach the receipt as soon as you send the funds. I'll be pleased to read from you soon.

Thanks for your assistance, 


As soon as I can get out of the house, I promise. I'm still in an electric wheelchair after getting hit by that bus full of drunken old ladies heading to the bingo parlor and my batteries are dead. By the way, I'm Knutz, not Ken. Unfortunately, my cousin Ken was killed in the same accident - his wife was kind enough to take me into her house and bed, so please, let's not dishonor his memory. But surely you remember me from Sembach AFB, right? Me and Ken were stationed there at the same time and shared an apartment with his brother Keith who made a lot of money selling pedigreed rabbits over there. 
By the way, I called Keith who's undergone a sex change operation and now goes by the name Kiester and he/she thinks she remembers you and wants to correspond with you. After her operation she's pretty ugly and has given up hope of ever finding a man here in the US even though she's wealthy. Would you mind conversing with her?

I may regret this

Miss Lisa has started her own blog after the fight we had (and I lost) the other day over me posting her gay dude on my blog. Her first post has an introduction from me, but that's the last you'll hear from me there. It's her blog.
It's girly shit mostly (recipes, book talk, and such) although she has threatened to throw in a few stories about Wirecutter, What He Doesn't Tell You - like the first time I ever went to one of them drive-through car washes.
Give it a whirl and tell her hey! for me. I think you Ladies will enjoy it.
Barbed Wire and Bracelets

Looking for blog diversity. What can I say.

Here's some spam I got today and my reply. Let's see if the fucker's stupid enough to think I'm serious.

I'm in Turkey to see my cousin, She was recently diagnosed with MALIGNANT SARCOMA, a kind of cancer at the shoulder region. The cancer has become so extensive that it might affect other parts of the body if a surgery is not done as soon as possible. It could cost her not just her hand but her life, the news of her illness arrived to me as an emergency she is going through a lot of pain at the moment and the doctors have advised that it is necessary that she most undergo surgery soon to avoid any complications. I need a loan of $2700 to make the necessary arrangement. I traveled with little money due to the short time I had to prepare for this trip and never expected things to be the way it is right now. If you can help, please let me know to provide you with the details to get the money to me. As soon as i return i will transfer the funds back to you.

Thanks, Greg


Sure Greg. You bet. No problem. I remember you from the air force.
Sorry to hear about your cousin. The same thing happened to me when I went to Senegal to visit my grandmother and her uterus imploded. I thought for sure we were going to lose her. I felt so helpless. 

Friday Treats


NEVER ask Wirecutter to unload a truck


For the Tofu Eaters and PETAphiles

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deb's mild winter weather

Deb saw my post below on the floodwaters here in California and in a typically female display of one upwommanship, she had to send these pictures of her place up in Maine or Alaska or one of them cold-ass places. That's her dog Nutjob in the bottom picture, trying not to have to go outside.
Deb, it's all relative. Y'all are used to that shit. 75 degree heat would wilt you like the delicate flower you are.

Age of cartridges

Okay, me and Jim were discussing Colt 45 ammo and the string turned somehow to age of cartridges and shootability. I said that I was still shooting rounds I reloaded 20 years ago and am still using carefully stored powder and primer that's 5 years old. 
He shot a round from 1898 and it worked. I shot WWII 45 ACP in the late '70s/early 80s with no problem.
So what's the oldest round or batch of rounds you've fired give or take a few years?

Our floods earlier this week.

It was brutal - check it out, you can see rivelets under my truck if you look hard enough. Not only that but it was downright cold. I had to wear a hoodie.

My favorite pen

How fucking Wirecutter is this?
I never use it - it just looks cooler than shit. I got it in a shop in the Haight Ashbury District back in my hippie days maybe 25 years ago. It's got a skull tray that it sits in that's around somewhere.
Back when I was following The Dead I had a whole collection of skulls - ceramic, soapstone, wooden, jade, you name it. No telling what happened to most of them, but I've still got a few.

I just can't let this go, man.

Okay, I gotta confess that on the post below, I did not watch the video on the link. I still have not watched it. I don't know what it contains but I suspect that it's more of the same bullshit about telling people to fight back if there's a shooter.
Bullshit you say? BULLSHIT???

Yeah, bullshit. My whole line of thinking on this is that if somebody has to tell you to fight back, you've already lost the fucking battle and probably your life. It should be a natural reaction.

Let me give you a couple of examples, both of them years apart. The Luby's shooting it Texas back in October of '91 and the more recent Aurora theater shooting in Colorado. I'm going to go out on a limb here but I actually do not believe that there weren't patrons at both shootings that weren't armed. Why didn't they shoot back? Was it mindset? Fear? Panic? I don't know, but people died. The Luby's shooting in particular still has me shaking my head - the shooter was moving around. He had his back to some of the patrons/victims and was still allowed to continue on with his killing. How come nobody got up and beat his ass down with a chair if a firearm wasn't available? Were they afraid of being shot? Hell, I'd be afraid of getting shot if I didn't stop him. It's called self-defense for a reason, folks.

I have a feeling, with my readership, that I'm preaching to the choir here but you have to keep the mindset that you ARE NOT going to let anybody fuck with you and if they do, they are going to pay dearly for it. Make sure they're going to think twice about doing it again.
Let me put it another way: You're walking down the street in California and somebody attempts to rob you with a knife. You give him your wallet and watch and self respect and he's arrested later. You've still lost your wallet, your watch and self respect. He might, just might, get 5 years of which he'll serve half due to the politician's prison realignment program. That is the cost of doing business to a criminal. Nothing more. He won't even remember your face when he get's out 2.5 years later with a couple of new tattoos.
But if you pull out your gun (or knife) and fuck his shit up, I guarantee that if he lives, he will remember you - maybe not you specifically, but he'll remember the surprise he got when he tried to rob Joe Citizen and he will think twice about doing it again.
Yeah, you might get hurt. I don't know about you but I'm willing to give up some blood for my self respect.

What about the cops and the law after you've planted your blade or 3 rounds in his chest? Well, that's up to you. Myself, I'll reholster my weapon and move out smartly. Catch me if you can. And I doubledamn guarantee you they won't put a lot of effort into finding somebody that merely cleaned up the street for them.
I'll deal with it when the situation arises.

Start fighting back, Fucking Bay Area cops say.

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – Law enforcement agencies have begun adopting a new policy on so-called “active shooters,” encouraging civilians to take safety into their own hands and take down gunmen who threaten them at work or school.
This approach is gaining momentum in the wake of tragic incidents in Newtown, Connecticut and the Oikos University shooting in Oakland.


In California? California? In the Fucking Bay Area? (Yes, here in the central valley it's Fucking Bay Area with a capital F. We don't think highly of those folks.)
Now if they would only quit trying to take the tools we need to fight back with...... Oh, wait a minute. It's a set-up so they can arrest folks that are carrying weapons to defend themselves with. Yeah, that's gotta be it. 
Never mind.

This would be the end to Razor and his kind

A recently introduced bill in the Illinois state Senate would require anonymous website comment posters to reveal their identities if they want to keep their comments online.
The bill, called the Internet Posting Removal Act, is sponsored by Illinois state Sen. Ira Silverstein. It states that a “web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate.


Another bullshit law. While I dislike trolls like that fucking idiot Razor who's too much of a coward to reveal his real name, I have the option to just not publish his comments.
The government's been slowly eroding our 2A Rights for years, now they're starting on 1A, the Freedom of Speech aspect anyways - they've destroyed the rest of it already.
And of course the media's going to cheer them on on, at least until it starts to affect them, then they'll be outraged as hell.

The one on the right's a pussy

CARROLLTON, TEXASA neighborhood in Carrollton, Texas is on edge after two bobcats were caught on video nearly fighting. The amateur video, posted online to YouTube, shows the wild cats in a stare-down before they simply walk their separate ways. Homeowners in the area have seen bobcats and coyotes before, but rarely has anyone been so close to the wild animals.
Kevin Martuscello used his smartphone to shoot the video from the safety of a car,CBS Dallas / Fort Worth reports. His father, Mike Martuscello, actually saw the wild cats first, near his front yard. They were both surprised by the size of the animals.
Before the camera was rolling, Mike witnessed the two cats fighting. "They got in a physical fight with each other over there," said the elder Martuscello. "They were clawing and scratching, biting at each other, jumping up and down in the air. It was a wild scene."
"Literally, it was a real cat fight," Mike Martuscello added.

Thanks to Montanasmama for the link

For Zoomie and Irish

Y'all can thank Fuzzy in Arizona for this!

Why I'm no longer allowed in the kitchen

For WiscoDave

And this morning he sees this post and sends me this as an add-on:

Reminder my ass


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's not gonna work, kid. Trust me on this.

Every fucking day......


Stretch's Vaquero and '94 Winchester in Colt 45

 Damn Stretch, you even vacuumed the carpet first before taking the picture. You didn't have to do that.

A picture's worth 1000 words. Here's a whole conversation.

- Art

For Zoomie

-Thanks to Rob (especially for the pair)

Your Wirecutter FB icon

Lisa says if I don't post this, I'm cut off. Or something is.

All right, Ladies. We get it.

- Dawn

- Hiswiserangel

And yet, not a word about elevators.

Hopefully the TSA will now allow passengers to bring gas masks on board. A new study finds that breaking wind while one is flying is healthy and recommended.
AFP reports that Danish gastroenterologist Jacob Rosenberg got the idea for the study after dealing with flatulence from several passengers during a flight from Copenhagen to Tokyo.
“(Holding back) holds significant drawbacks for the individual, such as discomfort and even pain, bloating, dyspepsia (indigestion), pyrosis (heartburn) just to name but a few resulting abdominal symptoms,” the study stated.

Just sayin'

Ran into Lisa's niece at the Walmart this morning. Sure was strange seeing another white person there.
Other than that, nothing off-the-wall happened there for a change.

Another 'Aw fuck' moment in time

Yeah, I can't stand on the edge of a cliff either.

Can't be California this time

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon......


See what you have to look forward to?

  • U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets 
  •  Air Vehicles Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, is already developing prototypes of tiny drones that can hover 
  • The Micro Air Vehicles will work in swarms to provide complex surveillance of a battlefield 
  • They can also be armed with incapacitating chemicals, combustible payloads or even explosives 'for precision targeting capability

The U.S. Air Force is developing tiny unmanned drones that will fly in swarms, hover like bees, crawl like spiders and even sneak up on unsuspecting targets and execute them with lethal precision. The Air Vehicles Directorate, a research arm of the Air Force, has released a computer-animated video outlining the the future capabilities of Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). The project promises to revolutionize war by down-sizing the combatants. 'MAVs will become a vital element in the ever-changing war-fighting environment and will help ensure success on the battlefield of the future,' the narrator intones. 'Unobtrusive, pervasive, lethal - Micro Air Vehicles, enhancing the capabilities of the future war fighter.'

You've trained it well, son.