Saturday, May 18, 2013

Babes - no sense of humor at all


One guy says to his buddy "Give me the perfect example of a dilemma, can you?" 
The buddy replied "Well, imagine that you are lying in a big bed with a beautiful young woman on one side and a gay man on the other. Who are you going to turn your back on?"

Home security for cheap bastards

Our family room is actually an add-on and sits at the back of the house and seeing as I'm half deaf (damn that gunfire) I have a hard time hearing a knock or doorbell so I bought a little motion alarm made by Chamberlain and mounted it on the porch. Damn, that little sucker works great. If anybody walks up on the porch I get a beep from the base unit sitting right next to my Camouflaged Bass Pro Easy Chair.
I think I paid 60 bucks (on sale) for the base and one detector and 20 bucks apiece for the other sensors that are mounted in the back and side yards. Each sensor is gain sensitive and gives a different alarm so I can tell which one is signaling. Each base can handle 4 sensors.

Your Good Morning Girl

Gotta be California (again)

She's a tease even at that age

Friday, May 17, 2013


Few food items have enjoyed a more surprising recent resurgence than the savory strips of pig fat known as bacon. It is being wrapped around entrees, used to swizzle cocktails, and even serves as a flavor of ice cream.
But now a popular pork-focused restaurant in the Upper Haight must close its doors Friday following months of failed negotiations with neighbors over neighborhood concerns about porcine aroma and grease disposal.
Department of Public Health officials say the owners of Bacon Bacon, located at 205A Frederick Street, have had months since opening the space to address these and other concerns. But following their failure to do so, the restaurant must shut its doors.

When I win the lottery.....

It's okay, darlin'. We understand completely.

And my new neighbors already hate me

Born to be a rebel

I like the way she's looking all inscrutable and shit.

Another "Aw Fuck" moment in time

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yeah, dream on, motherfuckers.

As the "Great Ammunition Shortage" continues, police departments across the country are struggling to supply their arsenals. One police chief turned to the community for help, and citizens stepped up.
In Proctor, Minnesota, police chief Walter Wobig says that his suppliers have told him he'll have to wait "months" for the 1,000 rounds he's requested.
When Wobig turned to the residents of Proctor by putting out a call for help meeting his department's ammo needs, citizens contacted his office, eager to help.
"The citizens were like, 'If you need something, we got plenty here,'" said Wobig.

A deal you don't want to miss

Hey, just thought you might want to know that you can pick up a great deal on the Kershaw Scallion over at Two Point Enterprise

Here's a piece of the page that I saw it on:

We have a deal for you. While supplies last we are deeply discounting three select models of the Kershaw Scallion. These models have been discontinued at the manufacturer, but we still have stock! The three models being discounted are the Kershaw 1620BL (blue Kershaw Scallion)Kershaw 1620GRN (green Kershaw Scallion), and Kershaw 1620PINK (pink Kershaw Scallion).

You can find out more about them and the very nice discount HERE

Hey, I deal with Dennis all the time and have never found his service to be anything but stellar, matter of fact he's my Go-To guy for Kershaw, SOG and Gerber knives and tools. His business is here in the States and it's family owned and operated.

Springtime at last.....

Gotta go Bro

Well, uh, yeah.

I'm still alive

I told y'all things were going to be light as far as posting goes for a few days. Trying to get things organized at our new place, I've been putting it off and now it's catching up to me. Back yard to put in, greenhouse to build, fence to repair, reloading bench to organize.

I'm also buying a domain to put this site up on so Blogger will get off my ass once and for all. Go ahead and visit Angel over at She'll keep you up to date if my site goes down due to complaints from the thing that Firestone sleeps with - yes, she threatened me with it. Maybe if I ask her real nice Angel will cover the Good Morning Girls for you until I get to posting regularly again. But she did say that when I do get the new site up she'll post the address if this one goes dark.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Big Bang Theory

Here's your warning

Got some shit going on here, folks so posting's going to be kinda sorta thin through Monday.
Nothing serious, just have things to do in the evening.

CharlieGodammit and Wirecutter - The Early Years


Armor plate update and carrier information request

Concerning the armor plates that was offered here a couple of weeks ago, they are cut and ready to ship when payment is received.
Please contact the vendor and arrange payment if you haven't done so already. If you've lost his contact information, email me and I'll forward it to him.

Also, if anybody has any experience with plate carriers, would you let me know which one you prefer so I can post that information here for us that are still shopping? A link to them would be very much appreciated.

It finally dawned on me.....

Fast and Furious, warrantless searches, Obamacare in the dead of the night, drone surveillance of American citizens, ability to arrest and detain (or even kill) American citizens indefinitely without charging them, Arab Spring bankrolling, gun grabbing attempts, Benghazi, FBI/CIA ignoring the Boston Bomber threat, IRS bullying tactics on TEA Party and Jewish groups, Justice Dept. secret phone tapping of the AP, EPA special interest preferential treatment, the ongoing attacks on the I, II and IV Amendments.
It was just a series of scandals. It's to the point that I'm officially calling it for what it really is; a full blown crime wave.

You can't miss my place, man.

Trouble right out the gate


I had a tag but I just couldn't shoot him


You scratch my back.....

- Aunt Polly

Your Good Morning Girl

Monday, May 13, 2013

Milfy Monday Night

Yeah, I'm going to run right out and lower mine. You bet.

Look what I got today! They're gonna honor the jackboots with a week of half mast flag! Fuckin nobama is recruiting for the SHTF scenario....chumming up to police. I doubt seriously if many cops come over to the III side in SHTF, they're too busy sucking up to the hand that feeds. So when we gonna get a half mast flag week for the thousands of civilians maimed and killed by cops doin what cops do.....abuse citizen rights and kill? Fuckers!

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

National Protection and Program Directorate (NPPD)

Federal Protective Service

National MegaCenter Program

Date:        May 13, 2013

To:            Federal/State/DHS Agencies

From:       National MegaCenter Program

Subject:    Flag Action Notification


The following flag(s) have been directed to be flown at Half-Staff, or a Flag action has been requested:

[X] United States Flag

[ ] State Flag

[ ] Agency Flag

[ ] Other Flag action


The flag(s) will be flown at Half-Staff:


      DATE: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

      TIME:  Sunrise


[ ] The Day of Interment

[X] Other:

      DATE: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

      TIME:  Sunset



- - - - - - -



Day after day, police officers in every corner of America suit up, put on the badge, and carry out their sworn duty to protect and serve. They step out the door every morning without considering bravery or heroics. They stay focused on meeting their responsibilities. They concentrate on keeping their neighborhoods safe and doing right by their fellow officers. And with quiet courage, they help fulfill the demanding yet vital task of shielding our people from harm. It is work that deserves our deepest respect -- because when darkness and danger would threaten the peace, our police officers are there to step in, ready to lay down their lives to protect our own.

This week, we pay solemn tribute to men and women who did. Setting aside fear and doubt, these officers made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the rule of law and the communities they loved. They heard the call to serve and answered it; braved the line of fire; charged toward the danger. Our hearts are heavy with their loss, and on Peace Officers Memorial Day, our Nation comes together to reflect on the legacy they left us.

As we mark this occasion, let us remember that we can do no greater service to those who perished than by upholding what they fought to protect. That means doing everything we can to make our communities safer. It means putting cops back on the beat and supporting them with the tools and training they need. It means getting weapons of war off our streets and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals -- common-sense measures that would reduce gun violence and help officers do their job safely and effectively.

Together, we can accomplish those goals. So as we take this time to honor law enforcement in big cities and small towns all across our country, let us join them in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. Our  officers serve and sacrifice on our behalf every day, and as citizens, we owe them nothing less than our full and lasting support.

By a joint resolution approved October 1, 1962, as amended (76 Stat. 676), and by Public Law 103-322, as amended (36 U.S.C. 136-137), the President has been authorized and requested to designate May 15 of each year as "Peace Officers Memorial Day" and the week in which it falls as "Police Week."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 15, 2013, as Peace Officers Memorial Day and May 12 through May 18, 2013, as Police Week. I call upon all Americans to observe these events with appropriate ceremonies and activities. I also call on Governors of the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, officials of the other territories subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, and appropriate officials of all units of government, to direct that the flag be flown at half-staff on Peace Officers Memorial Day. I further encourage all Americans to display the flag at half-staff from their homes and businesses on that day.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this
tenth day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh.





White House Clerk Office

Michigan Doug - Ammo Whore

Oh, it's not going to be a good day tomorrow......

He's waiting for them to all get drunk and nekkid

5.56 ammo

John was kind enough to send in a link for some 5.56 for me to post

Like he said, we've seen better prices in the past but what the fuck, nowadays you gotta take what you can get.

Fucking Post Office.....

Yeah man, so I'm trying to keep a low profile nowadays after moving due to trouble and threats from shitheads like Firestone, PETAphiles and other assorted liberals, bitches and punks that feel like I should give a fuck about what they think. I mean, if it was just me I wouldn't trip on it but I've got Lisa to worry about too and there's no telling what unstable people might do. Anyways, we talked and I promised that I wouldn't disclose our new location, the problem being the amount of mail and packages that I swap around with other Patriots but seeing as I've never actually met these folks it would be very easy for the new location to get out, you understand.
The solution of course was to get a PO box for that and I might as well get it in Ceres seeing as I still pass through there on the way home, plus I still do a fair amount of time there shopping and visiting and shit. Perfect - saves gas as far as trips to the post office and again, lets me hide out and feel sneaky and shit.
So anyways, I had to mail a package today so I figured that I might as well get it over with. While I was there I asked to rent a PO box. The clerk hands me an application and then tells me I have to submit 2 forms of ID, 2 utility bills to prove residency and 44 bucks US.
What the fuck? Last time I rented a box I just had to show an ID. What the fuck is this proof of residency shit? I never had to do that before - granted, it's been a few years since I got a PO box but still.... you don't even need proof of residency to vote or work in this country.
So I mail the package, go back home, dig through a bunch of files and find two bills from the old place and drive my ass back to the Ceres post office in the 90 degree heat.
HE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE FUCKING BILLS, MAN. He went over the application, checked my CDL and work ID and glanced at the hand that I had the folded up bills in. They could've been my truck registration and insurance papers for all he knew.

Yeah, so the upshot is that I got the box. You can now mail me shit like donations, poison pen letters and dried meats as well as payments for items listed at the Patriot Swap Shop at the address in the Bullet-Bone-Bail Fund donation box in my sidebar.

Wirecutter - The Early Years

Are your jackboots a little too tight today, Trooper?

NEW LEBANON — An upstate man was arrested under the state’s new gun law when troopers found him with a legally registered pistol that had a magazine that held nine bullets – two more than the new statute allows, state police said.
Troopers from the New Lebanon barracks in Columbia County stopped a car driven by Gregory D. Dean Jr., 31, of Hopewell Junction, around 9:45 p.m. Sunday on Route 22 because the vehicle’s license-plate lamp was not working. While interviewing Dean, troopers noticed a handgun on the front seat, partially covered by a sweatshirt.
The troopers determined the gun, a .40-caliber pistol, was legally registered and possessed. However, when the troopers inspected the pistol, its magazine contained the nine bullets – New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act only allows seven bullets per magazine.
Police charged Dean with unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding devices, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation,both misdemeanors, plus vehicle infractions, police said.
He was released without bail and ordered to appear May 23 in New Lebanon Justice Court.

Sent in by WiscoDave


Sounds to me like the judge who released him has his/her shit together more than the fucking cops who arrested him. All they had to do was ignore what they found. Nothing more, nothing less.

He ain't crying, he's fucking sweating it.

A tear runs down the face of U.S. President Barack Obama as he answers questions about the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya while Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron listens during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, May 13, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Bourg 

Fuck the UN, I ain't giving up my bacon for bugs

ROME (AP) — The U.N. has new weapons to fight hunger, boost nutrition and reduce pollution, and they might be crawling or flying near you right now: edible insects.
The Food and Agriculture Organization on Monday hailed the likes of grasshoppers, ants and other members of the insect world as an underutilized food for people, livestock and pets.
A 200-page report, released at a news conference at the U.N. agency's Rome headquarters, says 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diets with insects, which are high in protein and minerals, and have environmental benefits.
Insects are "extremely efficient" in converting feed into edible meat, the agency said. On average, they can convert 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of feed into 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of insect mass. In comparison, cattle require 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) of feed to produce a kilo of meat.

And sometimes you don't do either


Milfy Monday already???

Gotta work with what ya got

Keep the motherfuckers guessing, man.

Wirecutter - The Early Years


Another 'Aw Fuck' moment in time

I think she's done this before

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Austin TX cop shoots at a driver for running a red light

An Austin police officer has been put on administrative leave after shooting at an unarmed 55-year-old man during a traffic stop Wednesday morning in East Austin. The officer was only feet away from the man and missed, but questions are now being raised why the officer fired on the driver in the first place.
The officer pulled the man over for running a red light in the 3300 block of East 12th Street. The officer claims the driver got out of his pickup and began walking towards the police car and refused commands to stop and get back in his truck.
According to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo the officer said the driver made a “furtive movement.” Furtive movement? That means that the driver allegedly made a secretive reach into a pocket. That’s when the officer drew his gun and fired.
It’s good thing he missed. The cop came very close to killing an innocent man.


What is wrong with our Nation today summed up in a minute and a half

8 year old murder victim's killer arrested

Y'all may recall that a couple weeks ago I posted a story about a little girl that was stabbed to death by a man described by her 12 year old brother as a tall hispanic male in a town near where I'm living now.
Now the family has suffered a double tragedy - They arrested the brother yesterday.

VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) - Authorities have arrested the 12-year-old brother of an 8-year-old girl who was mysteriously stabbed at her home in a rural Northern California community last month.
The boy, who was not identified, will be charged with homicide, Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz told reporters Saturday night.
The April 27 attack on Leila Fowler shook the tightknit Valley Springs community of about 7,400 people and set off a massive manhunt.
The boy had told police he found his sister's body and encountered an intruder in the home while their parents were at a Little League game. He described the man as being tall with long gray hair.

Somebody finally found a use for the lanyard loop