Saturday, October 06, 2012

Ya gotta be quick on your feet for shit like this

And he was gooood......

A mouse named Wirecutter

Fuck that volcano. I got my preps, man.

Yeah, no shit.

- Bearded Youth

Again, so much for legal tender.....

If you buy or sell secondhand goods and live in the state of Louisiana, you can no longer use legal tender to complete such transactions. Ackel & Associates LLC (A&A), a professional law firm, explains that House Bill 195 of the 2011 Regular Session (Act 389), which was recently passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal, prohibits anyone who "buys, sells, trades or otherwise acquires or disposes of junk or used or secondhand property [from entering] into any cash transactions in payment for the purchase of [such items]."

Besides prohibiting the use of cash, the law also requires such "dealers" to collect personal information like name, address, driver's license number, and license plate number from every single customer, and submit it to authorities. And the only acceptable form of payment in such situations is a personal check, money order, or electronic transfer, all of which must be carefully documented.

The stated purpose of the law, which excludes non-profits and pawn shops, is to curb criminal activity involving the reselling of stolen goods, particularly metals such as copper, silver, and gold. But according to A&A, existing Louisiana state law already requires businesses and other resellers of secondhand goods to account for transactions, and has specific laws already on the books that address the selling of stolen goods.


Wait for it....... wait for it......

Oh no you can't.....

Wirecutter - The Early Years



I figured I just had a touch of something yesterday, but it was just touching me yesterday today it hammered me with a roundhouse.
Lisa's got the house opened up airing it out, temps are in the low 70s for a change and I'm wrapped up in a poncho liner freezing my ass off.
I asked Lisa if she'd do me a favor and run into the bedroom, get my 45 and shoot me twice in the back of the head but she refused even though I asked her nicely. I hope CharlieGodammit pisses on her used table.
So I guess I'm going to spend as much of my day as possible here in my Camouflaged Bass Pro Easy Chair spewing germs and bacteria everywhere.

Probably the drone Obama gave to the Iranians

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The Israeli air force shot down a drone after it crossed into southern Israel on Saturday, the military said, but it remained unclear where the aircraft had come from.
The drone was first spotted above the Mediterranean Sea in the area of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip to the west of Israel, said military spokeswoman Avital Leibovich.
It was kept under surveillance and followed by Israeli air force jets before it was shot down above a forest in an unpopulated area near the border with the occupied West Bank.
Leibovich said it was shot down at about 10 a.m. (0700 GMT), after it traveled east some 35 miles across Israel's southern Negev desert.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Miss Lisa's birthday present

I couldn't afford to get her something new without cutting into my ammo budget so I had to go down and buy her this old fucking used table.
Oh well, maybe next year I can afford to go the Walmart or a gun shop for a real birthday present.


The Wirecutter workout

- Hiswiserangel

Irish - The Early Years

There's something wrong with this picture

- Nathan

Dream on, Achmed.

We spy with our everwatchful eye.....

Researchers from the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center have developed malicious software that can remotely seize control of the camera on an infected smartphone and employ it to spy on the phone’s user.
The malware, dubbed “PlaceRaider,” “allows remote hackers to reconstruct rich, three-dimensional models of the smartphone owner’s personal indoor spaces through completely opportunistic use of the camera,” the researchers said in a study published last week.
The program uses images from the camera and positional information from the smartphone’s gyroscopic and other sensors to map spaces the phone’s user spends a lot of time in, such as a home or office.
Read more about the violation of your Fourth Amendment Rights HERE


Huh. If the motherfuckers ever hack into my phone all they'll see is the inside of my back pocket or the roof of my truck, maybe a bird's eye view (literally) of it flying through the air when I'm dealing with somebody's customer service.

Now that's a hell of a coincidence

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A film dramatizing the death of Osama bin Laden is set to debut next month on the National Geographic Channel, two days before the presidential election.
"Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden," from The Weinstein Co. and Voltage Pictures, will air Sunday, Nov. 4, the channel said Thursday. President Barack Obama faces Republican challenger Mitt Romney at the polls two days later.
Weinstein co-chairman Harvey Weinstein is a prominent fundraiser for Obama's re-election campaign, which has touted bin Laden's death as an example of the president's leadership.
More propoganda HERE

Wonderful. Just fucking wonderful.

"The squeeze is on, and people are doing desperate things," is how one independent described the situation in California. As Bloomberg reports, a shortage of supply along with drastically higher wholesale prices of gasoline has caused 'mom-and-pop' gas stations to close down as their margins are destroyed. Even larger firms, such as CostCo, are closing sites due to the shortages as Los Angeles and San Francisco gas prices jump 30-45c in a few days.

As one owner noted: "I can get gas, but it’s going to cost me $4.90 a gallon, and I can’t sell it here for $5," and another added that "we’re going to start shutting pumps Friday, as gas is costing me almost $4.75 a gallon with taxes. There’s no sense in staying open. The profit margins are so low it’s not worth it."

The problem is likely a short-term one according to some as the temporary shutdown of local refineries (after Chevron's Richmond refinery fire) and maintenance is completed but it is clear that even a short-term blip in wholesale prices (whether driven by local supply or global geopolitics) causes pain as it would appear we are close to 'inelastic' levels of demand.

California gas has not fallen as the national average has...



I haven't seen any stations closing around here but I'm paying about $4.35 a gallon today. Tomorrow may be higher. I have seen a couple places that's selling gas for $4.05 but they're generally in neighborhoods that you have to pump your gas with a drawn weapon so I pass on those unless the little yellow 'get gas or start walking' light has been on for a few miles. Saving a few bucks ain't worth having to shoot somebody and then having to deal with the law.
This is the only state I've ever lived in that you keep your tank topped off if you can in case gas prices spike overnight. I've filled up one week for 45 bucks and then a week later at the same station pay $55 and that's with a 14 gallon tank. It ain't unusual to pull up to the pump and see where the previous customer paid $125 for a fill up. Let me tell you how bad it is - my gasoline bill is at least $60 a week for my truck and $25 a week for Lisa's jap car. And that's if we don't go anyplace out of the ordinary.
It's gotten so bad lately that for me to go up to the hills to shoot or fish, it's gonna cost me a fifty dollar bill. Add in the cost of ammo, lunch, etc. and my day of 'free entertainment' just cost me $100 US. Let me put it another way: For the past 18 years, my pay raises at work have not been able to keep up with the price increases of gasoline much less the rest of the cost of living.

I'm blaming Irish for this one

I'm sicker than a fucking dog today - sore throat, coughing, more confused than usual and muscle aches so I stayed home today. Fuck it. No way in hell can I bounce in and out of trailers on a tow motor all day.
It does appear that a bunch of bloggers have been sick lately. Maybe we're giving each other some kind of virus.....


Happy Birthday Miss Lisa!

Today is my wife Lisa's birthday. Would you please help me to honor her by leaving a comment to wish her a Happy Birthday?
She's a wonderful woman that deserves only the best (yet she ended up with me) and I know it would make her happy to read your well wishes.
I'd appreciate it.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fucking nanny state

Lisa's aunt, who had just moved out here from Tennesse got her first California ticket from Ceres PD for - get this - smoking in her own vehicle with a minor child present. No shit, she got a fucking ticket for smoking a cigarette in her own vehicle. You want to hear the clincher? The cigarette wasn't even lit.

Wash your truck like this, RPM?

Dual purpose handgun

- Rurik

The Bearded Youth's successes

And we can't forget his squirrel.......

Maybe a bacon sandwich afterwards

Damn, and I thought I had problems.....

My sentiments exactly

- Hiswiserangel

Nice concept but I think I'll pass

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Jim's deer

Taken with a crossbow.

I know, I have issues......


Lost in the translation somewhere?

I've always wondered about the folks with oriental writing on their arms.

Could be CharlieGodammit

- Terry

What the fuck?

I'm all distressed.
I figured that the picture of the bloody bunny would get at least some kind of rise from the PETAphiles, but so far, not a word. No shitty comments, no threatening emails, nada.
I might have to post a video of me skinning a coyote out, huh?

That's my girl!!!

If you got it, flaunt it.

Must be White Trash Wednesday

Yep, she's got a gig modeling feeding troughs......

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Jason's birds & bunnies

And a shitload of these:

Crazy Einar's Top 10 Manliest Guns

You gotta go HERE and check out Crazy Einar's 10 Manliest Gun List.
Here's the writeup about the Barrett 50:

Ronnie Barrett is a true modern Viking. He hunts big game. He plays with guns. One day in the late 70s, he thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a RIFLE that fired the same .50 BMG cartridge as Saint John Browning’s Heavy Machine Gun?” So he built it. That’s manly.

When the metrosexual Kalifornia wusses were wetting their pants over “assault rifles,” he got dragged into the argument. You see, Ronnie sells many weapons to police departments, for use in stopping bad guys, so they claim. By “bad” guy they sometimes mean tattooed gangbanger. They also sometimes mean balding, pony-tailed, pot-smoking hippie, though. After all, this IS Cretinfornia.

But that wasn’t enough for Commiefornia. They had a ban on “assault weapons” (An “assault weapon” is a semantically null political term that means “It can be used to hurt people.” As the REAL commies in Russia, who were men descended from Vikings (at least the ones in charge) would note, “Of course hurts people. Is weapon.” You may as well refer to your “house home.” The wussy definition of “Assault weapon” bears no resemblance to the US military’s definition. It comes down to, “It’s black and makes us poopoo in our panties!”

So, even with a ban on “assault weapons” that included most self-loading rifles, including Barrett’s M82 Light Fifty, the People’s Republic of Kalifornija wanted more. They dragged one of his rifles from the LA SWAT armory and used it (Illegal for civilians to own, mind you), as a horrible example of weapons that Must Be Banned Lest They Pollute Our Precious, Bodily Fluids.
They got their ban, because their voters are the type of trilling limpwrists one sees portrayed in movies as stereotypes…only in Californica they’re not stereotypes, they’re typical. It must suck to be a real man on the Left Coast.

Now, Ronnie is not a metrosexual wuss. Ronnie is, in fact, a real testosterone-laden Viking MAN. He warned them then, then he told them, he would oppose them in their pursuit. And Ronnie does not make idle threats. He is a man of his word.
A few weeks later, LA SWAT sent one of these rifles that they use for shooting fleeing mopeds back to Barrett for maintenance…and Ronnie sent it right back to them, untouched, contract cancelled, with polite instructions to stick it somewhere dark and smelly and ride it straight to hell. Not only that, he publicly and proudly announces in all his advertising that he WILL NOT sell to or deal with ANY government entity in communist third world Kali.

And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is a MAN. While not everyone can afford or make use of his wonderful toys, it’s certainly an honor and privilege to promote a real modern Viking who understands the application of bowel-emptying terror, and how to tell friend from foe.

And there’s more! After securing military contracts for anti-materiel sniping (Generators, vehicles, radars, etc), and facing the wrath of Sarah Brady and her Gun-Grabbing Sideshow (which wrath he snickered at, it having all the intimidation of an angry kitten and Ronnie, as we noted, being a Viking), he gave the ultimate middle finger gesture and redesigned the weapon into 25 mm, or TWICE as big. This is a man so cool even his sperm smoke unfiltered Camels. And that makes this gun the manliest gun on Earth.

So yeah, go over and check out the rest of the list. It's a great list if I do say so myself. I've owned several of the guns and shot all of them except the Barrett and the Glock. You read that right, I have never fired a Glock. Never will, either.

Thanks to Rurik for the link.

And I always thought it was just a joke.....

Customers at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Ky., alerted authorities after they spotted something they probably wish they hadn't: restaurant employees wheeling roadkill back to the kitchen.
Local CBS affiliate WYMT interviewed the witnesses. The roadkill was apparently a deer stuffed into a trash can. "There was actually a blood trail they were mopping up behind the garbage can," customer Katie Hopkins said. "There was like a tail, and like a foot and a leg sticking out of the garbage can, and they wheeled it straight back into the kitchen."
Local health inspector Paul Lawson was called in to investigate. Lawson said the restaurant owners told him they didn't know they were doing anything wrong. "They said they didn't know they weren't allowed to do that. So that makes me concerned that maybe they could have before. They didn't admit to doing it before." The owner said he didn't plan to serve the deer to customers—instead he planned to use it to feed his family.
The restaurant has been temporarily shut down but will be eligible to reopen as soon as it passes another health inspection and proves it has been washed and sanitized.

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....

COQUILLE, Ore. (AP) — Oregon authorities are investigating how a farmer was eaten by his hogs.
Terry Vance Garner, 69, never returned after he set out to feed his animals last Wednesday on his farm near the Oregon coast, the Coos County district attorney said Monday.
A family member found Garner's dentures and pieces of his body in the hog enclosure several hours later, but most of his remains had been consumed, District Attorney Paul Frasier said. Several of the hogs weighed 700 pounds or more.
It's possible Garner had a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, or was knocked over by the animals, then killed and eaten, Frasier said, adding that at least one hog had previously bitten Garner.
The possibility of foul play is being investigated as well.
"For all we know, it was a horrific accident, but it's so doggone weird that we have to look at all possibilities," Frasier told The Register-Guard.
A pathologist was unable to identify a cause or manner of death, the newspaper reported. The remains will be examined by a forensic anthropologist at the University of Oregon.
Terry Garner was "a good-hearted guy" who cared for several huge adult sows and a boar named Teddy, said his brother, Michael Garner, 75, of Myrtle Point.
Piglets were typically sold to local 4-H kids.
"Those animals were his life," Michael Garner said. "He had all kinds of birds, and turkeys that ran all over the place. Everybody knew him."
Michael Garner said one of the large sows bit his brother last year when he accidentally stepped on a piglet.
"He said he was going to kill it, but when I asked him about it later, he said he had changed his mind," the brother said.
Domestic hogs are not typically known to be as aggressive as their feral cousins, but "there is some degree of danger associated with any animal," John Killefer, who heads the Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department at Oregon State University in Corvallis, told the newspaper.
While pigs "are more omnivorous than other farm animals, (such as) cows," Killefer called the case highly unusual.
Most hogs are raised until they reach a market weight of between 250 and 300 pounds, while breeding female pigs rarely weigh more than 400 pounds, Killefer said.

And good morning to you!

That explains the skidmark

Oh well, another one ruined.

Itsy bitsy spider.....

Monday, October 01, 2012

Goddamn, I bet that hurt!!!

Dead animal pictures

All right folks. Hunting season is in full swing in some places, just getting started in others. As I do every year I am once again inviting you to send in your dead animal pictures for me to post. This helps both of us out - you get to show your kills off to even more folks and it helps me to piss the PETAphiles off. It's a win-win all the way around.
I may not post them right away, but I'll do my best to post them all eventually.
Send them in with a little history if you would. I'll also scrub all the personal data from the pictures before posting.
As far as being tasteful concerning poses and not showing any blood so as not to offend anybody, I could give a fuck less as long as you're respectful to the animal that you just killed.

Hmmm, this took longer than I thought

DENVER (AP) — A man wounded in the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater is appearing in a nationwide television spot aimed at drawing attention to gun violence as part of the upcoming presidential debates.
Stephen Barton, 22, of Southbury, Conn., was among the 58 people injured in the July 20 attack in Aurora that also left 12 people dead.
Barton was bicycling across the country and staying with a friend the night of the shooting. He now does victim outreach and policy research for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which helped produce the ad that began airing Monday.
In the 30-second TV spot, Barton urges people to ask themselves during the debates which candidate has a plan to stop gun violence.
Filmed inside an empty movie theater, Barton talks about his experience during the shooting as photos are shown of jagged gunshot wounds to his face and neck.
"I was lucky. In the next four years, 48,000 Americans won't be so lucky, because they'll be murdered with guns in the next president's term, enough to fill over 200 theaters," Barton says in the ad.
Meanwhile, the families of eight people killed in the theater shooting joined the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to urge the moderator of Wednesday's debate to ask President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney about gun violence.
"To ignore the problem of gun violence in a state where two of the worst shootings in U.S. history took place — Aurora and Columbine — would not only be noticeable by its absence but would slight the memories of our loved ones killed," the letter said.
More whining and sniveling about how the government needs to protect him HERE

Gotta pay for the 'free' health care somehow.....

WASHINGTON (AP) — A typical middle-income family making $40,000 to $64,000 a year could see its taxes go up by $2,000 next year if lawmakers fail to renew a lengthy roster of tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, according to a new report Monday
Taxpayers across the income spectrum would be hit with large tax hikes, the Tax Policy Center said in its study, with households in the top 1 percent income range seeing an average tax increase of more than $120,000, while a family making between $110,000 to $140,000 could see a tax hike in the $6,000 range.
All told, the government would reap more than $500 billion in new revenue if a full menu of tax cuts were allowed to expire. The expiring provisions include Bush-era cuts on wage and investment income and cuts for married couples and families with children, among others. Also expiring is a 2 percentage point temporary payroll tax cut championed by President Barack Obama.
"It's just a huge, huge number," said Eric Toder, one of the authors of the study.
Economists warn that the looming tax hikes, combined with $109 billion in automatic spending cuts scheduled to take effect in January, could throw the fragile economy back into recession if Washington doesn't act. The automatic spending cuts are coming due because of the failure of last year's deficit "supercommittee" to strike a bargain. The combination of the sharp tax hikes and spending cuts has been dubbed a "fiscal cliff."
"The fiscal cliff threatens an unprecedented tax increase at year end," says the report. "Taxes would rise by more than $500 billion in 2013 — an average of almost $3,500 per household — as almost every tax cuts enacted since 2001 would expire."
Cumulatively, the country would see a 5 percentage point jump in its average tax rate, which works out to taxes on the top 1 percent jumping by more than 7 percentage points and about 4 percentage points for most people earning below $100,000 a year.
Put another way, people in the $40,000-$64,000 income range would see their average federal tax rate jump from 14 percent to 17.8 percent — or an increase in their overall federal bill of 27 percent.

And it's still Monday......

Can you say China?

Former presidential contender and billionaire Ross Perot is worried that America is a sitting duck for an unnamed foreign invader. In an interview for his new autobiography, Perot said the nation's weak economy has left us open for a hostile takeover—and neither presidential candidate is the man to save the country.
Citing an impending fiscal cliff, Perot warned of disaster. "If we are that weak, just think of who wants to come here first and take us over," the former CEO of info-tech company Perot Systems told USA Today on Monday.
"The last thing I ever want to see is our country taken over because we're so financially weak, we can't do anything," Perot says.
When asked for his take on the presidential race, Perot added, "Nobody that's running really talks about it, about what we have to do and why we have to do it. They would prefer not to have it discussed."

How Republics die

“The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the sturdy Roman plebeian, who lived by his own labor, who voted without reward according to his own convictions, and who with his fellows formed in war the terrible Roman legion, had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life save the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement, who was fed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote to the highest bidder, then the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing.”
- President Theodore Roosevelt

Submitted by Hiswiserangel

Thank you!

'nuff said

- Hiswiserangel

Sure, we've got plenty of money......

Department of Agriculture personnel in the Obama administration have met with Mexican Government officials dozens of times since the president took office to promote nutrition assistance programs — notably food stamps — among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.
Writing in response to Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions’ July request for information about the USDA’s little known partnership with the Mexican government to educate citizen and noncitizen immigrants from Mexico about the availability of food stamps and other nutrition assistance programs, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack defended the partnership as a way to curb hunger in America — and the continuation of a program formed under the Bush administration in 2004.
“The Mexico-U.S. Partnership for Nutrition Assistance Initiative is just one of a wide range of USDA partnership activities intended to promote awareness of nutrition assistance among those who need benefits and meet all program requirements under current law.” Vilsack wrote to Sessions in a letter obtained by The Daily Caller.

Colt - the guns that appreciate in value

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) -- Two guns once in the possession of notorious gangsters Bonnie and Clyde when they were killed in a hail of gunfire sold at a New Hampshire auction Sunday for more than half a million dollars.
The guns were two of 134 artifacts that sold for a total of $1.1 million at the auction in Nashua. About two-thirds of the auctioned items were from Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, but items also came from other notorious criminals, including Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger.

Outlaws and lovers Bonnie Parker, left, and Clyde Barrow. (AP Photo/File)

Bonnie Parker's .38-caliber Detective Special that she had taped to her thigh when she was killed in 1934 drew the highest bid and sold for $264,000, said Bobby Livingston, vice president of RR Auction in Amherst, N.H., which held the auction.
Clyde Barrow's 1911 Colt .45-caliber automatic sold for $240,000 to the same bidder, who didn't want to be named, Livingston said.
"When rare items like that come up for sale you expect this kind of enthusiasm," Livingston said. "There was some serious bidding going on."
Many of the auction items came from the estate of the late collector Robert Davis of Waco, Texas, with the remainder coming from various other collections.
Most of the items came from famous gangsters and outlaws, but some were linked to law enforcement officials including Elliot Ness and Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, who led a posse that tracked down and killed Bonnie and Clyde in Louisiana.
Clyde Barrow's pocket watch sold for $36,000, Livingston said. A 1921 Morgan silver dollar that was found in his pocket after he was killed sold for $32,000.